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Apr 26, 2021
I don't know how it changed but after installing this package,
<devicePort tagName="Wired Headset" type="AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_WIRED_HEADSET" role="sink">
Is missing from
Which might be the case why headset not detected.


Apr 26, 2021
As a workaround:
1. pulled the original file (/vendor/etc/audio_policy_configuration.xml) from the device before installation with adb.
2. unzipped the module.
3. copied the pulled file to system/vendor/etc/ in the unzipped module.
4. commented section under # patch audio policy in .aml.sh and post-fs-data.sh (don't know if this is necessary)
5. zipped the modified module.
6. Installed it.

This worked for me. But I still don't understand how the file was altered.


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I don't know why you have this.
I checked on my redmi 4x MIUI 12.5, 10 OS. Screenshots below. All is OK with me after installation v.2.1


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    Sony player for Q-10 in this thread too.

    Hi. I present for you my latest developments of Sony Music Player Full. Please try it.
    Player has a fully working application Sony "Music" downloading data on a track and album. Also, equalizer, Xloud etc... I strongly recommend that after the first run and settings to make updates to the app on Google Play. You can also download others Sony apps.
    Checked on my Redmi 4x and Samsung Tab A 10.1.

    My earliest developments for 6.0-7.1 OS you can look HERE and this.

    What contain
    Sony sound effects:
    • Clear audio+
    • Clear Bass™
    • Clear Stereo™
    • Clear Phase™
    • XLOUD™
    • S-force Front Surround
    • Surround Sound VPT (Soundstage option)
    • Dynamic normalizer
    • Bass boost
    • Equalizer preset (such as Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz, etc)
    • Manual mode of preset (Custom and User-defined)
    • Album art
    • Adjust background color following album art
    • Music control on notification
    • Edit Music Info
    • Download Music Info
    • Smart PlayList
    • Throw function
    *aptX, aptXHD and LDAC support
    also Sony libs, frameworks etc.

    Need selinux permissive

    Sony Music Player Full for all devices via TWRP

    [8.0-9.0][Treble-NonTreble][AE][BlackThemeEQ with Hi-Res Audio via USB]SonyMusic_Player_FULL-2018-09-25*Exclusive*


    Only update via Google Play. Surround sound (VPT) work with speakers too . I think that are final builds. Wait feedbacks.
    All my old builds are here



    Sony Music Player Full only for Sony devices via TWRP

    [8.0-9.0][Treble-NonTreble][AE][WhiteThemeEQ_DSEE-XH]SonyMusic_Player_FULL-2018-09-25 Only for Sony. .

    DSEE HX working (The Slider is always OFF though; however, it DOES work)
    DSEE-HX DOES WORK when you turn it "ON". Just left it after turning "ON".
    To toggle OFF the DSEE-HX you have to switch the slider to "ON" again, then turn "OFF" because the slider always display as "OFF".
    Further explanation: The Sony DRM cause the issue with the graphic file of the DSEE-HX's slider. It, however, does not affect the audio quality or function of this MOD.(Thanks for this clarification @sirdoha)

    How to install

    Mod installs via custom recovery(TWRP) or Magisk. Freeze or rename existing AudioFX (MusicFX). Preferably set first. It works immediately after installation on a clean firmware. After startup options must be configured properly.

    How to uninstall

    Use uninstaller via recovery.
    Attach file below.

    Sony Music Player Full for all devices for Magisk

    Initial relise v.1.6.

    Update to v.1.9 .

    Update to v.2.0 . Updated unity installer. If you want to install mod first only alone on clean firmware you perhaps need install AML else. If you will install mod after installed AML it need work.

    Update to v.2.1 . Updated installer.


    Note. Compatable with AML. In the case of using other equalizers (Dolby, Viper) DSEEX function is very convenient for switching equalizers while listening to music through Sony player. Sometimes after switching to another equalizer, it takes some time for it to turn on.

    Update to v.3.0 I did experimental build for 10 OS with Dolby enhancement.

    Update to v.1.2: Mod Sony Music with Sony Sound Enhancement for 10-11 Android.
    How install: here

    Update to v.1.3:
    - Disable compress-offload-playback
    - Sound Enhancement launcher no longer require root
    - Fixed launcher in android 11
    - Removed dseehx failed fix. Read troubleshootings!
    - Removed persistent
    Update to v.1.4:
    • Added audio resampler detection
    • Added Sony acdbdata files
    • Added /dev/sony_hweffect_params (do not open!)
    • Allow background execution for boot completed receiver
    Upload to v.1.5:
    • Fix DSEEHX toggler (finally 😎)
      • Launcher need root access to fix this
    • Reupload:
      • Added mkdir /data/vendor/misc/audio
      • Speed up launcher
    Update to v.1.6(stable):
    Sony Music changed to v.9.4.8.A.0.13GP
    • Added toast
    • Fix UI if service not running yet
    Update to v.1.8:
    improved compatibility and stability
    improved scripts
    Launcher no require root

    Update to v.2.0:
    Latest Sony Music v.9.4.8.A.0.18
    Latest @reiryuki SoundEnhancement mod.

    Update to v.2.1:
    Based on v.1.9

    All magisk builds here

    Credits: aka_vkl(voske15) for assistance in creating the magisk module
    @reiryuki for his fantastic port of SoundEnhancement from Xperia 10.
    support for android 10 yet bro?

    Thanks for question. I can't build version with working SoundEnhancment. Latest Sony fw have Dolby equalizer in system. And SonyMusic not download metadata of songs now. I can propose my mod for Q-10 with SonyMusic placed in system and two app from Google Play for metadata download.


    Update to v.1.3
    - Disable compress-offload-playback
    - Sound Enhancement launcher no longer require root
    - Fixed launcher in android 11
    - Removed dseehx failed fix. Read troubleshootings!
    - Removed persistent

    Added to OP
    i flashed buh app not present in app drawer & also i noticed while flashing, it shows install manually after boot... what does it mean @repey6

    ---------- Post added at 12:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ----------

    edit: working now, flash via magisk. flashed via recovery before. no sony sound enhancement.

    Yes i said that not sound enhancement. Select and use any another equalizer. Dolby, Viper etc.
    Update to v.1.6(stable):
    Sony Music changed to v.9.4.8.A.0.13GP
    • Added toast
    • Fix UI if service not running yet
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