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[9.0|PIE][SEMI-GSI]Pixel Experience 9.0 V3 [NOTE9/S9/S9+]

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Oct 20, 2018
Getting there

I've been using this rom for about a week, battery life is great and it is very usable for my needs.

Only bug I have found is my touchscreen will die when trying to hang up a call as well as afterwards.
I'm updating to the V3 today to check it out.


Hello, the bluetooth does not work, (screenshots) and when I flash the kernel my phone is a bootloop.

I have the rom v3 and kernel v3

Bluetooth works well. No problems here


I have installed the ROM and it works fine for now.

But I thought this had gcam and what I see is a different one.

Please help me in getting it fixed.

Nobody said gcam is included. Use search and install on your own


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Oct 26, 2008
This is my first custom rom and i have some trabble
1) How to use google pay? I install magisk 17.2 and universal safetynet to check it. But when i installed "universal safetynet" my brightness was broken, it set to minimum and i can't change it. When i delete this package, all is ok.
2) How to use a fingerprint in another application? I have bank client app and when it asks to attach a finger, nothing happens.
3) Is it possible to customize adjust the sensitivity of the sensor as it was in the stock firmware? I have a glass and the sensor without this option does not work well


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Oct 25, 2014
I don't know why, but I follow the steps to installing this rom, and nothing :confused: :confused: Bootloop

I made a full wipe, DATA too, flashing Rom and Kernel, and nothing :crying:

My phone : S9+ 256Go , and come from a custom rom

From what rom you are comming?

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Will it wipe the internal DATA??

You need a factory reset in TWRP. The internal memory will not be touched. All your stuff on internal and external sd card will be stay.
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Jan 30, 2012
ROM is running great. Both speakers work for me using Poweramp. Camera front and back work fine using snap camera. Video recording works just get the green screen but recordings turn out fine. Bluetooth and fingerprint scanner is also working. I'm on the latest vendor. Outstanding work!!!

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    Pixel Experience ROM for the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S9

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)
    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential features for the proper functioning of the device
    Based on Android 9.0

    Semi-GSI? what's that?
    a semi-gsi (at least by my own definition) is a gsi built from source, with heavy patches intended for a specific device that wouldn't make the gsi necessarily as universal as a gsi should be. so in terms: don't flash this on other devices.

    How does this differ from any other gsis out there/what are the features?
    Well this includes a number of fixes including:
    Dual speakers are working.
    Ui lag is no more (at least 99.99%).
    Aod is working/enabled.
    Auto brightness is kinda working.
    MTP is working
    Other performance fixes and improvments.

    What's working/not working?

    First up:
    Obviously Samsung's own features such as Samsung Pay, KNOX, Theme Center, Game Launcher, etc. won't be ported to LineageOS Pixel Experience. We may have our own implementation to similar functions, though.
    Iris sensor does not work because AOSP upstream does not support that yet.
    IMS services (VoLTE, VoWiFi, etc). Samsung has their own proprietary implementation. It is not really possible to easily port that to LineageOS PixelExperience.

    2ndly the semi-gsi has a few quirks of it's own. Nothing major or worth noting but you should check the "anything else i should know?" part in the FAQ. hence why HWC is broken

    Make sure TWRP has been installed and functional.
    Download the latest build image and kernel linked below
    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe system, data and cache from the wipe menu
    Select flash image in twrp, lower right side on the install menu
    Flash the rom image as system (and gapps). DONT flash gapps. they are already included in the rom.
    Flash the kernel image corresponding to your model as boot
    Reboot and enjoy :victory:

    Galaxy S9/S9+ Exynos semi-gsi image link: (G965F/FD/S/N): V3

    Kernel image link(important to use this. read more in FAQ):
    S9 Exynos: V3

    S9+ Exynos: V3

    Note 9 Exynos: V2.3

    A pretty good (unofficial) mirror for above files and more is this
    Providing feedback:
    You are more than welcome to provide any kind of feedback here.
    (limited only to feature requests; it's called "pixel experience" for a reason and it should stay that way)
    You can also msg me anytime on telegram @ Rainbow_Alex_Dash

    Telegram group?
    I usually like to hang around here . It isn't mine but hey.


