[5.1.1][ROM][LEWA OS 7][OFFICIAL]LeWa OS For Oneplus one (BETA) [Jan.25 ,2016]

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Senior Member
May 5, 2010
What's the recipe to install this successfully I have tried everything possible but I get a same result every time....bootloop can any one guide me please...thanks....

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    About LeWa :
    Having experienced nearly 5 years, almost 200 versions of
    software iterations, LeWa owns the most excellent Android software compilers and develop group with strong technology skills, and, the most professional third-party OS provider as well.

     * Your warranty is... still valid?
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Lighter more graceful better know you

    More graceful
    Unified visual
    Natural and harmonious interface





    Better know you

    Remove excess rubbing correction functions and interface effects
    Just show what you need
    Simplified and flat hierarchy, light system easier to operate
    Experience more portable, more simplified

    Unique Feature Introduction

    Floating icons:
    Floating editing makes cross-screen movement on icons easier.

    Bird's-eye view:
    Integrating multi-task switch, memory management and frequently-used tools into one page, system status is mastered easily and effectively.

    Contacts (Three in one):
    Merging phone, contacts and message into one to enhance phone use efficiency.

    Desktop editing:
    Launcher arrangement becomes easier via integration of wallpaper changing, widget adding, animation switch, cross-screen movement to edit mode.

    Advanced information :
    Missed calls and messages displayed on the lock screen in advance.

    Notification bar:
    Notifications and switch combined in one panel, more concise.

    Similar color, flat visual, makes the experience more complete.

    Colorful suspension:
    Colorful suspended status bar prompts the user program running in the background.









    (LEWA OS 6)
    1. Cannot disable off-screen gestures (like V for flash)(Workaround below)
    2. Mobile data icon in notification quick settings is buggy
    3. Settings > Accounts >Google sync ticks don't show up( Some more check boxes don't show tick)
    4. No on screen keys as of now
    5. Some smart Somatosensory features don't work
    6. You tell me*

    Instruction to Flash LeWa Os:
    1.Do a Full Wipe (System,data,cache,)
    2. Flash Lewa Os zip
    4.Go to recovery again and flash gapps
    5. Enjoy LeWa

    [Fix]Cannot disable off-screen gestures (like V for flash)
    (screenshots attached in the op)
    Temporary solution
    Access to offscreen gesture settings:
    1. Install Activity launcher
    2. Run it and select All activities
    3. Find Advanced settings /screen 1/
    4. Click on Gesture shortcuts /screen 2/

    This Rom is pre-rooted no need to flash supersu
    Recommened Gapps Slim Gapps (Mini or Zero)

    1. CyanogenMod
    2. LeWa Team
    3. Slim Gapps

    Source - Link
    Download links in the 2nd post
    Changelogs in 3rd post

    This is Official Public release of leWa OS for Oneplus one
    This Rom is made by Lewa Os developer team
    Thread is open for posting bugs and improvements
    For Support contact [email protected]
    LeWa forums Forum at http://forum.lewaos.com/
    You can look at the official Facebook page for more information
    facebook page:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LeWa OS, ROM for the OnePlus One

    Killer.shubham, LeWaOSofficial
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Beta Release Date: 2016-01-16

    Created 2015-12-17
    Last Updated 2016-01-31
    News Update

    Lewa os 6 development is about to stop.
    LeWa os 7 is about to come and oneplus one will first in line for it:D

    Beta 2:

    1.Occasional issue of launcher FC.
    2.Issue of two system folders at launcher after resetting launcher.
    3.Issue of message icon represents contacts in widget list.
    4.Issue of empty launcher when power off then start phone.

    Bird’s-eye View:
    Issue of press cleaner at bird’s-eye view will stop music app when playing song.

    Google Service:
    Issue of Gmail stops when downloading pictures or APK from Gmail.

    1.Issue of useless operation of cleaning notifications by shaking phone.
    2.Issue of Settings stops when turning off Live Display and clicking Color temperature in Settings.
    3.Issue of failed Night Mode after phone reboot.
    4.Issue of unable to turn on Date roaming switcher in Cellular network settings.
    5.Issue of incomplete display of app list in battery interface.
    6.Issue of missing “shake to clean notifications” switcher in Status bar Settings
    7.Issue of incorrect words in bounced box when installing app at first time.

    1.Issue of rectangle avatar at calling interface if the contact avatar is set.
    2.Issue of call record icon is chosen after quitting call record.
    3.Issue of IP call interface in Call Setting is not unified with LeWa OS style.
    4.Issue of unable to turn on Call Waiting in Call Setting.
    5.Issue of some switchers in Call Setting are not unified with LeWa OS style.
    6.Occasional issue of unable to delete contact at contact information interface.
    7.Issue of 0-second ringing of missed call in call list.

    1. Issue of different lockscreen wallpaper and preview wallpaper in OS6 version.
    2. Issue of unable to display preview picture at meitu lockscreen preview interface.

    Status Bar:
    Occasional issue of incomplete display of status bar notification when pulling out notification from top of screen.

    Beta 1
    -initial release​
    New Build will be out till next week..
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