[8.0][UNOFFICIAL] AICP - Oreo - X2

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    [8.0][UNOFFICIAL] AICP - Oreo - X2

    No longer updated as there is now an AICP official ROM.


    AICP 13.1:
    Build 1/03/2018
    Working speaker mic.

    Build 28/02/2018
    CDLA works in calls for me now.
    Some audio changes. Please test.
    Updated to latest AICP/Laos sources.
    Flash still doesnt work
    USB tether may or may not work.

    Focus fix kernel:

    Build 15/02/2018
    Update vendor blobs from OP3 - thanks @mos
    Update omx configs etc from OP3 - thanks @mos
    Reverted some kernel changes to hopefully fix deep sleep problem

    Build 11/02/2018 - version3 with working fingerprint this time and working usb connection.
    Bluetooth call audio should be fixed.
    Synced latest AICP sources
    I've added/changed some id's for headphones but havent tested it.

    Build 01/02/2018
    Camera works on some more models now. If your model don't work logs please.

    Build 31/01/2018

    Please note this build has had major changes. I have not extensively tested this build yet!
    I have rebased our entire X2 vendor tree on Zl1 and deleted half the existing vendor files we used to use for X2. This can cause problems!
    The benefit to this is that all the stale useless files hanging around are now gone.
    The other benefit is that I could focus on trying to make Zl1 OSS camera hal work. I finally got it working
    The problems with it so far is that torch does not work. (Its not a hard fix I believe but I havent had time)
    Volte may or may not work.
    Fingerprint did work last I checked
    Please test and post feedback of bugs relating to device problems. (I'm not interested in 'this setting is missing from settings' reports at this stage)

    This ROM is based on lots of work by andr68rus and mosimchah and especially codeworkx.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [8.1][UNOFFICIAL] AICP for X2, ROM for the LeEco Le Max 2

    infrag, infrag
    Source Code: https://github.com/1nfrag

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo

    Version Information
    Status: Abandoned

    Created 2017-10-26
    Last Updated 2018-03-08
    Heres another last build:
    Build 20/03/2018
    Synced latest sources
    Torch working
    And so the time has come that there is an official AICP version.
    Therefore this one will be shuttered.
    I'm not sure exactly where I will go from here.
    Perhaps I'll submit my fixes to lineage I'm not sure as yet.
    Thanks for the support and testing/feedback. :)
    New build added to op.
    Another to follow hopefully shortly with new blobs from OP3 imported by codeworkx
    Build 22/02/2018
    Please test bluetooth calls should hopefully be fixed.
    Please test usb tether should hopefully be fixed
    Turned up mic volumes for speaker & camcorder