    Initial release Boi

    Fixed apn issues; should be automatically added and set now.
    Added fingerprint hal; doesn't fix much still a wip
    Synced source from the latest pixelexperience upstream

    Video Review:


    Q:Can i use any other kernels with this gsi?
    A:Nah, not really. I built this kernel specifically to work with this gsi and it includes a few major fixes (for example mtp won't work,major ui lag, no dual speakers etc if you switch to another kernel. But again. If you want to use other kernels, they should* boot. Endurance kernel even has my dual speaker patch and i confirm as working. But again expect bugs.

    Q: Is there anything else i should know?
    A: Ehhhhhhh, not really. I mean there are some stuff i'm really not proud of,for example to "fix" the ui lag i had to set the minimum gpu frequency to 455; this shouldn't create any issues(perhaps some battery drainage when screen is on) but afaik it doesn't impact sleep or anything else.

    Q: My mobile data (3G/4G) is not working
    A: Go into network settings and select/create an apn

    Q:Would this be preferred over a device specific rom?
    A: Overall nah. The reason i didn't set on building device specific los16.....well actually i did and failed. But this is a pretty good placeholder until someone more skilled than me takes over and creates pie device trees.

    Q: Safetynet doesn't pass?
    A: Yeah, i guess that's a thing. Go into magisk and download some module called props hide or something. Don't forget to run it from terminal. It should work from there

    Q: The rom isn't booting/camera doesn't work
    A: Flash/make sure you have the BRI4 vendor, the linked kernel and try again.

    Q: The rom is in a bootloop/google apps keep crashing
    A: You did read the instructions and NOT flash any gapps riighhttt?? smh, wipe /system,/data and /cache and start over

    Q: I have another bug; How can i tell it to you while slightly increasing my changes of it ever getting fixed.
    A: You can tell me what's going on either here or on telegram WITH A LOGCAT attached(required);if rom isn't booting at all attach /proc/last_kmsg.

    Q: I don't know what/how to logcat. Is it really necessary?
    A: Logcat or gtfo

    Q: How can i support you?
    A: Awwww thanks; On most of my posts on the left side there's a "donate to me" paypal button; You can use that,donations are more than welcome, or if you don't have any $ to spare you can also post here about how awesome i am (this surprisingly helps very much)

    The lineageos team; device maintainers who did a wonderful job at creating device trees
    The pixel experience team for creating the rom we so do enjoy
    Many good people from the telegram group (linked above) that helped me create this project and spamming for etas
    And most importantly thanx to iqblal_sareem best creationner ev3r.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Pixel Experience 9.0 Semi-Gsi for the S9/S9+, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S9

    Rainbow_Dash, phhusson,malinathani, eamo5, jesec, farovitus
    Source Code: https://github.com/rainbowdashh/

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2018-10-12

    Created 2018-10-12
    Last Updated 2018-10-19
    Oke, so I did say that I wanted to ditch this ROM
    Buuuttttt apparently Max from highonandroid (whom I'm a very big fan of) made a video review of the ROM YOUTUBE.

    So goddamit now I can't pull a fast one anymore and gotta continue working.
    Good news is that I might have a lead on why the pe source stopped building for me, and will tackle a fix next thing in the morning.

    New pe update eta son; dis rom isn't ded yet
    Roses are red
    This rom is discontinued
    But fear not, another one will continue
    Pe sauces are broken
    My parrot has spoken
    Many fixes will arrive soon
    Jack-server is a baboon
    Ui lag has been fully* fixed
    This time hasn't been jinxed
    Gpu freqs are running normal
    Dual speaker won't be so abnormal
    October patch will be invited
    Perhaps more roms will come in bunch.
    For me it's bedtime
    But this was the eta son rhyme
    Roses are red
    This is a cartoon
    An update is coming soon
    EDIT: Telegram group linked in the OP of the XDA thread will now contain the latest builds. Telegram is required for better communication whilst people are experiencing issues.