[7.1.2][OFFICIAL][FINAL][ Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat [VoLTE/DolbyAtmos/Magisk]

Do you need build with integrated viperfx and gapps?

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    ROM:[7.1.2][OFFICIAL][FINAL][ Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat [VoLTE/DolbyAtmos/Magisk]
    ROM is pretty stable, camera work, good performace, good battery. Ready for everyday use (IMHO).
    Work in MultiROM as Internal/Secondary ROM
    Download: link
    GAPPS (does not included) : http://opengapps.org/ arm64 -> 7.1 -> Minumum required - Pico
    Install/Update Note: Please, wipe system, cache, dalvik before install/update rom. Also flash Gapps after ROM WITHOUT reboot.
    Sound settings/Viperfx DolbyAtmos now included in the ROM. ViperFX zip for TWRP: link
    Here are my settings of viperfx & dolby atmos:

    Device Trees:

    Special thanks to:
    RR Project for awesome ROM
    @Tortel1210 for his big work on le max 2 kernel & device tree
    @infrag for porting BlackScreen Kernel to Max2, VoLTE blobs and other work on device tree
    @sdv22 for his working on framework, doze profiles and powersaving
    darkobas for his hard work on OMNI for LePro3, his kernel & help
    @ffboy2009 for his big work on le max 2 kernel & device tree
    @codeworkx for his working on device tree
    @Jrior1 for his working on leeco kernels
    @cr3pt for his working on LOS
    @arco for his shim for mm-qcamera-daemon for samsung!
    @mosimchah for BlackScreen Kernel

    And You all guys for testing and using this ROM ;)

    Last build: 06132017

    Changelog 02142017:
    First build

    Changelog 02192017:
    Some fixes now more stable

    Changelog 02202017:
    Fixed autorotation and accelerometer

    Changelog 03272017:
    New build based on LOS14.1 sources

    Changelog 04182017:
    * Update to RR-5.8.3 (7.1.2)
    * Fix multirom support as Secondary ROM

    Changelog 04202017:
    * Camera UP!

    Changelog 04262017
    * Update kernel, fixed performance issue, switch some features. Antutu 152k.
    * Fixed incorrect battarey led working (from los gerrit, by Tortel)
    * Fix audio_policy for divinebeats
    * LePref: Remove unworked HAL switch

    Changelog 04262017
    * Mic volume fix

    Changelog 05062017
    - Last ViperFX & Dolby Atmos minimal package (with no garbage) included and work with all sounds, e.g. ringtones
    - ViperFX & DA does not cause crash of Gallery and some other app now, also it must work correct with BT
    - Pico gapps included
    - Build use old (i will name it "STABLE") lineageOS kernel for now. But who want new, can flash it manualy.
    - Also included LeTVRemoteControl, LeTVCamera (letvcamera dont work now)
    - WIth stable kernel work: IR, Ambient Display

    Changelog 05082017
    - Dolby Atmos for LeMax 2 (fixed)
    - Gapps removed from build

    Changelog 05232017
    - Add VoLTE support (thnks @infrag for volte blobs)
    - Update audio configs, fix some audio issues
    - Update powersaving system, doze profiles
    - BlackScreen 2.1 Kernel (thnks @mosimchah for kernel & @infrag for porting to max2)

    Changelog 06132017
    - Updated Adreno & Vulkan blobs (thnks @infrag)
    - Kernel: BS2.3 (thnks @mosimchah & @infrag)
    - Ramdisk now compatible with LOS, you may install other kernels without changes.
    - Last RR sources
    - Many other small fixes (can be found on github)

    Changelog 09182017
    - ROM: Security Patch 05 Sep
    - Device: fix low volume in cam recording
    - Device: enable sdcardfs
    - Kernel: BS3.5-RRPS
    - Kernel: Autofocus fix
    - Kernel: Optimized battery life
    - Kernel: fix blueborne
    - Kernel: fix sdcardfs driver for correct work with Multirom

    Changelog 10042017
    - Using new vendor tree fully remaked from beginning (from 23S and OB20)
    - Switched to new radio stack
    - Fix sdcardfs for multirom (it will work without patches in secondary rom with sdcardfs)
    - Fix autobrightnes values
    - Fix low level sound record
    - Dex preopted
    - ViperFX, SnapdragonCamera, AKT Profiles was removed from build
    - Security patch 05 Oct
    - Autofocus fix (thanks infrag)
    - Some power tweek
    - Kernel BS-3.5.i-RR-PS

    Changelog 10062017
    - Blobs downgraded from 23S to 19S, its more stable, camera has no "white dots".
    - Slowmotion fix
    - Removed unneeded shim for ims, it cause camera "clicks"
    - VoLTE must work now
    - Autobrightnes tweek
    - Improved battery

    If you looking for ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4 OFFICIAL FINAL, look here:

    ROM:[x82X][6.0.1] ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4 OFFICIAL FINAL
    Download: http://www.resurrectionremix.com/ -> Download -> x2
    Mirror (Google Drive): link
    Maintainer: @andr68rus
    Device Tree: @Tortel, @cr3pt, @andr68rus https://github.com/tortel
    Dont work
    - VoLTE
    - All other.
    1. Backup your current ROM
    2. Download the rom ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4.xxxxxx.zip file
    3. Move to phone
    4. Reboot the phone in recovery [TWRP]
    5. Wipe: "System, Cache, Dalvik, Data"
    6. Install -> ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4.xxxxxx.zip
    7. Reboot

