☆7 HD 7.4 ☆ MM [H815] [V20a] [30.OCT.2015] [TWRP][Only Unlock Bootloader]

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Senior Member
Nov 6, 2010
So, we do have to flash M-Bootloader first, correct? And is 7.0 with or without 3D? Cuz I honestly prefer the Stock-look Anyway, thanks for your amazing work.


Senior Member
Apr 2, 2011
I am a man, I also have other activities

Congratulations indeed for your extraordinary work, you're number one, having said that I was wondering if it is possible to enable call recording natively without the use of third-party apps as Xposed at the time (perhaps for a long time) not available. Thank you so much for the great work you do to the whole community.


Feb 8, 2014
Im from Germany, my english is not good, but i can try to read like other people should do. I flashed on my unlocked 815 with TWRP, the old way. Nothing with 3D, only standard. He wanna spend his time with his family, friends and household, i think the 7hd is only a hobby like many other activities, just try and before important things make backups on your sd-card and copy to pc.


Senior Member
Nov 6, 2010
I am a man, I also have other activities

I was by no means trying to offend you, I seriously appreciate your amazing work and your contribution to the community. I was just asking a question, that´s all. I like the stock-design, that´s a subjective matter..


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2011
After flashing in twrp on reboot I have message of no system installed and in twrp no errors? I have installed genisys ROM before and did full clean before flashing.

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    ☆7 HD 7.4 ☆ MM [H815] [V20a] [30.OCT.2015] [TWRP][Only Unlock Bootloader]


    Do not flash the bootloader locked may damage your phone

    7 HD 7.4 Marshmallow edition (read all changes) Only Unlock Bootloader

    7HD 7.4 Update

    Update basic applications google
    * Google WebView Google (64bit)
    * Google Gmail (64bit)
    * Google GmsCore (64bit)
    * Google Photo(64bit)

    LGSystemUI has undergone DEODEX - for future modifications
    The addition of Big Analog Clock in RecentApp
    Add all Weather Effects for Lock Screen
    Adding Knock Code
    Adding 3Minit - Battery icon settings
    Adding 7 HD Settings :

    - Autostarts - APP's
    - Gradient - SystemUI
    - Gradient - StatusBar EX
    - Gradient - QuickSettings
    - Wallpaper Background
    - LG Update Center - LG APK Installer
    - MM Land - Flappy Bird Easter Egg
    ... end more

    7 HD 7.1 is added / changed / fixed

    Update application from LG

    - LG FM Radio
    - LG Weather
    - LG Lifetracker
    - LG QMemo +
    - LG QRemote
    - LG World

    Fixed an issue with icons within DATA SystemUI
    Fixed access to SDCard - you have to test it
    Fixed problem with BusyBox
    Added bootanimation & shutdownanimation in MM
    Added Dolby Digital Plus in LG Music - S3V3N
    ..... other small cosmetic changes

    Base system Full ODEX (hence, very high stability and speed)
    Base V20a
    Modem V20a
    Kernel 20a modified by my person - S3V3N
    Cust V20a

    there is no problem with exFAT!

    - Reduced capacity files (LGSystemUI, lge-res framework-res)
    - Updated SDK for some application LG
    - Added TAction! by S3V3N Mod
    - ADD apps with LG V10

    * LG SmartNatice - mod by S3V3M
    * LG Home - mod by S3V3M

    - TAction adding translations Polish thx @pafnucy7
    - Added new APK for 32 & 64 bit:

    * Google Search
    * Google Now
    * Google +
    * Google Drive
    * Google YouTube
    * Google Gmail
    * Google Hangouts
    * Google Maps
    * Google Chrome

    Icons in SystemUI - thanks to @Kickoff

    * Modified Launcher LG
    - Unlock option - add a widget for Smart Biulletynu - S3V3N

    * Modified SystemUI
    - SystemUI is susceptible to all THEME of Kickoff'a;)
    - The addition TAction - S3V3N

    * Modified framework resolution pictures and lge-res
    - Add the navbar 30dpi (in the future more options) - S3V3N
    - Adding enable Dual View window (hold down the button longer back) - S3V3N

    * Modified camera
    - Added FHD video recording at 60 frames per second - S3V3N
    - Added option for the front camera panorama - S3V3N
    - Modified save JPG images to 100% quality - S3V3N

    * Other modifications
    - Adding BusyBox'a
    - Unlock all applications for Dual View - S3V3N
    - Remove unneeded applications
    - Update SuperSU to 2.52

    ........... and many other less significant changes


    Do not flash ROM the bootloader locked may damage your phone

    Install TWRP!
    Install Bootloader V20a :
    Bootloader V20a

    Flash ROM
    Wipe : Dalvik Cache,Data,Cache
    DONE ;)

    Download : 7 HD 7.4 H815
    MD5 : 395494f3d907ac69ebff3d3a315478d9

    Download : Add Stock Fonts
    MD5 : fcc4cc9d3e35ca3990d04da55528843d

    If you like my work, donate My

    PayPal mail :


    Thanks @Chainfire
    Thanks @autoprime
    Thanks @d_ave (Weather effects)
    Thanks @gharrington (3Minit)

    XDA : DevDB Information
    7 HD Rom, ROM for the LG G4

    My @S3V3N
    ROM OS Version: 6.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: Stock Base

    Version Information

    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V20a
    Stable Release Date: 2015-10-30

    Created 2015-07-10
    Last Updated 2015-10-30
    I stopped work on 7 HD 6x
    Now I'm focused on 7 HD 7.X based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    7 HD x.x 3D Edition - Icons My works!!


    7 HD 7.0 soon ;)

    there are small problems to compile the apk file.
    I think in a few days comes a new version apktool supporting M 100%
    This is it now, it is not compatible with 100% stock soft LG
    You have to be patient;)
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