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[8.1][sGSI]MIUI10 for Project Treble

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Senior Member
Jul 8, 2014
Idk its gonna work or not, but you will need to put the files under patch2 zip into ramdisk of your device.
Normally ramdisk is under boot.img, if your device have different path push these files there. Give permission and reboot.

This seems like something that could actually work for Huawei devices. Does anyone know how to push the patch2 files to the ramdisk partition on Huawei devices?

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    Update 180914:
    Always believe something wonderful is just going to happen.

    WARNING:I‘m not responsible for any consequences at all.This is an OEM rom ported from Redmi phone so it may cause wrong behaviors including partition overwritting and may brick your phone or break hardwares.I strongly recommend you take a completely full backup of your device and know how to recovery firmwares in case of any problems.

    This is still in early stage and should be normal if some features are broken.

    Working on Qualcomm fully-Trebled deivces.
    Maybe working on other platfrom fully-Trebled deivces.

    8.1 vendor (vndk27) should be needed.

    Light HAL(Brightness acting strange, this is a MIUI traditional)


    Install for A-only:

    1.enable Treble ,flash a fully-trebled 8.1 rom

    2.Extract the .7z to your TWRP backup folder (/.../TWRP/BACKUPS/$(yourserialnumber)/

    3.Restore MIUI10 /system with TWRP

    4.flash two patch zip

    5.wipe data,flash fbe_disabler and Permissiver (from tools) if needed for your device.


    Normally it will boot to bootanimation.If it doessn't pass bootanim then take logs with

    adb logcat > logcat.txt via PC.


    IF YOU STUCK AT MI ACCOUNT LOGIN, make sure you flashed permissiver
    If the device says your device has mi account locked, then pull simcard out and reboot to complete the setup.

    If you're stuck at logo , please make sure you can boot sGSI

    Telegram Group:

    For Chinese users you can contact me via Coolapk.See my signature.

    Initial release

    GDrive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hyyErzDrl-cre13AX4_A5aSAbRHurZvU
    I'm working on A/B version cause I love MIUI, but it's bootlooping for now. I sent my build to my friend who has a Pixel. Maybe it will work with his kernel/vendor.

    Huge Thanks to fxsheep & erfanoabdi for making this sGSI. Hopefully we will get A/B to work.

    Edit: Seems like we can't get it to boot at all on Pixel. Also with latest OOS update, OP6 Bootloader doesn't allow me to boot Oreo kernels anymore, no idea why, so I can't work on MIUI 10 Oreo anymore, I managed to port from scratch Mi Mix 2S MIUI 10 based on Pie and get to boot animation etc, but I'm getting same keymaster error. And it just doesn't boot further.

    Edit2: I found one more version of MIUI 10 Treble on some Chinese website. After adjusting it to boot on A/B, it still gives me same keymaster error! I have no idea why it's showing up. Even when I take keymaster libs from Phh Treble it still shows up. And the rom is almost booting at this point. All apps are in /data partition etc and keymaster is like the only error that I can see in logcat. I wish I had another Treble device to see if it would get same error or if it's just some problem with OP6. And luckily I have a Mi Pad 4 Plus which has Treble but I have to wait for over a month to unlock the bootloader.
    MIUI 10 Treble 8.1.0 Oreo sGSI First Look

    MIUI 10 Treble 8.1.0 Oreo sGSI First Look

    we will never have a stable ROM.
    the developers create these roms and then abandon the project, so it was with Funtoutch and OOS

    Sorry if your experience was so bad mine is totally different, my phone only updated to Android 6 and thanks to the work of the developers of XDA today I have Android 9 Pie Treble. The attitude of those who have a Le 3 Pro was to support and always be grateful for the work that developers do.
    Those who have can't get security info error on mi account setup screen, hit forget password then skip, it will pass the setup then.
    @fxsheep first of all many thanks and congrats for this work.
    BTW can you share the link of the rom build you took as base? I m gonna mod/port it to my own taste(global) .

    For gapps, you can use google installer 3.0 apk.