Question 4g to 5g need to reboot

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Mar 19, 2023
hi everyone hope you all are good.

i have been using 11i hypercharge and found it has a typical problem which users are facing across is that even when 5g connectivity is present, the phone doesnt latch onto it. I need to reboot and then it connects. Also, when it is connected to 5g, suddenly after 1-2 hours it will again go back to 4g, and now it will stay there whole day unless I reboot it and then it connects to 5G.

When I contacted xiaomi they asked to activate the SA mode as jio uses SA mode on 5G in india. I did this also, still no use, ultimately they have asked me to check the same sim in another phone.

Strangely, my wife and my mother we all use jio sim in inidia , their devices are all on 5g all the day but not mine.

Does anyone have idea or options to do anything else?

Thanks for any help in advance