[7.1.1] [ROM] [Stable] Next Gen OS (OneUI Experience) (V3.7) For Samsung J2 (J200G)

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Apr 13, 2021
Can you please fix the Bluetooth actually when I connect my Bluetooth earphone with device it automatically disconnect after 5 min please fix it I can't use the Bluetooth device to my phone please fix it thanks.


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Apr 13, 2021
Thank you very much for releasing new update I was seriously becoming sad about the apps stopping and theme stopping problem may be it should be fixed in this update again thanks❤️👍


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Apr 13, 2021
I think it's theme app issue the notification panel and setting remains white and after the reboot the whole theme goes white. Can you please fix it this is not happen in previous version please help me. Thanks in advance.


Jan 20, 2022
I want to install it on my phone, but I need Front Camera.
Could you tell me if it is working now, so I could install it worry free?
The phone will be used by my dad, and he clicks pictures a lot.........


Jan 20, 2022
See bro, It works on some variant so it may also work on your model
Bro, Mine one is J200G

And could you please tell about the current known issues in this OS?
Also, how will it recieve updates?
(Sorry Bro, asking because I am installing Custom ROM for the first time, and that too for dad, so I don't wanna brick my phone😅)


Jan 20, 2021
Samsung Galaxy J2
Bro, Mine one is J200G

And could you please tell about the current known issues in this OS?
Also, how will it recieve updates?
(Sorry Bro, asking because I am installing Custom ROM for the first time, and that too for dad, so I don't wanna brick my phone😅)
You may only face front camera issue and nothing else

You will keep on getting updates on this thread
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Jan 20, 2022
I am going to install it.......
As I am doing It for first time, could you share the process to install this?😅

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    Banner Next Gen.png


    For SM-J200G

    UI Customization:-

    • Fully OneUI themed
    • Dolby Atmos Edited in OneUI style
    • My Files Edited in OneUI style
    • Home screen Edited in OneUI style
    • Lockscreen Edited inOneUI style
    • Recents Themed in OneUI style
    • OneUI Stock Wallpaper
    • New Rom Bootanimation
    • New Bootanimation sound
    • New Lock & Unlock Sound
    • New Dark Wallpapers
    • Lock screen themed in OneUI style
    • Status bar themed in OneUI style
    • M20 UI emoji pack, sound, ringtones & notification
    • S21+ Bootlogo (External zip file)

    Ported Apps from OneUI:-

    • OneUI ported Stock Gallery
    • OneUI ported Stock Voice Recorder
    • OneUI ported Stock Calculator
    • OneUI ported Stock Game Home
    • OneUI ported Stock One Hand Operation +
    • OneUI ported Stock Email
    • OneUI ported Stock Video player
    • OneUI ported Edge Panel
    • Rom optimized
    • Added Permofmance mode
    • Device Status Official
    • Kernel overclocked to 1.5MHz (1495) Gpu max 910MH
    • Disable Signature Check
    • Disable Flag Secure
    • Volte working
    • Night light
    • Registered device as 'Samsung Galaxy S21'
    • Added option of Lite Version during installation
    • Increased space [Full version has 3.4GB free] [Lite version have 3.7GB free]
    • Added Ultra Data Saving mode
    • Lockscreen Widget
    • Themes works
    • Some Build.prop mods
    • AOD (Always On Display)
    • Some Odex files
    • Multi Users
    • OEM toogle removed (To prevent Binary Blocking)
    Fixed Bugs:-
    • Wrong Icon in power menu(Fixed in V3.7)
    • Some non-working options present in settings app like "Blue Light Filter", etc (Fixed in V3.7)
    • Removed mobile data option form power menu (Fixed in V1.2)
    • Home screen widget frame (Fixed in V1.2)
    • Lock screen widget not working (Fixed in V1.2)
    • Voice recorder crashes too much (Fixed in V1.2)
    • Call screen Lag (Fixed in V1.1)
    • Aod Icon changes with flashligt icon and crashes a lot (Fixed in V1.1)
    Current Bugs:-
    • Front camera not Working(Only in some Variants!)
    • If You find any other bug, tell me on "Galaxy J2 Group" on telegram or on this XDA post...

    Installation Guide:-
    1. Flash zip( You will enter Aroma)
    2. Accept Terms and Conditions
    3. Understand Changelogs
    4. Now, you can select apps you want to remove
    5. Select your Country Code(If doesn't find, select USA)
    6. Now select BCKUP EFS, SAFE FORMAT OR HARD FORMAT according to your choice
    7. Click on NEXT GEN LITE VERSION if want to install only neccessary only essential apps
    8. Wait for installation to be finished
    9. Exit Aroma installer
    10. Flash S21+ or J2 Bootlogo(Flashing one of them is essential)
    11. Reboot and Enjoy
    • Don't update any Samsung system app except 'Samsung music', 'Samsung Cloud', 'Galaxy Store' or 'One Hand Operation +'.
    • Restart the phone after finishing the setup after installing Rom.



    A Quick Trailer Here

    Download Links:-

    Rom Download Link
    Custom S21+ Bootlogo
    Stock J2 Bootlogo
    My Donation Link
    (Donate me a Chocolate atleast, I am a kid BTW)

    There is a surprise for you in Video app in the rom

    Using Comorade79's kernel
    Kernel source

    Black OneUI
    Install the apk from your Internal storage named as "BlackUI.apk"(you will get it after flashing my zip), apply it through theme store, turn on global dark mode from any SystemUI tuner and restart your phone. Else, if you apply any other theme then just only restart your phone, make sure that global dark mode is off.

    I will not take responsiblity for your data loss or any type of damage on your smartphone
    thanks for this surprise. I try my j200f. I hope I don't run into a problem. have a nice day.
    1) front camera not working But ti's fixable by editing boot.img
    2) VoLte not properly working. it can't able to receive & send SMS.
    3) it's support magisk 23 v.
    4) it not supports Xposed framework. But able to install magisk systemless xposed.

    thanks for that ROM surprise.
    Mine is j200g but i can't boot. It stucks on logo
    wait for 20-30 min. paitence is key:)
    Hello sir can you please fix the bug the Bluetooth automatically turning on and off while in using and the stock email app is not working I do a hard reset I also reflashed the custom rom but it didn't work please fix these bugs. Thanks.
    I think it's something in your internal storage that is creating problem