[6 Feb]MAG/CE SD MarkinuX HD ExtraClean V1.71b[fast, small, DesHD-WO Sense, DailyUse]

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Aug 15, 2005
data works for me once i configured an apn for tmobile US (tzones as name and epc.tmobile.com as the apn.) after you save the created apn, you guys did select the radio button, yeah?

hard coded to the android folder name? now that sucks...


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Oct 27, 2006
i am pretty impressed by this rom. however, i'd like to see a sense build, if possible. this rom is based on desire hd and there are even sense traces in it, like the setup wizard. I can get hold of sense specific APK, but ofcourse, they can't be installed. Is there a way to prepare this build for sense? You don't have to include the whole sense UI, but just sense, so one can install their own htc sense apk's to it. It probably needs Rosie or soemthing like that?


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Jun 21, 2006
Love this build Markinux! No problems so far!
I replaced the HTC messaging aplication (system/app/Mms.apk) with a Froyo default wich is 10 times faster and have no lag.

Have 3 questions:
1) How I change the mac address? (I edited /system/etc/calibration by hand but is there any startup automatization?)
2) If we want to update the kernel wich one we need to use? Any SD kernel will be fine or need to wait for your modified version to work with ext3 and this filenames ?
3) Can be adapted to be a ram build ?

Big Thanks!
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Jul 24, 2010
Hello i have a custom bootanimtion.zip i would like to use but i cannot get it to work because i dont know where to replace the original bootanimation.zip, i placed mine in /system/media/ but nothing happens. does anyone know where the location of it is?



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Dec 5, 2009
I've tried it for a few days, everything works fine. Good job!
The only thing miss is the battery icon showing the % inside, but thats is not big deal.

also recording videos is ok but then at home (maybe is some app I have) they dissapeared! something erase them. Has this happened to anyone?


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Jun 12, 2010
Hey Markinux, thank you for this build! I'm using the SD Magldr version, could you please show me how to change to another kernel (such as GLCoreV9 or rafpigna 1.8) ? :D


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Mar 22, 2006
I started my quest for finding the best Dual Boot Android ROM and decided on this. It is as fast as gingerbread ROMs but doesn't have deficiencies like high bluetooth drain, data drop after a call, SMS encoding problem (this happens on non-Sense ROMs for me, unicode characters end up as spaces) wifi tether problem etc. It is really fluent, has solid data connection and I can get it look like almost as Sense anyway. Only thing I miss is the screen-off animation (Old TV), they say you can get it with "Screen off and lock" app but I couldn't get it working with Launcher pro. it works now :) Anyway, thanks for this excellent build.
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    I released a SD Version of my ROM.
    The Idea behind it is a mix from HTC Hardwarelibs/Settings and APPs but without Sense. The Build is based on a new Desire HD Build (Android 2.2.1). I removed all HTC Widgeds, Sensestuff, etc. But I let some Apps, like Camera, Album, Musicplayer, Clock, EMail, Messanger, Keyboard, Twitter, etc. and you have the HTC System stuff, like the USB connection Menu. It's very nice and fast. As launcher is the Gingerbread Launcher installed.
    Try it with e.g. Launcher Pro, Fancy Widget and Smooth Calender.


    - Customize in settings because it's sense connected. You can change background etc. with the long press on desktop.
    IT IS DANGEROUS TO USE THIS IF YOU BOOT FROM SD! You boot from SD and then you will export this card over USB, if the system will use the data or system then it crash or corrupt you sd card!
    For all SD Builds use MAGLDR mass storage or wince to copy files there.

    - You need MAGLDR 1.11/WINCE
    - SD Build
    - Kernel is almost stock from our git.
    - Android 2.21
    - No OC or such stuff
    - Interactive gouvernor
    - completly cleaned initrd
    - correct file rights
    - rooted
    - deodexed
    - new busybox with many new system commands

    It's made for daily use.
    5mA standby
    8mA with Bluetooth

    Verison 1.71b:
    - fixed boot problems on some sd cards
    - seperate downloads for magldr and wince users

    Download Version 1.7.1b for MAGLDR users:
    - Extract the archive to the root of sd. Run magldr, boot AD from sd.

    Download Version 1.7.1b for WinCE users:
    - extract to sd, run clrcad and then run haret

    I attached a 1GB userdata if someone need it
    I'd like to try but I have WP7 in NAND and MAGLDR 1.12. Would it work? Or I really need MAGLDR 1.13.

    hmm, right, for sd version 1.13 is not needed. 1.11 should be enough
    The folder is android and yeap i changed it in the boot settings

    Select <.> and not Android, since the zImage and initrd.gz are in the root folder on the SD card.
    Converted to classical SD-WinMo Version Successfully !

    After many trials and errors, I managed to convert the ROM to a regular classical files SD ROM, here are the steps...

    1-Download this ROM ...

    2-Unzip it, prepare it as if you want to install it, with its 1 GB data.img but delete its zimage and system.ext2

    3-from the ROM in this thread, take only two files:
    zimage ( replace it in the first ROM folder ).
    system.ext3 ( replace it in the first ROM folder ).

    4-Rename the file system.ext3 to system.ext2

    5-Transfer the ANDROID folder to your SD card then run CLRCAD then HARET...

    But I am getting two problems now..
    1-camera does not work.
    2-getting a damaged SD card message...
    Nice to a see a good Rom from an Expert chef

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