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[8.0][Stock][F512x][Port] eXistenZ O v7.0.0 ROM (XZ2)

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Sep 8, 2007


Senior Member
Jul 29, 2011
thanks was still running into issues with bootloop but i fixed iit with a reboot between flashing the patch wih the drm fix . zip

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got it t boot but seem t be missing a dialer app


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Jan 4, 2014
Hey everyone, i admit existenz roms are the best and most hard worked roms for xperia phones (been using since SP!)

I have request since Xperia x and xperia x compact are almost identical (except in camera which is the same as xz and framework/systmui due to 720p res), could this rom be ported for xperia X compact?

If you need anyfile from the stock roms I can upload for you


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Jun 18, 2013
Nice job guys! It's nice to have all these features on our devices. Is it possible to add smart charge feature or whatever it's called from xperia XZ2? And can you explain to me what this means: "LTE is changed to 4G"?
First I thought it's just about icon in status bar, but I guess it isn't... anyway, no issues so far and I hope for good battery life and thank you guys for awesome work!!:good::good::good:


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Dec 17, 2013
1) Wipe all storage from recovery (system, data. cache, dalvik cache, internal storage if needed)
2) You need to Flash .50 FW Deodex (1.8Gb) ONLY .50 FW
3) reboot device and wait for 1st boot up
4) reboot to recovery again, flash THIS Patch
5) reboot device
6) boot again to recovery and you can install Magisk, Selinux, and other stuff.
7) reboot device - enjoy.

if you stuck again after only Deodex ROM (1.8Gb) - make flash clean stock FW with EMMA and then try instal recovery and follow this instruction again.

actually I should be asking my question in the main post. If i don't wana use your patch which is on .50, and wants to keep .85 Deoxed only
then why simply flashing Dedoxed Existenz O doent boot....


Apr 19, 2016
1) Wipe all storage from recovery (system, data. cache, dalvik cache, internal storage if needed)
2) You need to Flash .50 FW Deodex (1.8Gb) ONLY .50 FW
3) reboot device and wait for 1st boot up
4) reboot to recovery again, flash THIS Patch
5) reboot device
6) boot again to recovery and you can install Magisk, Selinux, and other stuff.
7) reboot device - enjoy.

if you stuck again after only Deodex ROM (1.8Gb) - make flash clean stock FW with EMMA and then try instal recovery and follow this instruction again.

6: where i can get those files? magisk? selinux? I must install them for the rom to work? because i will flash stock 8.0 and then follow your steps- thanks in advance

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    [ROM][Suzu][UB] eXistenZ O | v7.0.0 | Stable​
    by lubik1 port v3.3

    Hi Guys! Just Want to Share with you best custom stock-based ROM, created by niaboc79 and ported by me for Xperia X.

    One of the most famous stock-based ROMs from the one of the most respected devs, @niaboc79. Was ported by me to all of the X line.
    This ROM is famous for its stability, speed and customization options, and because there were no Xposed for Oreo, this was the only way to customize the phone.
    To make this ROM possible I've used my own Deodex with the updater-script modification for recovery so you can use it as a base for other stock-based ROMs.

    Thanks to @runels and @Gray47Maxx for the tests

    Status bar custom settings:

    Enable / disable battery icon.
    Enable / disable battery percentage.
    Network traffic monitor with options.
    Double tap to sleep.

    Notification panel custom settings:

    Panel background has a darker shade.
    New color for user icon.
    Quick pulldown.
    Enable / disable QS footer warning.
    Enable / disable light systemUI style (Panel background color, icons color, volume panel color).
    Blur notification panel with options.
    Less annoying Heads Up (Heads up only for dialer and messaging apps).
    Heads up options (Timeout, snooze timer).

    Quick settings custom settings:

    Small QS tiles (from 3 to 8).
    Enable / disable brightness slider.
    Enable / disable tile titles.
    Vibrate on touch.
    Music track title.
    Layout customization (Portrait and landscape, Columns and rows).
    Music quick setting.
    Picture in picture quick setting.
    Caffeine quick setting.
    Night light quick setting.

