[5.0.2] Lollipop | Unofficial CM12 | HTC One M7 | Android 5.0.2 [01-05-15]

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Sep 12, 2010
I tested a bit the newest build, not bad :)
These bugs that I found:
- FC when clear call log
- Google Drive FC
- Google SoundSearch FC
Btw the system is fast (I think is stable), I really miss the Sense UI so went back, but when arrived a new release I'll check it. Good work!


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Aug 7, 2011
H'sing Island, Sweden
Oh, and reading this I gotta ask, do you other guy's agree in this? Sound works, absolutely, but imo it's nowhere near the quality I had in CM11... Using the exact same settings in DSP manager as I had in CM11, the base isn't very clean...
^ I retract this.

With the latest build I have the same good audio quality as with CM11. I don't know what, if anything, was changed but I got great sound again.

Before the latest flash I installed CM 11-21-14 and PA_gapps and everything worked fine.
On the latest flash I flashed CM11-22-14 and Santod Mods Gapps (and supersu 2.17), I wiped dalvik and cache, and I kept getting different applications force closing (like clock has stopped working) etc etc, which made me restore my backup (4.4.3 sense) and now I am waiting on a more stable release.
Does anyone know why did this happen, is it because I changed gapps or ?
I got the exact same problem yesterday, flashing the Santod Gapps package, and even with wiping data & everything I didn't get it in order before doing a restore of a backup and then flashing the latest build WITHOUT the Gapps...

And if I were to guess, I believe the reason for the problem was the Google Play Services that was updated to 6.5.87 and this is what broke everything else... Sadly I found it absolutely impossible to downgrade the 6.5.87 to 6.5.85 or 86 to confirm this was the problem - so I'm not 100% sure (though still pretty sure) this was the reason for my problems...
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Nov 20, 2014
Have completed full wipe and re-flashed with santod gapps and stock kernel. Very pleased with Rom, nice smooth and fast. Big downfall is no vibration, have absolutely no idea why this is happening on my device, seems to be isolated issue. One other bug I have noticed (Probably just me) but in camera I have strange markings on the photos if they are taken in the dark with poor lighting.

All in all, I deem stable and will be my daily.


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Oct 19, 2010
So about the "Ambient Display" thingy, I thought that was only for OLED displays!? And for me, activating it, I only get the capacitive buttons pulsing, I don't get anything on the screen at all... Weird...
You must get a notification to see that feature. Btw...that is pretty useless and cut off screen on and off animation which are beautiful.

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Wifi hot spot is fixed btw with 22nd build.


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Jun 11, 2010
I've been having a lot of weird issues with the battery the past few days. It'll run great then all of a sudden my apps won't open and then after a restart my battery drops 30% sometimes more. Doesn't happen often though and this ROM is still a champ!


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Oct 19, 2010
I'm s-on and didn't flash the boot.img ...but nothing is wrong...can be a problem ?
If theres no problem then no problem. [emoji3] this rom seems to work without boot.img. So nothing to worry.
I've been having a lot of weird issues with the battery the past few days. It'll run great then all of a sudden my apps won't open and then after a restart my battery drops 30% sometimes more. Doesn't happen often though and this ROM is still a champ!
It seems you have bad flash. Please check op for the requirement. Twrp is the culprit. Reflash with full wipe. System + data+ Two cache.

And about battery drop...when the rom randomly reboots only then it looses huge % of battery. Otherwise its now almost ok. May be 2-3%.

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which gpass have u flash?

Works fine. And you may also flash the one OP mentioned.
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    Unofficial CM12
    - Lollipop -

    HTC One


    An early Taste of Lollipop...

    Thought i would share some self compiled CM12 builds at least until Nightlies begin to appear in the coming weeks
    I know some folks even prefer it in it's earlier stages of an OS update, as it tends to be more stock"aosp" like at that time.
    Anyhow, i hope you enjoy it as is for now, though it appears quite stable.
    All basic functions should be intact. But DO expect there to be bugs. This is an early build.
    Credits of course go to the CM Team and Maintainers for all their hard work and Flyhalf for his input. :good:


    Please do not post self-compiled builds in my thread.
    Feel free to start your own thread, or make a user-compiled thread if that's what is desired.
    I have no problems with anxious users who can't wait for me to compile my next one and they want to make their own.
    But if everyone who does that posts their builds in my thread, it's no longer my thread at that point and I see no need for me to continue or try and support it.
    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.​

    Bluetooth issues are well known!
    Please do not post about them or ask if it's fixed.
    I will let you know and the subject has been beaten to death!