    GAPPS (does not included) : http://opengapps.org/[/show upurl] arm64 -> 6.0 -> Minumum required ( Pico ) Sound settings/Viperfx:[GAPPS (does not included) : http://opengapps.org/ arm64 -> 6.0 ...ogle.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsaDR3NldfbGljd0E (c) royalseeker, original topic here
    2. I recomend turn on speaker optimisation in viperfx and configure your dolby atmos. This will give you very good sound.
    26 Jan 2017:
    * accelerometer fixed (thnx to @Tortel)
    * Snap Camera can now 21 mp
    * LED Notification fixed
    * Remote Control included.
    30 Jan 2017:
    * Camera2Api work, set by default
    - RIL still have problem with "Only 2G mode"
    02 Feb 2017:
    * 4K Video in Snap
    * Voice quality (Need test, also if you will install divinebeats, install patched version!), also some other sound fix, please report about problems.
    * Some changes in Ambient display, now it fully work (You need to enable it in Settings - Ambient Diplay (not in DIsplay!)
    * Removed D2TW from settings
    * Force enabled camera1api: whatapp and other app work nice.
    + Added LeecoCamera App from S22 test only (to run it you need enter settings -> app -> permission and enable permission, it will not ask for it by default). Panoramic dont work.
    10 Feb 2017
    * Fix some errors from previos build (LED, hardware keys).
    * Try to fix 2G.
    11 Feb 2017
    * Wifi 802.11n channel bonding fix.
    * Return back individual sim on/off switch.
    14 Feb 2017
    * Fix some errors, FW now stable.
    17 Feb 2017
    * Patch Level 12012016
    19 Feb 2017
    + Now we are OFFICIAL
    * Competly moved to LOS device tree sources
    + Added OTA (Configuration -> Update)
    - Removed LeTVRemoteControl, LeTVCamera (can be installed from ZIP)
    + Fixed wifi 2.4GHz+BT issue
    + Snap from LOS repo with autoresoluton fix
    * Speakerphone fix
    * Device name fix for PlayMarket
    20 Feb 2017
    - Fix wifi tethering
    - Some changes for viperfx work (change fluencetype to none, add sample rate in audiopolicy)
    - Shorten default BT name "LeEco Le Max 2" -> "Le Max 2"
    - Changes in advanced settings translation (ru(full), es(part), cn(part))
    26 Feb 2017
    - Security patch level updated to 01/01/2017
    - Added hardware buttons disable/enable switch
    - Added Hardware buttons light brightness + mode settings
    - Added leeco quick charge settings (Settings-> Configuration -> Battery).
    - Changed live display default day color temperature from 8000 to 6500
    - Full Simple Chines translation (thanks @atzsmm)
    - LeTVRemoteControl, LeTVCamera returned back to ROM.
    01 March 2017
    * Fixed QuickCharge
    * RR update: Upstream merged to LineageOS
    * AOSP update: Tag bumped to refs/tags/android-6.0.1_r78
    07 March 2017
    * Battery optimisation tweeks
    * Small fixes
    25 March 2017
    * Last dev tree updates
    * Mokee kernel
    16 April 2017 - FINAL BUILD.
    * Mokee Kernel with QC 3.0
    New build: RR-N-v5.8.3-20170613-x2-Official OTA
    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsV182LUxmeFpBY1k or from official site
    - Updated Adreno & Vulkan blobs (thnks @infrag)
    - Kernel: BS2.3 (thnks @mosimchah & @infrag)
    - Ramdisk now compatible with LOS, you may install other kernels without changes.
    - Last RR sources
    - Many other small fixes (can be found on github)
    - Ambient Display work only with notification.
    ROM include:
    - BS2.3 Kernel
    - Magisk
    - ViperFX
    - Dolby Atmos for LeMax2
    - LetvRemoteControl
    - CVE Patch 06/05/2017
    This news is from official RR N G+:
    Hi guys
    Today we will be releasing the final builds for Nougat.
    We apologize for the delay as September patches took a bit too long to be merged as well as team members being busy.
    Please note that these final builds may take some time to be up on the official download page.
    Version will be bumped to 5.8.5
    Changes and features are as following :-
    Merged September Security Patches
    Added PA color engine
    Improved theme compatibility with color engine
    Improvements to pocket mode
    Many device specific changes & fixes (depends on your maintainer)
    Updates from LineageOS

    This marks the end of Nougat for RR
    Thank you all for your support and hope you enjoyed the builds we have provided up till now.

    But What about O? When will it come?
    Honestly speaking . Can't say as of now but we predict towards the end of December since there have been massive changes and team members are busy with their daily jobs . Rest assured , O builds will come in time but to give an ETA is not possible

    Thank you ,
    Have a great weekend

    See you next time on Android 8.0

    Team Resurrection Remix
    What will be with RR-N for Le Max 2?
    1. RR-5.8.5 build will be soon (it will be last ROM update)
    2. Than will be few build with remaked vendor part and device tree and bugfixes.
    3. Than will be RR-5.8.5-FINAL. - last build for RR-N for LeMax2 (it can be also updated with something critical, security patches etc...)
    Than we will start working on RR-O.
    New build annonce:
    - Fixed audio noize, and some other problem with sound
    - Added "No signal" disable switch, and other options in SIM options
    - Fix headphones
    - Some other power&common tweeks
    Special thanks to @ffboy2009 for fixes.
    New build: RR-N-v5.8.3-20170508-x2-Official.zip [OTA]
    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzseDBkZ01KUXdidzA
    NOTE: This update need wipe system, cache, dalvic! And flash gapps after rom without reboot.
    - Fix dolby atmos issue from previos build (I test it and fix, now it work fine)
    - Small fixes.
    PS. Sorry for frequent updates, rom in active development. I will push stable and recommend updates to OTA (will mark it [OTA]), other will mark as [NIGHTLY]. It will contain new features, but can have new bugs. All build will push OTA stable builds.