    Lockscreen custom settings:

    Force see through clock.
    Enable / disable album art.
    Lockscreen charging infos (Amperage, temperature, remaining time).
    Double tap to sleep.
    Custom Left and Right shortcuts (Inside SystemUI tuner options).

    Navigation bar and buttons custom settings:

    Navigation bar height (Portrait and landscape).
    Double tap to sleep.
    Show power menu on secure Lockscreen.
    Power button torch.
    Navigation bar buttons tuner (Inside systemUI tuner).
    Show left and right arrows when the keyboard is showed to move cursor.
    Show backward and forward buttons when a media is played.

    Recent panel custom settings (Inside appearance settings) :

    Icon pack support.
    Pinch recent panel to close all task.
    Lock applications who won’t be cleared when clearing the apps.
    Kill apps button in a safe way.
    New clear all button animation.

    Slim recent panel with options:

    Pinch to close all tasks.
    Icon pack support.

    Xperia XZ2 lockscreen clock.
    Xperia XZ2 lockscreen Loops animation.
    Xperia XZ2 Ambient Display.
    Xperia XZ2 diable touchscreen with screen off.
    Xperia XZ2 screen on/off animation.
    Xperia XZ2 new framework and UI style.
    Xperia XZ2 Contact app.
    Xperia XZ2 Clock widget.
    Xperia XZ2 Xperia Assist app.
    Xperia XZ2 Weather widget.
    Xperia XZ2 Google search widget.
    Xperia XZ2 Dialer.
    Xperia XZ2 Sound Enhancement.
    Xperia XZ2 Settings.
    Xperia XZ2 Themes.
    Xperia XZ2 Sounds.
    Xperia XZ2 Boot animation.
    Xperia XZ2 Skin Core engine.
    Xperia XZ2 Skin Effects.
    Xperia XZ2 Skin Pickers.
    Xperia XA2 Camera.
    Xperia XA2 Animated wallpaper.

    Unified patch for Single and Dual sim users.
    Latest beta Xperia home.
    New Ambient Display options.
    Add long press volume keys to skip tracks.
    Lockscreen weather with Icon pack support (Settings inside Appearance settings).
    Default Weather images replaced by Galaxy S8 one.
    Statusbar clock options (Left, Center, Right, Date, AM/PM).
    Battery bar with settings.
    Reworked quick toggles brightness slider with new functionalities (Try to press and longpress all buttons ).
    Reworked many part of Statusbar code to implement Android 8.1 optimizations.
    Reworked Statusbar ticker code.
    Statusbar battery options (Default, circle, square, landscape, droid, text).
    Statusbar weather.
    SystemUI tuner enabled by default.
    Screen recording in power menu.
    Removed useless battery setting from SystemUI tuner options.
    QS tiles customizer: respect user tiles columns value.
    Added eXistenZ banner inside about settings.
    Added night display custom brightness settings.

    + all the features made by @Pandemic:

    The framework has been redesigned (the mobile data notification has been removed).
    LTE is changed to 4G.
    Updated SystemUI (rounded corners in Recents).
    Stamina levels are remade (Warning at 5 and 10% respectively).
    The eXistenZ menu is hidden from applications.
    Added animation speed: 0,25x.
    Keyboard: Xperia Material Keyboard.
    Google Calendar is replaced by Xperia calendar.

