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[8.1.x] Smoke kernel Modded for Mipad (Mocha)[Shield blobs only]

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Jun 21, 2018
Why did the dev take the link of the rom down also who said we don't appreciate his work thats rude (the person who told the dev his work is not good he is rude) hope the dev puts the link back

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    Modded Smoke kernel for xiaomi mipad
    Based on Twu2`s work found on his github

    Overclocked cpu and gpu
    Memcpy optimizations for faster ram access time.
    Increased Quick charge 2.0 current for faster charge (Enable the usb fastcharge option from kernel aduitor mod)
    Usb fastcharge interface from Nexus 9(thanks to @flar2)
    3x framebuffer
    nvidia smartdimmer

    This kernel will only be compatible with Shield blob roms only and only for android oreo

    Flashing instructions:-
    Downloads Have been removed Because There`s no respect for my work here.

    Source code:-
    Check the r24.1 branch on my github and the link is at the end of the description

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [8.1.x] Smoke kernel Modded for Mipad (Mocha)[Shield blobs only] , Kernel for the Xiaomi Mi Pad

    yrahate7, Artemka2008, twu2
    Source Code: https://github.com/Yrahate7/SmokeR24.2-kernel

    Kernel Special Features:
    Quick charge 2.0 ,Overclocked cpu,gpu
    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2018-08-28
    Last Updated 2018-08-28
    I dont understand. Where can i download it?
    open this thread on your browser,you'll see download tab.
    on xda app it doesn't show up
    I'm using resurrection remix oreo rom and the home button totally stopped working.

    hope they come back with a better update

    For the Hardware navigation keys, I`ll add a new post to fix them.
    They stopped working for me too, but i can`t seem to remember how i fixed it.
    Will add it asap.
    Its a kernel based feature, Yes we do have it. Check out my git.
    lmfao. Google at first. Smartdimmer is a HARDWARE thing. We don't have this hardware function. Kernel just contains the driver for communicating with a smartdimmer. You can enable anything you want, but it will not work because of lack of the hw part.
    can you please Recommend a particular Dolby atmos port?
    I don't use any sound mod.

    Why wont the cameras work? I know there`s some issue with the HAL.

    Cuz we need android HAL which will be compatible with nvidia's HAL and our cameras inside kernel. Or we need to write V4L2 kernel drivers for our cameras.

    about this one

    1) I won't revert it cuz I use more then 2Gb
    2) Look at nvidia's default config at first

    You try to sound smart, but in fact you know nothing about our tablet.