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7T Pro 5G McLaren Speed Test( Location/LTE vs 5G/): possible after conversion to INTL

Do you see a difference between 5G and LTE

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Jan 12, 2014
My City
OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren
Here's my comparison between LTE and 5G in Philadelphia.... There's no comparison! Screenshot_20200610-123153.jpgScreenshot_20200610-132845.jpg

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Jan 7, 2018
Altoona, PA
You can tell which network I'm on by the upper right hand corner. The 2 that are over 160 are from a couple months ago and it seems like the network is slower now. The uploads on the 5g are slower than LTE sometimes


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Sep 24, 2021
Ok it's almost the end of 2021, and nobody has posted any updates about converting to global version and still have 5g. Does anyone know if it kills the 5g or not?
It will most likely never be possible with the official rom for the international version as there are physical hardware differences since the 5g model has a different modem than the international version unlike previous oneplus phones like the 6t where the only difference was software. So no way to convert to international and receive official updates from oneplus. But you can run other custom roms though i havent found any that seem to work with 5g as i have to change my network type if i want mobile data to connect right at all.

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    I'd actually really like to know if 5G works after conversion if possible as well. I hate the TMO splash screens and would like the faster updates.
    As we get our new devices, we will have many conversations and opinions about 5G vs LTE, battery life on both protocols, previous speeds, etc.
    It's my hope to gather data about these topics.
    I propose we keep the following data sets available:

    Location: ( Ex: Vcitoria,Tx 77901)

    4GLTE Speeds on Current device: ( Ex: One Plus 7T 30 Mbps down / 5 Mbps down) Screenshots ?)

    5G Speeds on OP7TP5GME:... Ridiculous acronym....( Ex: One Plus 7T 300 Mbps down / 50 Mbps down) We wish! ( Screenshots ?)

    App or website used: ( Speedtest by Ookla.apk or Fast.com)

    Battery Life stats after Full Charge on 5G and normal use: ( Not necessary, but would add insight to data set)(Screenshots ?)

    • I will follow this protocol on 12/11 or 12/12 once device is received
    I will unlock my bootloader, if possible I will root and convert to international and also re-eport my findings after conversion.
    Has anyone managed to get the 5G bootloader unlocked? I got TMO to sim unlock the phone, which allows it to be unlocked, but i cant find info on the normal BIN unlock for this phone.
    Nope. You have to get the bootloader unlock token from OnePlus before you can do anything. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. LOL. I learned my lesson to never buy carrier phones. Miss the good ol days. Ok, venting done. So yeah, you have to submit for a token after getting your SIM unlocked here...https://www.oneplus.com/unlock_token. Oh, and it will take at least 7 days! LMAO.

    EDIT: To add, once the token is received and the bootloader is unlocked, it should be very simple to root via magisk method. Any guide for the 7t pro model should suffice.
    Speeds in Tacoma,wa
    Has anyone managed to get the 5G bootloader unlocked? I got TMO to sim unlock the phone, which allows it to be unlocked, but i cant find info on the normal BIN unlock for this phone.