    Improvements in the final patch v3.0 for version 7.0.0:

    Fixed bug with rejecting incoming calls
    Fully ported RIL part from Xperia XZ
    Improved patch installation script
    Added working and effective init.d scripts
    Firmware cleaned up from bloatware
    Optimization of Deodex for eXistenZ O v7.0.0 patch
    Full SuperUserMod is included as well
    Increased the number of false positives of the fingerprint scanner from 5 to 10
    The management of the sound of notifications and calls is now added in the settings and in the quick pop-up menu.
    Due to tweaks of build.prop and init.d, the battery life of the phone from a single charge is significantly increased
    Fixed Roaming Data in Settings
    Added customization of the location of the "clear all" button in Recent
    Fixed white QS in SystemUI
    Fonts are cut from the Display settings, because they doesn't work
    Fixed clock widget to use third-party fonts
    Fixed display of controls in the Calendar
    Fixed WFD
    Add Doze (Ambient Display Mode)
    Other minor fixes and optimization.

    You tell me.


    1) Throw firmware Base Deodex for F5121 or F5122 and Patch on the phone (on the card)
    to install recovery:
    ~~~~~ 2) Download and put recovery in a folder with ADB
    ~~~~~ 3) Flash recovery through ADB by "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"
    Or in another way:
    ~~~~~ 2) Download twrp 3.2.2 for suzu from official site
    ~~~~~ 3) Flash through the FlashFire (Root required)
    4) Turn off the phone, hold down the power button and the volume "-" at the same time, after vibration, press one by one: turn on and turn the "-" volume until we enter the TWRP recovery.
    5) After entering, press cancel and swipe.
    6) Go to Wipe-Advanced wipe , put a dummy on /data, swipe.
    7) Restart the phone again in TWRP recovery do wipe /dalvik /cache /system /data
    8) Go to Mount - mount /system and /sdcard1 (/MicroSD)
    9) Go to Install and flash the Base Deodex .zip with firmware
    10) Reboot, wait for the first start, turn off the phone, again go into the recovery, flash Patch
    11) (When prompt press volume UP, then select permissive mode (Volume DOWN), if it doesn't ask to press any volume key, restart recovery and reflash Patch again)
    12) Restart the device.



    Patch v3.3 for eXistenZ O v7.0.0 .118 FW by lubik1 (Drive)

    Xposed Fix

    New Clean Port v1.0 for eXistenZ O v7.0.0

    WARNING: Be sure to backup TA before unlocking BL and installing this ROM.

    old ports (android 7.0-7.1) from russian forum: 4pda.ru

    @niaboc79 - for best custom stock-based rom (eXistenZ)
    @Pandemic - for best eXistenZ modifications
    @tobias.waldvogel - for root kernel tool
    @runels - for tests and help with modifications
    @Gray47Maxx - for tests, help with translation
    @Chippa_a - for makes recovery official for Xperia X
    Patch updated to v3.1

    Fixed usb modem
    Fixed Wi-Fi Tethering
    Fixed Vpn crash
    Deleted unnecessary init.d script
    Wipe Cache and Data Cache
    Dirty Flash Over v3.0
    Flash Selinux Manager from recovery
    @Gray47Maxx @lubik1

    New test, flash this in recovery after all other parts found in OP.

    If you've got a bootloop, reflash all files from OP ;)
    Xperia XZ rom updated to v7.0.0
    @lubik1 next time ask me before to release port of my work .

    Ok, I've asked you long time ago and you told me that I can port your old works and if they are in really good and stable conditions. All the features are working perfect, except DOZE mode: I can't port it, and I think you have made some changes in kernel, thats why I haven't included in into port. I really love your work and I don't need any credits. All credits only goes to you and Pandemic. I just want the people with Xperia X can use you great ROM, because on X we have almost nothing in terms of good ROMs. The phone is already 2 years old, and I think users want to get something really good and unique, because 8.0 is the final for the whole X line

    @lubik1 By the way, if all works great job .
    Thanks! realy appreciate it!

    @lubik1 Did you add all my patch? Did you implement my code in Xperia X files or did you simply used my files?.

    I implement your code into stock .50 Xperia X FW (services, settings. framework-res, SystemUI)

    @lubik1 Does the full theme engine works? I mean switches, scrubbers,...

    it's work partialy... need some help with it :eek: