Question 5G SA - can't see test PLMN

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Feb 1, 2008
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
In the company lab we have private 5G SA network, MCC: 001, MNC: 02.
I tried to attach my Mi11 Ultra to it but it does not see the network when manually searching networks.
When the guys switch 5G network from SA (standalone) to 4G/5G NSA (non-standalone) then I can see amd attach to that network.
Radio head in the lab works on N78 band which should be supported by the phone.
OnePlus 8T 5G which guys in the lab use for the tests works with 5G SA out of the box.

My phone is not locked to some specific PLMN. ROM: Global 13.0.5

Any ideas why phone can't even see 5G SA test network?