614c/612c I'd Like to Learn How to create or at least modify a Cooked a Rom

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Jul 19, 2008

yes, basically I am hoping someone could provide some information on how to create or at least modify a cooked a rom Like the Russian rom or the one from pdaclan specifically for the HP iPAQ 614c/612c.

I would like to make modifications to the existing 614c roms and re-build a flashable flash.dio. I've already bricked my iPAQ once and would like to avoid going thru that pain again.

I want to be able to do the following:-

Example, the Chinese rom has a nice feature showing the battery status in percentage, I think thats the Windows\battdrvr.dll that is responsible for this, I'd like to learn how I can extract that file and integrate it with another Rom.

The Chinese rom has some Chinese left overs so If I knew how I can rebuild the flash.dio, I could overwrite those file from the English one and fix the Chinese rom myself.

3- I would like to dictate what software I want to install as part of the rom.

I don't know where to begin, most of the information related to this PDA are either in Chinees or Russian and I am still a newbie.

I am sure if someone posts some tips, I can get started.

please share your knowledge, I am sure a lot of use would find this info useful.

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