[7.7.2012] Google Apps full/lite [updated]

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Well, since the original Google Apps hasn't been updated since 29/04/2012, I decided to:

  • Update [at least Play Store]
  • Clean-up some files [like non-neon libs]
  • Merge the (non) optional files with the main files to make install faster
  • Optimize install speed
  • Zip it with 7zip set to ultra mode [less file size]
  • Create a lite version, so I don't need to modify later

Latest update on July, 7. I had uploaded to CyanogenMod 9's thread, and now I'm uploading to here.

Lite version only have the essential Google Apps. The only apps that you can launch on your launcher are: Play Store and Gallery. Other essential apps like GSF, NetworkLocation, SetupWizard and other stuff to connect to your Google Account, still there. A lot of useless libs [like dependencies of QuickBoxSearch] were deleted. More details, check the ZIP.

Full version have everything the unmodified Google Apps have. Except some non-neon files. Since our CPU have neon support, we don't need it. [more details about neon here]

Using full version you will see no difference using the unmodded version, except that on July, 7, the apk of Play Store is on the 3.7.13 version.

Full and lite zips have a 32MB size difference. [Full with 42MB, lite with 10MB]

Google Apps 7.7.2012 full
Google Apps 7.7.2012 lite
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Mar 26, 2015
google apps for Samsung Galaxy SII?

leo forum for a while but I never had to ask.

Please, where I could get the google apps for Samsung Galaxy SII? :confused:
The links no longer work here.

Thanks for your work and support!