[8.1] [Magisk Module] Multi-Touch Fix for 8.1 Devices running LOS/AOSP

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  • Oct 14, 2015
    May update from google inlcudes the fix.

    I don’t know about other custom roms but my personal DU build for pixel 2 xl also inlcuded it now without me adding it manually :cowboy:

    So every P custom Rom should have it included? Because I just tried to flash it on AICP and it didn't boot.

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      Hello guys and girls,

      As some of you already know Android 8.1 suffers from a severe Multi-Touch Issue. This issues makes the smartphone randomly jumping between the two touching points on the screen when touching with two or more fingers.

      The issue is known to google since the preview of 8.1. It isn´t only affecting pixel but most probably all devices running 8.1. The issue is also present on P.
      An issue got created here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/70344455

      There is a fix since mid march in review on google gerrit. But that didn´t make it into the april release, obviously.

      To visualize the issue refer to the following videos:




      This is especially bad for gamers. With the recent release of PUBG this issues seems dramatic to some, less to others.
      I´m no gamer but I noticed the issue on the google foto app.

      This issue has nothing to do with the corners badly reacting to touches, or touch sensitivity etc.

      So but now to the fix. It seems the issues is only related to resampling but not to touching specific points of the screen ( not related to crossing x and y axis).
      That also explains why the issue wasn´t happening when using the touch tracking tool in dev settings but on various multi touch test apps.

      The fix is on google gerrit currently under review here:

      Last week I compiled myself a DU build with the changes included and I couldn´t trigger the issue at all. I found no other side effects caused by the two patches.

      For now I decided to provide a Magisk Module which replaces the changed libs that fixes the issue.

      I compiled the libs while doing my april build of DU. The magisk module can be found on the link a little bit down.

      The download is here:

      A few disclaimers here.

      1. That fix should in theory work for most 8.1 devices, including the likes of pixel 1st gen, pixel 2nd gen, one plus, xiaomi which suffer from this severe issue.
      1a. It works only for AOSP/LOS based roms on the essential phone. It seems like stock isn´t close enough to aosp.

      2. I didn´t fix this, I just compiled the libs with the fix found on google gerrit.

      3. Rom devs you are very welcome to include this fix. I found no ill consequences as of yet but I can understand google taking it slow and reviewing it longer. Maybe they will find a better fix, but as of now this is the best thing we have.

      Donations are not mandatory but very welcome.
      If you like my work: http://paypal.me/freak07
      this was confirmed working on the xda portal post by @crixley for the essential phone running a custom aosp/los based rom.

      Big thanks to you!
      Guys, does it work? For me I ended up in bootloop
      I wasn't worried about losing Magisk. I was trying to get my phone to boot.
      @crixley what did you do to get it to work? For three of us it results in a bootloop.
      I'm not on stock rom, that might be it. Should have been clear on that
      Can't use this mod since I'm on stock rom but thank you for your work.