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[5.0+] Iven News Reader - A simple Android News Reader v.3.1

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Hi Iven, Great APP, congrats!
A question, I've installed it on a galaxy s5 but the feeds are rendering without paragraphs, i.e. they don't break to other line. Is this normal? can it be fixed?

it's normal, the app extracts the text from feed's xml, which does not include other html (visual/theme) elements :good:


Iven news reader 3.0


- Added notifications system :D
- Code cleaning;
- Fix swiperefresh layout freezes;
- Round icon support (android N)
- New articles format;
- Inprovements to delete cache method;
- Replaced deprecated methods;
- Removed share, rate, contatti, changelog: they're already on playstore
- Fix in-app webview checkbox layout;
- Open last selected feed on app's boot;
- New about section;
- Rounded images;
- Glide implementation simplified;
- Migrate to android dialogs;


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    Looks promising! Will it be possible to add Feedly integration?
    The app is really smooth and nicely designed.

    That said, Feedly support would be greatly appreciated!
    Also a way to mark what has been read and what hasn't would make it easier to use long term.
    wow. I love the UI. much smooth. are you planning to add feature/function that will enable users add/remove feed manually not from feedly(I see a request above)? would love to keep this app.

    homescreen widget would be the best. i will switch to this app as soon as i can customize the feeds. thanks.