[7.July.2011][ROM][GSM][2.3.3] ◄► Overcome ROM v3.0.0-ICARUS ◄► Kernel v3.2.0 ◄►

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May 27, 2010
Look at your tone and look at mine... I think it's not very difficult to assess who needs to grow up (If it's about growing a pair I do probably have a bigger than yours but this is off topic (but you brought it over ;-) ))
Also look at Koxudaxi's thread and yours. Anger and agressivity generates the same in reaction. His much cooler and restrained style has mostly generated the same kind of comments. Some of your aggressive stances have just pushed for aggressive answers... Stop complaining about reactions you have yourself generated (I hope this can help you in real life too...)
And please stop assuming what I may have implied or whatsoever and try to make me say what I haven't... That's unnecessary and once again not constructive
And I maintain my stance about the buzz and the marketing. You generate a lot of expectations (granted some people get also self excited) so you can expect some people to be disappointed (And no, I didnt say I was)

I am really sad to argue with you since I believe the OC team has been doing a great technical job (while unfortunately very few people develop for the tab). But don't spoil it with arrogance

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Ok lets all move on :)

Everyone will have something new to play with soon....very soon.... :D


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May 27, 2010
Im not *****ing about it just a simple question to the xda community

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The exact same behavior is present on the SGS line of devices too. I'm unaware of anyone having ever "fixed" this...and really I think its a low priority on every devs list since even if it did show 100%, it would only stay there for a bit before dropping to 99% just from usage.
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Jul 22, 2008
Roy_W +1

........If you don't like Overcomes ROMs go back to the stock ROM and learn to STFU. None of us want to waste our time reading these kinds of posts , so please guys if you can't offer constructive criticism then just sit back, keep quiet and learn from those that can. In the long run everyone wins.[/QUOTE]

Thank you Roy_W, I couldn't have said it better myself.
Alterbridge and Team. Thank you guys for the great software that you so graciously make available for us at no cost.
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Feb 4, 2011
:confused:Can someone please direct me to information on the continuously rebooting right after I install the overcome kernel? I though it wasn't supposed to reboot for almost an hour now before I actually got into recovery to install the actual ROM.

Thank you,

Worth a shot;

Hold volume up and boot into recovery. Select voodoo and dissable all options. Allow to boot and fingers crossed you will hear a robot voice. If so wait, reboot and renenable voodoo. You'll hear a robot voice again and after that fingers crossed it will boot in. If not, or after the first reboot with voodoo off you don't hear a robot voice it back to the old stock drawing board!

Good luck.

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Mar 10, 2011
Worth a shot;

Hold volume up and boot into recovery. Select voodoo and dissable all options. Allow to boot and fingers crossed you will hear a robot voice. If so wait, reboot and renenable voodoo. You'll hear a robot voice again and after that fingers crossed it will boot in. If not, or after the first reboot with voodoo off you don't hear a robot voice it back to the old stock drawing board!

Good luck.

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hey nobleskill long time no see my friend. Going a little off topic here but can you throw us a guide on how to tweak thumb keyboard for the amazing typing speeds you do on XDA lol.


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Oct 27, 2010
West Coast of California
How come when the tab is off it shows 100% but when its turned in it only shows 99% even if it is charged while the tab is on it only shows 99% there must be sonething that can be done.

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When the tab is off there is no drain on the battery. It can get to 100% full. As soon as you turn on the tab, the battery is depleted, even a little, and the system rounds down the amount to the nearest whole percent. So 99.65% is reported as 99%. Changing the rounding behavior may not be possible to do, and probably is a more honest report than rounded up.


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Nov 6, 2008
Hmm... following change log link results in "page under counstruction"... new version on the way?

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    [7.July.2011][ROM][GSM][2.3.3] ◄► Overcome ROM v3.0.0-ICARUS ◄► Kernel v3.2.0 ◄►

    DISCLAIMER: You know the drill, I am not responsible if loading this rom makes your Tab melt, explode, disintegrate, or cause harm to anyone near it. (I am fairly certain none of that will happen though ;) )

    Change log in second post.

    • BGJP4 Base Rom - ANDROID 2.3.3
    • Overcome kernel v3.2.0 included
    • No Modem is included - due to a variety of personal preference I decided to leave that a la carte :)
    • Fully Deodexed
    • Fully Zipaligned
    • Rooted with busybox installed
    • Reboot/Recovery/Download options added to the power menu
    • Accurate battery mod with gingerbread styling
    • Blur removed across system (i.e. behind power option menu) - significantly improves performance
    • Power Off confirmation disabled
    • Screen off animation enabled
    • Overscroll Glow effect enabled
    • Added AppWidgetPicker
    • CSC set to XEU
    • Ads Blocked
    • Updated Market to 2.3.6
    • Updated Maps to 5.7.0
    • Flash Player removed due to compatibility issue - install from market and you'll be all set.
    • Updated GMail to 2.3.4
    • Updated YouTube to 2.1.6
    • Updated SamsungApps to 2.5.039
    • Updated StreetView to
    • Updated Thinkfree Office Suite
    • Removed Startup/Shutdown sounds
    • Cool boot animation
    • A2DP Bluetooth Connection Fix Integrated
    • SIP calling enabled over 3g AND WiFi
    • Fugutweaks integrated
    • Browser mods (enabled "Default Zoom" in settings, added "User Agent" in settings, set plugins to "on demand" by default)

