[5.0+] Ruthless (Pixel 2) Launcher (based on azaidi's AOSP Pixel Launcher)

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May 15, 2012
@shubby Hi, I get a weird "bouncing" effect on Android 11 due to the way recents work in it (in A11 recents are shipped with launcher instead of system UI). Is it possible to directly replace pixel launcher and keep the recents? If I remove the stock pixel launcher, I get no recents and no gestures! :(
Is there a solution..?


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Oct 14, 2014
@shubby Hi, I get a weird "bouncing" effect on Android 11 due to the way recents work in it (in A11 recents are shipped with launcher instead of system UI). Is it possible to directly replace pixel launcher and keep the recents? If I remove the stock pixel launcher, I get no recents and no gestures! :(
Is there a solution..?
Hey there, I stopped updating this version of the ruthless launcher, there is another thread for the app which is 2020 version of ruthless launcher.

Also newer version is on play store if you use Google services or you can get it from aurora store.

Also the recent screen if part of the system launcher itself so if you remove it, you will remove the gesture system as well.
The bouncing effect is something which users system permission so without quick swtich support it might not be possible.


Dec 23, 2021
It is possible in the next update to make these 3 additions:
1) To be able to edit / delete app categories.
2) On the At Glance Widget, in addition to the date, you can also view the time and maybe even the next alarm.
3) To be able to set the app drawer horizontally to be able to move in the app pages from left to right and vice versa as well as from top to bottom.


Dec 23, 2021
To me it is not possible to modify / add / delete the app categories as written in point 1.
I am also not aware that on the At Glance Widget you can also view the time and the next alarm as written in point 2 over the date.
I hope these additions will be made soon in the next update.
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    Hello there!
    I started a project based on @azaidi's Rootless Pixel Launcher. I have cherry picked some features from various developers and added few of mine to create a fully working and customisable launcher. This launcher also includes the new P style dock by Google (as seen in the Android P DP1 Launcher).

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    Ruthless Features
    LuciferIlIJune 08, 2018
    Fully Customizable "At A Glance":
     -Ability to hide "At A Glance" completely to make room for widgets
     -Show/Hide Time, Date & Weather
     -Long press to show Clock
     -Use system font instead of default 
     -Optional Custom Google App panel on the left side (no companion app needed)
    Fully Customizable Dock:
     -Rounded dock (P style)
     -Bottom SearchBar/DockBar (Google Search-bar)
     -Show/Hide all icons in Dock
     -Customizable DockBar color with Transparency option
     -Customizable Dock Grid
     -Optional colored Google and Mic icons 
     -3 Hotseat background options
    Fully Customizable Desktop:
     -Customizable Grid
     -Show/Hide Caret(Arrow) and App names
     -Option to add icons to homescreen for new apps
     -Customizable Edge margin size
     -Option to Lock desktop (disables icon dragging)
     -Edge margin size options
    Fully Customziable Drawer:
     -Customizable Grid
     -Optional Top SearchBar 
     -Customizable SearchBar color with Transparency option
     -Ability to disable App names
     -Ability to hide Apps from drawer
     -Optional App suggestions
    Theme and Icons:
     -Icon Pack support
     -Icon Shape options
     -Adaptive Icon support with an aditional option to extract color from the legacy icon
     -Auto-theming that uses Wallpaper colors or use any of the 4 presets
     -Customizable Icons and Label size
    Features Flags:
     -Notification dots with optional numeric and bottom badges
     -Ability to change App labels and icons manually
     -Optional "All apps button", which is a Lolipop style App drawer button(Be sure to    remove any app in the middle of the dock to see the button)
     -Optional "All apps promise", enables play store app download progression to be shown in the app drawer
     -Option to hide dock labels on 18:9 panels
     -Option to Force enable Microphone icon on any SearchBar's
     -Option to launch Google Assistant when the microphone icon is pressed on both SearchBar and DockBar
     -Optional Home screen rotation (enable system rotation if option is greyed out)
     -Optional Dynamic Pop-up menu (long press on icons menu, uses wallpaper colors)
     -Option to disable Google search(Google App) connection to Search-bar 
     -Option to Reset app names
     -Optional 2 line labels for both App names and folders
     -Double Tap to Sleep (Using this will force you to use pin instead of fingerprint)
     -Option to restart the launcher (can refresh and fix some glitches)
     -Transparent SearchBar
    Other Features that are very useful:
     -Ability to Hide apps directly from the app drawer
     -Ability to change app labels and icon individually regardless of what icon pack is applied
     -Dynamic Clock and Calendar icons

