[5.0.2] [EOL] [Weekly 10/Nightly] [2015-04-01] CyanogenMod 12 for i9300

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Oct 16, 2010
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    This project is no longer updated, and has been deprecated by [url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/development/5-1-x-cyanogenmod-12-1-t3066864]CM12.1[/URL]

    Weekly 10 Download (Mega)

    Alternative Download via Google Drive
    Alternative Download via 4shared
    Alternative Download via Dev-Host
    Alternative Download via Androidfilehost

    MD5: 32b8b85205bb0f78fae710624a32d1da
    SHA1: 040bfe316dda94a260bbece3301639fb55318d30

    Unofficial nightly builds by [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4898097"]@arter97 [/URL]


    Changelog 01.04.2015
    - Special April Fools' Edition
    - Selinux updates
    - CM sources updated
    Changelog 23.03.2015
    - Selinux rules updated for gps and other small things
    - Activated battery percentage drawing in LPM mode (power off charging) again
    - CM sources updated
    Changelog 16.03.2015
    - Kernel: selinux activated and set to enforcing
    - Selinux rules updated for lollipop
    - hardware/samsung: IntraRefreshMode support (needed for wifi direct)
    - Updates to hwcomposer by NamelessRom (includes fix for mouse cursor not showing up)
    - Wifi p2p fixed
    - Memory management improvements (reverted kitkat lmk values)
    - CM sources updated
    Changelog 02.03.2015
    - Kernel: powersave governor activated
    - USB OTG enabled again
    - Default file permissions of lowmemorykiller sysfs files reverted to pre lollipop values (664 and not 220)
    - audio hal updates (removed deprecated method)
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 23.02.2015
    - Advanced Display with HSDPA/3G only switch
    - Screen pinning works with hardware buttons (hold menu button to disable it)
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 18.02.2015
    - Kernel: Disabled zwap/vnswap, enabled zram with lz4 compression
    - Zram: 4 devices, 600MB, swappiness - 80
    - Fixed flashlight toggle (frameworks_base)
    - Noise suppression setting added (frameworks_base, services telephony/telecomm)
    - Added keydisabler - allows usage of the nav bar (hardware_samsung)
    - Bootanimation memory leak fix by arter97
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 09.02.2015
    - Kernel: Fix hardware key backlight
    - Wifi tethering enabled (untested)
    - Wifi display enabled (untested)
    - Performance profiles added
    - USB-charging mode added
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 02.02.2015
    - Some kernel updates + config changes (API to log wakeup reason, reverted wifi updates..)
    - Camera: Fix crashes when switching between front and back camera + reduced log spam
    - Smdk4412: device specific flags fixed (cache size, etc.)
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 30.01.2015
    - Fix incall mute
    - Fix light sensor
    - Bring back audio updates
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 26.01.2015
    - Kernel: Zswap - version from samsung sources, not upstreamed
    - Power Off Charging fixed (100% now shows green LED)
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 22.01.2015
    - Kernel: Zswap activated (set to 250MB via ramdisk)
    - Moving apps to sd should be fixed
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 17.01.2015
    - Fixed playback of low quality videos, e.g. in youtube app
    - Netflix completely working
    - A2DP: only 44.1kHz (might fix issues that people have with audio via bluetooth)
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 16.01.2015
    - Kernel: selinux activated (set to permissive, no active rules yet)
    - Netflix working (see remark)
    - Different 2g/3g data fix (might fix issues that a small amount of users experience)
    - Updated CM sources (theme engine, notification drawer customisation...)
    Changelog 10.01.2015
    - Updated DRM libs
    - Awesome player as default
    - Added Adaptive Playback to video codecs
    - A2DP: 44.1 and 48 kHz supported
    - Fixed long sms not sending bug
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 07.01.2015
    - 720p recording for front camera
    - activated SMSC settings in sms/mms app
    - latest memory leak fixes
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 04.01.2015
    - Wifi Updates from i9305 kernel drop @DerTeufel1980
    - CMA activated again
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 30.12.2014
    - Fix Touchkey Backlight
    Changelog 29.12.2014
    - Revert audio updates (might fix audio issues that some people reported)
    - Kitkat LMK values
    - Updated CM sources
    Changelog 24.12.2014
    - HWcomposer fixed (credits to dhiru1602 and tdcfpp)
    - Hardware Keys Overlay adjusted to new cm commits
    - Audio Policy: use 48kHz for a2dp (potentially fixes a2dp lags)
    - Power off charging should work
    Changelog 22.12.2014
    - Android 5.0.2
    - Updated CM Sources
    - Fixed Wifi issues
    - RIL completely working
    - Stock Camera working
    - Bootloop Issues fixed

