[6.0.1]CRISSCROSS ROM Note7port V6.0[26.8.16][PG7][N920C/I/L/G/K/S]


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Apr 15, 2012

Attention: AOD is not and cant working until a custom kernel coming out. And this will not happen until Samsung release source code of kernel. So please dont report that AOD is not working and dont discuss about it here. Also iris scanner cant work. That means that please dont ask about or discuss about.

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Rom Features
Base: Note 7 UX
Builddate: FRI Jul 8 10:41:38 KST 2016
Android version: 6.0.1
Kernel: 3.10.61-8686587

- Kernel Noze5 PG5
- RomControl V2 ( thx @daxgirl @wuby986 )
- Aroma Manager ( thx @amarullz )
- Pre-rooted BETA-SuperSU-v2.76 ( thx @chainfire )
- Pre-debloated
- Multilanguage
- AdAware, BetterBatteryStats and OGYouTube downloader in Rom but with debloat option in Aroma
- Knox removed
- App lock
- Call Recording Button
- Forced Enable Security Save in SmartManager
- Enabled Support Recent App Protection
- DataUsage in QuickSettingsPanel with options on the fly in RomControl ( thx @daxgirl )
- Shutter Sound option in camera settings
- Enabled Whitepages to identifier unknown numbers
- build.prop tweak for a faster boot- and shutdown animation
- build.prop tweak to remove ring delay
- build.prop tweak for power saving
- build.prop tweak to remove Knox from About Device info
- build.prop tweak to remove no sim card in phone message
- build.prop tweak to fix black screen after call
- build.prop tweak for google DNS
- build.prop tweak for 3G signal optimization
- build.prop tweak for internet speed enhancement
- build.prop tweak to fix app issues
- build.prop tweak to improve voice call clarity
- build.prop tweak to disable android device check in
- build.prop tweak for faster scrolling
- build.prop tweak for Wifi fix that dont forget passwort
- Multiuser option with switch on/off in RomControl app (thx @tdunham )
- MM Reboot Menue with visibily settings in RomControl ( thx @sagitt67 @daxgirl @tdunham @SidRobo )
- Removed confirm buttons in Reboot Menue ( thx @asc1977 )
- optional plug in/out usb wakeup with on/off toggle in RomControl ( thx @thereassaad )
- default animation scales 0.25x at clean install ( thx @bajasur )(you cant see, its hidden, if you change one time you cant go back)
- possibility to installing app older versions over newer ( thx @tdunham )
- Disables Signature Check ( thx @one_love_420 )
- Custom Bacckground for reboot menue ( thx @claude96 @daxgirl )
- Device Info Settings with RomControl settings in expanded view ( thx @daxgirl )
- CallWaiting fixed (work on 920C and maybe others)
- rounded notifications with on/off toggle in Romcontrol ( thx @daxgirl )
- colored notificationc with color picker in RomControl ( thx @daxgirl )
- switch in RomControl to enable/disable HeadsUp notifications (thx @tdunham )
- option in RomControl to remove SWIPE TO UNLOCK text on lockscreen ( thx @kep2008 )
- all apps Multiwindow
- 3MinitBattery ( thx @gharrington )
- RomControl toggle to hide/show Clock and date on lock screen ( thx @kep2008 )
- RomControl toggle to hide/show Power Saving Mode Ongoing Notification ( thx @tamirda )
- Battery Bar on Statusbar with settings in RomControl ( Thx @stangdriver44 )
- virtual buttons to statusbar with settings in RomControl
- 3MinitClock ( thx @gharrington )
- round recent panel corners ( thx @grzegorz354 )
- screencast and screenshot in rebootmenue with hide/show options in RomControl ( thx @sagitt67 )
- TW Launcher 2017 as option in aroma with 6x6 appdrawer, 6 app in dock and force touch ( thx @albe95 )
- Networtraffic in statusbar with settings in RomControl ( thx @daxgirl )
- option to colorize expanded view background in RomControl ( thx @ikrom )
- lockscreen rotation with toggle in RomControl ( thx @daxgirl )
- Removed Alpha Channel from status bar icons, now really white ( thx @Aria.A97 )
- signal position left/right with toggle in RomControl ( thx @stangdriver44 )
- switch for show/hide stock clock and 3MinitClock
- toggle on and toggle off color ( thx @tdunham )
- custom colors on expanded view background with RomControl settings
- cutom colors for toggle on/off with RomControll settings ( thx @tdunham )
- toolbox with settings in RomControl ( thx @daxgirl )
- black fota update screen ( thx @malbert16442 )
- option in RomControl to colorize brigness slider and icons ( thx @daxgirl )
- 1060 fonts, first load needs time in settings ( thx @Winb33 )
- LTE only mode
- Dynamic statusbar ( thx @tdunham @madgit @Alex&rK @grisha84 @dugeriss )
- Ayramod SoundControl as option to AromaManager ( thx @Kamy )
- Note7 camera all working except panorama ( [email protected]äm1990 )
- option to change background in settings menue in RomControl in register Custom Backgrounds ( thx @daxgirl )

Changelog V6.0

- changed icons of Screenshot and Screenrecord in reboot menue ( zhx @Aria.A97 )
- added option to change background in settings menue in RomControl in register Custom Backgrounds ( thx @daxgirl )
- some bugs fixed which nobody found
- enabled function that you can change toggle colors also on themes
- added clolor for notification settings and clear text in expanded view ( thx @kep2008 )
- add transparency and toggle custom colors ON/OFF for notifications ( thx @daxgirl )
- added that toggle on/off color is now also changeable on themes
- added a toggle to switch on/off toggle colors
- added toggle animations back if toogles set to stock

Rom Download
RomControl Source Code
DualSim fix

Kernel is in Rom and no other is working

Redistribution, modifying files used within this project's file or integrating with other projects are prohibited with no exceptions other than my projects.
Making mirrors, re-uploading to another servers are also prohibited with no exceptions.
If you will do something which prohibited ask me for permission. If you do without my permission i will report you

@geiti94 because he give me base to start from without mods

Feel free to keep this work alive and if you want support me with a coffee

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[6.0.1]CRISSCROSS ROM Note7port V6.0[26.8.16][PG7][N920C/I/L/G/K/S], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-07-31
Last Updated 2016-08-27