    Official CM12 Nightlies can now be found here: LINK

    Download Current Unofficial Build:

    Unofficial CM12 m7 01-05-15

    OTA updates are going to come as latest Official Kitkat CM11 build from CM Team, not Unofficial CM12 Lollipop from me.
    Do not install OTA updates on this, flash them from the OP here only.

    Lollipop Gapps:

    PA Gapps

    Santod Mods Gapps

    DO NOT FLASH with any encryption active!
    These are Unofficial builds, compiled by me, the day of posting.
    You understand that neither I, the CM Team, nor XDA are responsible for anything that happens to your device.

    Install procedure:

    I use TWRP for install
    1. Download the ROM and GApps then transfer to internal memory
    2. Reboot into Recovery Mode
    3. Make a backup of your current ROM
    4. Make a Full Wipe (System / Data / Cache / Dalvik)
    5. Flash the boot.img via fastboot (Only if you are S-ON)
    6. Select Install, browse to the location of the downloaded ROM
    7. Select the zip of the ROM, Flash the Rom
    8. Select the GApps zip, Flash the Gapps
    9. Once installation is complete, restart
    10. Profit!
    11. See post #2 about first boot and #3 regarding Root!

    I hope you enjoy! :good:

    Old Builds:

    Please keep in mind, this is an unofficial build, some things may not work or have not yet been added.
    So don't expect all the old customizations. This is currently much closer to stock android.
    (Like it was when we first transitioned to kitkat as well.)

    Wanna buy me a coffee to keep me going?

    CHANGELOG: CM Gerrit

    M7 thread

    M7vzw thread

    M7spr thread

    Droid DNA thread

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Unofficial CM 12 - Android 5.0 - lollipop, ROM for the HTC One

    Source Code: https://github.com/CyanogenMod

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 6.09.xxx.x / 4.4.3 Sense or GPE 5.0.1
    Based On: AOSP, Cyanogenmod

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha

    Created 2014-11-17
    Last Updated 2015-01-06

    Custom Kernel:

    This is my custom kernel for Aosp lollipop on the m7.
    It has some commonly requested features and will continue to be updated as needed, or when I see fit.

    Cpu and Voltage Control

    • Adjust clocks and voltage using Trickster

    Wake Options:

    • s2w
    • s2s
    • dt2w - set to 1 in Trickster for bottom of screen, set to 2 for full screen
    • logo2wake
    • logo2menu


    • nightmare
    • intelliactive
    • intellidemand
    • smartassV2
    • lagfree
    • badass
    • smartmax_eps
    • interactive
    • conservative
    • ondemand
    • userspace
    • powersave
    • wrexy
    • lionheart
    • smartmax
    • performance

    Kexec Hardboot Patched:

    • Should work for Multi-Rom (untested)


    Current Build:

    NuK3rn3l v3.00 12-29-14

    Old Versions:

    Please make a backup before flashing!
    I will not be posting the stock kernel as it may change with every build.
    You can use advanced backup/restore and just backup/restore the boot.img, or fastboot flash boot boot.img.

    Source: Link

    First Boot:

    Device will reboot once at first boot, at start of setup!
    Upon reboot, will optimize apps and proceed to setup.


    SuperSu Update and info: LiNK

    Pie Patch no longer needed with latest SuperSu beta v2.27

    Boot Animation:

    The below files are recovery flashable Boot Animations
    • They will flash the new boot animation to system/media/bootanimation.zip
    • They will also rename your current one to /system/media/bootanimation.bak
    • This way you can manually restore your old one if you need or want to.

    Stock Aosp Lollipop Boot Animation

    Stock CM12 Lollipop Boot Animation

    Wireless Tether:
    Thanks to justinmcottrell

    Do this from ADB shell:
    settings put global tether_dun_required 0

    Unofficial CM12 m7 11-22-14 Now posted in the OP :good:

    CM File Manager is now in the builds
    Advanced Power Menu
    Made Privacy Icon Lollipop green
    And more,...see Gerrit

    Pie Patch no longer needed with latest SuperSu beta v2.27

    I've also added my own Gapps packages link to the OP.
    You can use Gapps of your own choosing, mine are not required.

    OP updated with Unofficial CM12 m7 01-04-15

    See CM Gerrit for changes
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