    • Support RFS/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4
    • OC/UV with these steps: 1.6ghz, 1.5ghz, 1.4ghz, 1.3ghz, 1.2ghz, 1ghz, 800mhz, 600mhz, 400mhz, 200mhz, 100mhz
    • Replaced kernel jhash2 with jhash3
    • Adjusted kernel HZ value to improve smoothness
    • Optimized lowmemorykiller values
    • Optimized compiler flags
    • Voodoo Sound v9 (courtesy of supercurio)
    • Voodoo Lagfix (courtesy of supercurio)
    • Overcome CwM Recovery v4.0.0.5 (Custom built Clockworkmod v4.0.0.5)
    • Full support of internal/external SD cards in Recovery
    • Simple I/O Scheduler added and set as Default
    • Kernel tweaks to VM and Scheduler for better performance
    • Built in CIFS/TUN/SlowWork support
    • Touchscreen Undervolting (courtesy Koxudaxi)
    • RAM Undervolting
    • Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) Network Scheduler
    • Autogroup Scheduler
    • Asynchronous I/O Enabled (AIO)
    • Backlight Notifications (Thanks to Neldar for the mod and Koxudaxi for the patch)






    sohrab1985 and kay_kiat for themeing assistance!

    The best is yet to come!

    Those having issues with MARKET DOWNLOADS and/or /cache mounting errors in CWM Recovery, please see the following posts:



    Overcome v3.0.0-ICARUS
    • Overcome Kernel v3.2.0 Included
    • BGJP4 Base Rom
    • Enabled Stagefright on HTTP and RTSP (eliminates lag in streaming h264 video and “not optimized for mobile” message on flash video)
    • Superuser/maps/voice search all updated

    Overcome Kernel v3.2.0
    • Overcome CwM Updated to v4.0.0.5 (upstream fixes from Cyanogen tree merged)
    • OC/UV-capable up to 1.6ghz
    • Patched sources up to (spoofed version to to maintain compat.)
    • Adjusted LCD/RAM Undervolting to work properly (thanks to Koxudaxi)
    • Fixed 32GB Tab compatibility issues (disappearing CWM, no conversion, etc.)
    So here we go folks - GINGERBREAD is upon us!!

    Major thanks to Chainfire for his hard work on the CF-Root kernel and of course for providing us the GB code in the first place!

    Install requires a restock unless your already on Gingerbread and CF-Root, the guide will walk you through this.

    Why Beta1 tag? Simple...it's not done. Gingerbread is SO good I wanted to get it out into your hands as soon as possible. I performed some basic modifications and got a couple additional features functioning (screen off animation? AMAZING on 7" screen!). More features will be coming very very soon! Stay tuned for Beta 2!

    A GB Overcome Kernel will be coming in the future, but until we have a source there isn't much I can do in that regard. For now, Overcome releases will use the CF-Root kernel. It provides all the functionality we can hope for at the moment.
    Battery Life...

    OK guys, here's my take on the battery life, as it's my first full charge cycle after a battery wipe. Post restock (after the initial testing session last night with alterbridge and restored my set of 306 apps via Titanium) I charged it completely, wiped the battery stats and took it off the hook at approximately 11am today.

    After literally a non-stop day of using the tab, basically, using it endlessly, browsing, "XDA-ing", staying in touch with mkhattab on Overcome (and personal issues... ;-)) I've been emailing (approximately 75 mails sent out, 206 mails in over two Gmail accounts set to push...), my wife played about 30 mins of Angry Birds, 12 phone calls lasting an approx 50minutes worth of on call time, and about 45 texts sent out, and 65 texts coming in. Installed, tested and played around with another 4-8 apps, to investigate another member's issues... all in all, my tab's hasn't had the chance to sit idle for very much today... All this while, data has been on, approximately 50% of the time (that's about 4.5hours) on wifi and 50% of the time on 3G...

    It's 8pm now... and I've got 15% left on my battery counter... That means in slightly over 9 hours, I've used up 85% of my battery with the new ROM. I'm sure if I pushed it all the way to a flat battery, I'd be beating the mythical iPad's rated 10 hours runtime (the supposedly gold standard of battery life!) And this is on the first charge cycle post battery-wipe! All this while enjoying the sillky smoothness of the Gingerbread base... I'm sure, with a couple more charge cycles, the battery-life would be slightly better! Again, this is 8hours+ of full actual usage... with about 45mins of actual downtime only for a late lunch! ;-)

    This is my report on the battery life... as I can sincerely believe, being one of the first ones to install both the stock and the Overcome ROM, and giving them a proper shakedown... I really believe we have a winner here in terms of battery life! Hey... think about it... a little over 85% in 8 hours-plus of usage, we've already beaten the original rated time that Samsung advertises...

    Not bad eh? Contrary to some whiners over here spreading F.U.D... Here's the graph from my Tab! As they say, proof of the pudding is in the eating...