5G on Pixel XL 2?

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I've only had my Pixel XL 2 for about a month. It was given to me and I know it's an older phone, but I like it a lot so I'm going to use it a while.

Anyway, playing around with the radios and APN's my phone says that there's access to 5G, but I didn't think this was a 5G phone. So is it possible to get 5G with the Pixel 2 XL? I'm on T-Mobile at the moment. We have 5G in our area with T-Mobile.

So like I said I'm curious if I can get 5G on this phone and why it says 5G recommended in my network options and why there's "NR" radio options in the radio/band settings menu.

Thanks for any insight into this!


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No way you'll get 5G without the hardware.

That it shows in your settings must be a bug - probably a T-Mobile bug. It is not listed on my phone.
Sorry I've taken so long to reply to this. And yeah I thought the same thing also, that the SD 835's modem doesn't have the necessary hardware to get 5G. I have a Verizon SIM in my Pixel XL 2 now as of the time of writing this, and the NR option is still available in my radio menu. So idk if it's a T-Mobile bug or just a bug with my phone. It still gives me the option for 5G recommended in my system wifi/network/bluetooth menu also. But ya know, never connected to 5G so idk ya know? But thank you for replying!