50 Nexus 7 2013 Android Hints and Tips - The Ultimate Quick Guide


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Jan 13, 2012
Hey all. I've just updated a guide I did about Nexus 7 tips for the new tablet and condensed it into less than 20 minutes

Here are all the tips listed:

How to to place an app on screen
How to remove an app
How to uninstall an app
How to create a folder
How to name a folder
How to manage the folder
How to delete a folder
How to use the task manager
How to show notifications or options
How to quickly turn bluetooth and wifi on
How to Take a Screenshot
How to enlarge/reduce a snapshot notications
How to remove a single notifications
How to remove all notifications
How to change individual sounds
How to turn off keyboard sounds
How to get a Jellybean
How to fling jellbeans
How to get developer options
How to Disable System Applications
How to Disable App Notifications
How to reset application defaults
How to triple tap zoom
How to copy and paste
How to allow install of 3rd part apps
How to Install Flash
How to push an app install to the N7 from google play
How to Connect a Bluetooth Mouse
How to connect USB devices to your N7
How to set the N7 to harddrive or camera
How to transfer files
How to view files on your Nexus 7
How to Change your Launcher
How to do stuff with the gallery
How to Deleting images from the gallery
How to check for software updates
How to to get Googleplay Refunds
How to manage a Widget
How to save power by turning off wifi
How to see my downloads
How to create a lockscreen message
How to prevent app icons appearing on install
How to turn off auto syncing for accounts
How to turn off all auto syncing
How to turn off Pulse notification light
How to add a lockscreen widget
How to remove a lockscreen widget
How to uninstall system app updates
How to turn off application auto update
How to cold boot tablet

I hope you find it useful. And if you do, please share!


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Jan 13, 2012
No problem. This video is aimed at a large audience so I'm sure many will know most, but even if you found one new tip it was worth it :)