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Apr 30, 2014
I had this installed, and overall it was mediocre. Doesn't feel like a custom rom, more like a ported edited rom from another model, but anything i used it for was working. Only problem is that the battery drains too fast. When i first used the phone it lasted me about 10 days or 2 weeks (used as a portable player when running and playing music in the bathroom while doing shower, with no sim and no network connection), but with this rom it only lasted 4/5 days. I think the problem is the official firmware anyway, cause it has worsened battery life in every update, so i've just downgraded to official firmware to the latest version of android 9, and battery is better, but i think i'll just reflash the first global firmware and keep it that way, so that battery will last longer. But problem is that magisk doesn't work on global. Does anyone know any root method working on global? I think i'll try to see if supersu works..

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