    Due to lack of official maintainer for i9300 device for CyanogenMod. I, together with @Moster2 decided that we will work unofficially on i9300 device tree for CM12, to bring Lollipop goodness to our beloved Galaxy S3.
    All builds provided in this thread are UNOFFICIAL, which means that:
    - There is no official support for i9300
    - There are no OTAs available
    - There are no automated "nightglies"

    At some point, we definitely will try to make proper pull requests, and maybe even support CM12 officially, but at the moment this project is in WIP - Work-In-Progress state, and many things are still broken/unusable. Until we finish, all builds are unofficial, and proper device support is not finished yet.

    At the moment, this project is considered: BETA. All core functions should work, ROM shouldn't have any critical issues, but it's still not ready to mark as stable. However, it should work properly as daily driver.

    Please refrain from talking about other kernels than stock. We can't track every kernel and it's problems, hence, you're using other kernels at your own risk. Please don't report bugs while you're using custom kernels.

    Main developers:
    - JustArchi
    - Moster2

    Thanks to:
    - dhiru1602
    - arter97

    Current issues
    Manifest / Sources

    Build instructions:
    Follow CM build instructions for i9300. When doing repo init, don't forget to declare CM-12.0 (-b cm-12.0) instead of CM-11.0.

    Before "breakfast i9300", you must include our manifest and resync the sources:
    cd .repo
    mkdir -p local_manifests
    cd local_manifests
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ArchiDroid/manifest/cm-12.0/roomservice.xml
    repo sync

    Notice: Our manifest already includes proprietary_vendor_samsung, so don't execute ./extract-files.sh. Just repo sync.

    Then follow "breakfast i9300" and the rest of the commands in original instructions, while keeping in mind above notice.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [5.0.2] [EOL] [Weekly 10/Nightly] [2015-04-01] CyanogenMod 12 for i9300, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    JustArchi, Moster2, arter97
    Source Code: https://github.com/ArchiDroid

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod 12

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated

    Created 2014-11-12
    Last Updated 2015-04-06
    Hi all,

    Gave this ROM a go back at beta 2 and had it running nicely until everything stopped working a few days in. After a bit of a break I decided to try go with beta 6.

    Everything is working very nicely apart from play services keep crashing and play store won't connect so I can't use it. Tried to re-install both play services and play store to see if it helps but still same issues. Any other ideas? I searched the whole thread and couldn't find anything useful.

    Admittedly it was a dirty flash from cm11 M12 as I could not be bothered backing everything up and re-installing, which is what I did with beta 2. I did however clear dalvik pre install.

    Cheers in advance

    The problem of people nowadays is the fact that they destroy their own system intentionally, then blame the ROM for all their problems.

    If we look at google services for example, what are they? A bunch of closed-source apps that SHOULD work on android platform. Now if they don't work, it's a problem of android platform, or application itself. If CM12 is based purely on Android - AOSP, and google app doesn't work as it should, then it means that the problem is in poorly designed app, which is not possible to work under certain circumstances and flaws on specific android platform. Android is not perfect, it may look like it works, but it's just a thousand of pieces glued all together, if something breaks, everything will ruin.

    Some people blindly restore their apps and data from other systems, and they can't see any problem with it. Poorly designed app may not work properly with data that was created BEFORE certain update was introduced. If Lollipop introduced a new way of doing something, and application is doing this thing in old way, which is incompatible or at least not fully compatible with the new way, it IS gonna break, sooner or later.

    We're not fixing android here, we're not fixing the framework, we're not fixing the android runtime. We are fixing android's support for i9300 device. Long sms issue was related directly to the RIL, it didn't work, because our RIL had exactly the same problem as incompatible app has - it worked the old way, and didn't want to work in a new way. What we did? We added a workaround number #72381128293 that fixes the issue by implementing a new way that utilizes the old working way, making certain thing work in new environment.

    i9300 does NOT support android platform well. It never did, because Samsung's policy denies any developer like me access to their proprietary sources that include the support for their platform. It's like working with a big blackbox, you put a cup in the front, and you get a cup of coffee from the back. You have no idea what is happening in between, you have input and the output. Now, when it works, it's nice, we're getting the effect we want, alright? The problem is when it doesn't work. We put a cup in the front, but the cup is too small and black box isn't working properly for it, so we get empty broken cup as the result, which is not the cup of coffee we want.

