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[8april15]3minit battery mod (odexed /deodexed) updated for Lollipop

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Dec 13, 2010
So is the system icons xml the only required chg for 3 minit to work? Pushed in your modded xml to my systemui and no chg. Any advice would be great...thx. fyi..sprint variant...lollipop. Nevermind i got another one working. Thanks
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Jul 25, 2009
Dr.ketan, is the LP note 4 variants universal like KKor just international only. Tried on sm-n910p , usa sprint, got systemui fc.

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    I have got request from many users so here I have made 3minit battery mod
    I have made based on N910G but it should work on other variant too.
    Also it should work on odexed (wanam's) /deodexed rom too.
    If you are not much knowing about how to restore /revert in case anything goes wrong Kindly make nandroid before flashing rom. Otherwise simple trick to revert is
    Extract Systemui.apk and if your rom is odexed then SystemUI.odex too
    And drag and drop to same file of mod in zip/system/priv-app folder and flash it.
    Credits and thanks @gharrington and all battery design themes. Original topic

    Download (flash from custom recovery) [KITKAT]

    Download [LOLLIPOP] - PS Some recovery may not able to flash this.(I am using CWM chenglu's recovery and working fine)

    PS : If you get msg about battery setting app update then get it from official download page of 3minit and install as regular apk
    Lollipop on the way now :p

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    You needs cwm /twrp recovery to flash this mod

    Sent from my SM-N910G using xda premium
    You needs cwm /twrp recovery to flash this mod

    Sent from my SM-N910G using xda premium

    You mean, I just take the zip file and install it using twrp (which is the one I have)? That's all I need to do?
    Edit : I just tried and I really thank you... I'm getting old and I would have tried this a few years ago without asking ☺☺but I'm happy you told me to. Thanks, I love 3Minit.

    Edit2 : I have the impression that it drains my battery.. is it the case for others ?

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    We tried to get this to work on CM12 rom, no go, anyway to make it work? Thanks!