    Check attachments

    Thanks to:-
    • Amir Zaidi (amirzaidi) @azaidi - creator of the launcher fork and a really good friend of mine.
    @whataudoinghere - for his awesome work on CPL.
    • Joshua Baldassarre for the Launcher's beautiful icon.
    • Lawnchair team aka my lovely friends (deletescape, paphonb, fonix232, divadsn, ), ezio84 (pro), arco, jrizzoli, nebkat, xyyx, Mazda--, chauek, and others.
    Sorry if I forgot someone or didn't use their XDA name .
    Also, special thanks to: paphonb, Skittles9823 (for magisk module).

    Latest version:
    Updated on: 13/05/2018
    (Check attachments)

    Source code:

    Magisk Module
    - This is for people who either use pixel launcher with custom recovery or use a custom ROM with a launcher3 with pixel launcher package name. EDIT: It's not needed as the package name has been changed and it doesn't conflict anymore!

    Huge thanks to @Skittles9823 for the module!
    Search for the Module in it's Downloads section. (aka repo)
    Build date: 05/05/2018
    Build version: me_irl

    Latest version attached in the thread

    If you liked my work, DO NOT donate to me (unless you feel like it.) Save it and buy something good for yourself, I will be happy with that.
    New build:-


    :- Separate icon sizes for dock, drawer and desktop.
    :-Moved bridge toggle in "at a glance" menu
    :-Added working toggle for show/hide icons title in hotseat
    :-one gesture setting to launch assistant also added
    Custom accents in app drawer option
    :-Ability to show labels in dock
    :-Saved scroll state in app drawer and better bridge information summary and tried to make edit menu taller
    :- added FAQ and features list in about menu
    :-version bumped up to 3.0
    :-Label hiding fixes
    :- Independent color picker for custom drawer background
    :- some other improvements.
    :- fixed icon pack fc when changing icon packs.
    :-fixed icon pack not fully applying.
    :- new assistant icon instead of mic

    :- there is possibly one fc while entering settings hence I have removed the build for now and will post tomorrow.

    Also i am back :)

    Guys pls read this :- rootless pixel bridge has same package name as pixel launcher , it acts as a broadcasting medium for all the launcher based on @Mirai 's rootless pixel launcher so pls if you have my pixel variant of pixel launcher or some other pixel launcher with original pixel package name then you have to uninstall it, for people who have blue(pixel package name ruthless) I have uploaded the last pixel based apk so you can backup your layout, then uninstall blue version and install the ruthless red and restore your backup layout .

    Link of pixel/aidl bridges:- here


    Red version link :- https://labs.xda-developers.com/store/app/com.ruthless.nexuslauncher
    Telegram link for red:- https://t.me/ruthlaunch/435

    For people who are in blue version have this last blue version , backup your layout and restore in red version as I will only update red version from now on ?LAST BLUE
    :-New edit menu (minimal)
    :- app uninstall button in edit menu (only visible if the app is user app)
    :- added required permission to uninstall in Android p
    :- categorized settings menu
    :- fixed fc when changing icon pack (happens some time)
    :-dirty fix rounded dock for 16:9 display with no nav bar
    :- custom dock height option (small , big and default) for tall display
    :-improvements in search icon ui
    :- new cylindrical icon shape for Oreo and above
    :- Improved theme loading process (its cleaner and faster implementation )
    :- option for white google logo icon in app drawer search bar (useful when changing bar color aka looks good)
    :- reset custom icons option added
    :- some stuff I really forgot
    That's all for today ?

    Also yea you can edit app icon in edit menu by tapping app icon (it will give a vibration and a zoom animation)
    -added ability to disable dock (for kwgt)
    -added three new date formats
    -made few strings improvement
    -there is a option under dock settings for dock margin if u disable dock bar in p style or u have some other dock related problem
    PS 1:- if dock overlaps over dock label (in p style) search any app in all apps and come back (it will become normal sized)
    Ps 2:- for using pages in Kwgt use a app named "transparent widget " from play store and place it in desktop to create pages for now

    Ps 3:- there is new links in about section about for all the important links

    Pheww now enjoy update and I will go sleep ?

    PS manual theme is broken rn pls don't use it until I fix
    Change log:-
    -merged 3.5 by mirai
    -little improvement in settings ui
    -moved reboot in about section
    -feed will not get disappeared now

    Enjoy the weekend