[9.0][OFFICIAL]ViperOS v6.0 [GSI] [ARM64 A,AB][ARM A]

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Nov 11, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire HD 6 and 7
great work ...wileyfox swift 2x ...everything works ...running magicgapps..best pie gsi for me so far

wileyfox swift owners ( marmite )
*to get sound working edit build.prop & add


*also change screen from 502 to 360 otherwise everything appears minuscule...:good:

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    This is ViperOS

    We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.

    "This is a user friendly thread. All feature requests will be heard and considered. I am not against anything that doesn't stray too far away from the original idea of the ROM! Helping one another is also encouraged! Please be respectful and you will always be treated the same way, we are all here for a good experience."

    We are a Brazilian team, ViperOS aims to bring stability and useful features. If you are looking for a stable ROM with true tested features, minimal bugs and no Lineage bloatwares, then this is the place to be.



    * Traffic indicators
    * Statusbar items
    * Clock & date
    * Battery icon settings
    * Carrier label
    * Quick settings personalization
    * Ticker notifications
    * Other statusbar settings

    * Button circle
    * Layout recents

    * Custom lockscreen settings
    * Lockscreen clock style

    * Beautiful theme engine
    * Navbar enable/disable
    * Navbar button layout
    * Hardware keys binding
    * Hardware keys enable/disable
    * Kill app with back button
    * Power menu customization
    * Fonts selector
    * Battery LED

    Many other customizations, install and take a look


    Soruceforge : Download

    OpenGapps: OpenGApps

    Flashing Instructions

    Flashing on Huawei
    Dirty flash over phh AOSP. Many people had same problem with RR. Flash phh v109. Boot to system. Flash TWRP, reboot too recovery and then flash System of Viper to System Image via TWRP. After that, reboot. Many people got RR working this way and this should work the same with ViperOS

    You need an unlocked Bootloader and EMUI 8 (or 9 if it available).

    Credits & Thanks:

    All ViperOS Team
    LineageOS team
    And all other open source Devs/Teams I may have missed!

    Other links

    Some screenshots

    There is some screenshots.
    Reserved Again :/
    Starting from next build ViperOS will get Official tag