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8227L Aux input volume control, sat nav audio interuption and RAM share

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New member
Nov 23, 2020
I have the above generic headunit in 1G + 16G format, running the Agama interface which is throwing up the folowing issues.
1/ I am using an external Nextbase BT350 DAB unit, with the input currently via a 3.5mm Y Splitter Audio Cable Stereo Female Jack to 2 RCA Male Adapter AUX connected to the Audio in connector. While using bluetooth onto a free FM channel is an option, I find there can be interferance. The current wired input gives very little volume control with minimum on the headunit volume being quite loud. Is there an app that would be better suited to controlling the volume - I have tried a few video type apps based on the connection type I have utilised.
2/ I am using Co-Pilot as the sat nav app, but currently if a turn instruction is given by voice any audio I am using - radio or music - can only be recovered by re-selecting that app from the all open apps scream, which then requires me to re-select the sat nav to bring the visual directions back on the screen. Is there something in the units, apps or Agama settings to overcome this.
3/ With this being the 1G ram unit, I was looking to use an app such as Roehsoft to share some of the internal storage or even a USB as ram, but this requires rooting and while I have read all the postings that I can find, there does not appear to be a definitive method of rooting. One of the posts runs to 130 pages without a true conclusion, with pointers to a Russian site that adds to the confusion. Has anyone identified a method of routing with clear/concise instructions,