    There is no software that is flawless. Software is designed and written by humans, humans are making mistakes. Even Google fuc*ed up their early lollipop release for their own devices - nexuses, which had various memory leaks, didn't work stable enough, and even wi-fi had several problems. You can say "well, it doesn't happen on iOS or windows phone...", you're wrong. Every operating system has it's problems, the question is how well they can hide them from the users, or catch the exceptions and handle them without interruptions. Developers design software that should work properly on certain hardware. If you know how certain hardware works, it's easier to spot problems, fix them in proper way, and make software run better. When you don't know how hardware works, you have no documentation and all you have is black box with the input at front and the output at back, fixing anything in proper way is impossible, and all your fixes are usually either workarounds or hacks, to make broken things work, without understanding what was broken in the first place.

    This is the case with i9300. Some great developers such as Paul Kocialkowski reverse-engineered some parts of the black box, allowing us to fix it or modify as we please, but big majority of things that we need are impossible to reverse-engineer, due to complexity. For example MALI blobs or a modem. If google suddenly changed the way Android utilizes the GPU, making old blobs not working properly, we had no idea how to workaround/hack it, and Samsung didn't release new "blackbox" to fix this problem, we would have NEVER make working release. There are certain things that must stay the same to make support for certain device. If something changes, like RIL, it's the question how fast, and if, we will spot the issue and fix it. There are no assumptions, you can't assume that everything will be fixed at some point, because this statement is already false with samsung's policy - things like screen mirroring, support for Samsung's TVs and certain other highly-proprietary things will never work, until Samsung's policy changes. It's not like they can't work, they certainly do, the problem is that there is no developer that will even TRY to make it work, because the amount of knowledge and catch-and-try fun is too damn high to finish in the next couple of years.

    Take a look at me for example. I started having fun with my sammy-based ArchiDroid around 2 years ago. This is not much, look at my join date, it's march 2013. Since then I learnt much how Android works, how badly is our device supported, how to make things a little easier. I spent much time on that, I managed to make one of the most popular ROMs up to this point for i9300 (ArchiDroid), this is much in terms of things that you can do in 2 years, especially, because I didn't know much about Android when I was starting the fun.

    The more you know, the less time you have. I barely can find time for developing for i9300 these days, and I'm sure that I won't find any time when I change the phone, as my old LG E610 is waiting for kitkat since last year, and I managed to compile only TWRP since then. You know that this release wouldn't been possible without help of @Moster2, as he is the boss here working on support for i9300 right now. I'm sad that there are only three developers left for i9300, and I'm the one of them.

    Quoting Dhiru: By the time we fix hwcomposer and other core things to make proper support for i9300, people are going to change their phones already. If you want an advice from me, stay away from Samsung, don't support their "we-don't-care" policy regarding development. Take a look at many other companies that do make quality phones and care about the developer, Sony, LG, and Google (Nexuses) are only some noticable examples. I don't know when I'm going to change my phone, but it won't be a samsung for sure.
    Unofficial nightly builds


    Unofficial nightly builds​

    /* Info */

    - These nightly builds are for those who want cutting-edge changes ready for installing, substituting official CyanogenMod nightly.
    - These builds are based on CyanogenMod 12 by @JustArchi and @Moster2
    - Please consider donating to JustArchi and Moster2 before using this ROM.
    - The ROMs uploaded are provided "as is" and no support will be given. You're installing those at your own risk.
    - For changelog, visit https://github.com/CyanogenMod and https://github.com/ArchiDroid.
    - The builds are automated as long as my computer is operational.
    - Because those are an "unofficial" nightly, no OTA support will be given. CMUpdater app is excluded.
    - There are no funny, funky changes made. Builds are made as cleanly as possible.
    - Builds are built with the latest Oracle's JDK 7.
    - Builds are always built after fully clobbering the previous build.
    - Block-based-OTA is disabled for making 3rd-party easy to modify this ROM.
    - Other developers/cookers are encouraged to make his or her ROM based on these builds as long as they leave proper credits to @JustArchi and @Moster2.
    - All apk and jar files are not compressed for optimal memory usage.
    - Builds are "user" builds. Meaning it's more optimized than a "userdebug" build, but lacks root access. If you need root access, flash SuperSU upon installation.

    /* Downloads */

    XDA DevDB Downloads (located on the top of the thread)
    Donations would help me with our house power bills... :silly:
    Wi-Fi is fixed!


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