50 dollars to who ever fixes my problem

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Dec 3, 2020
download latest twrp for your device
just download my attachment and unzip it (so it shows only .tar), as odin requires .tar flashable (i used mentioned site, checked image, and latest)
go into odin mode
In options (to the right where log is), uncheck auto reboot and re-partition
click on AP and choose tar file (just extract zip and you will get tar file
connect phone and start
this is a disc image fille

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Nov 8, 2015
Huawei Y5 (2017)
here it is

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    I have a s10plus which when i flash gets a error binary system blocked by oem lock. I am trying to flash stock rom but still it gives the same error. I have used odin and when it gets stuck and the error shows on my device screen. I am stuck in download mode however i can go into recovery if my battery dies . Please help me i will donate 50 dollars if my problem is fixed
    first i want to know what tou did to your phone.
    how it all started.
    did you bought it new or second hand.
    was it rooted, did it had custom recovery or unlocked bootloader when you got the phone.
    and from fully working ROM, what steps you did to do flashing, and what you were flashing and where.
    when i get answers to these questions, how it all started, we can start troubleshooting problem
    I am flashing the newest update

    Try an older one. The one you originally had before trying to upgrade.

    Also, your warrenty is expired, right?
    Try flashing just the bootloader.
    Should i go to recovery and press reboot to bootloader?

    No. Just use Odin and only select BL then flash.
    i reccomended all those instructions, as i dont want to further complicate things for OP.
    @goodflood problem is not learning how to install on working device, but problem is that device is bought new, OP newer touched anything in it, he did regular official update firmware from samsung, firmware update failed, phone crashed, OP tried to flash stock ROM via ODIN (as its usually done when software update fails and crash phone), and it failed because in log file (while flashing stock ROM in ODIN) it says:
    custom binary blocked by oem lock

    what is usually done is these situations is first, it shouldnt have done in first place because ROM is stock and official (or hope so, he downloaded from official sites or using most reccomended way to getting official stock ROM), second, when such error occurs, usually we need to boot into system, go to settings>developer options>enable OEM unlock and USB debugging
    and it should work, but again in extreme situations (for samsung this is rare as there is ODIn for this purpose), we need to enable OEM unlock and boot into bootloader, and unlock bootloader, flash at least custom recovery in bootloader and carry on with fixing in custom recovery.

    but in OP situation, he cant even boot system, especially when flashing is incomplete as it overwritten system already (see in log file), and so he cant enable OEM unlock, so he cant fix ODIN error, and neither unlock bootloader

    so i suggested one method too, as i saw that recovery is fine, to flash stock ROM via stock recovery. I'm aware that it might not 100% work as stock recovery requires signed ROM, but why not give a try, as it's already broken and unbootable.
    In stock recovery there are 2 methods of flashing stock method (he can choose which work easier), i recommended ADB sideload, you just need to install proper drivers (OP freely install samsung drivers, and set up ADB with complete guide here https://www.xda-developers.com/where-to-download-android-usb-drivers/ , i didnt wanted to overhelm you at first as minimal can do a job also)
    and other options (if OP cant set up drivers) is to install from SD card, also from stock recovery, same as ADB method but no need for ADB, PC or USB cable.

    also i would reccomend to double check and download original stock ROM, i cant reccomend best source out there, because times have changed and i didnt owned samsung device for 5 years, so i cant know for certain what chanell is best.

    also i reccomend to download latest stock ROM because maybe samsung block downgrade for disabling security holes in previous kernels.
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