[9.0] [PORT] ColorOS 6.0 GSI [A-A/B]

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Oct 14, 2016
WARNING: You'll most probably loose ALL your data, and might break your phone. Please use with extreme caution!

The goal of this ROM is to experience ColorOS 6.0 on any non-oppo and non-realme phone.

For a list of treble supported devices, consult and fill https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki

How to flash:

1- Flash a treble pie rom (CAF vendor recommended.)
2- Extract 7z file and flash system.img
3- If base rom isn't permissive flash permissiver.
4- Reboot


- Fingerprint
- Since it's oem port maybe more on your device. But common bug is Fingerprint.

system.img for A-A/B ARM64 devices

Telegram Account: MacTavishAO In case of any problem please send me logs.

Thanks to: @erfanoabdi for everything..


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Mar 20, 2015
Either bootloops or doesn't get past the boot image on Note9 N960F no matter what. (Different kernels, flash on different systems etc.)


Mar 17, 2015
Kicked into fastboot

I've tried installing it exactly as described here and also how it's described for other pie GSIs for oneplus5t but I only get kicked into the fastboot mode. I really like to try out this rom on an amoled display. Any specific methods I should follow? (I used mokee phh treble vendor as that was recommended in most forums, am also decrypted..maybe i have to try by flashing noverity too) all gsi tutorials and pages for oneplus 5t are about a year old so i'm not sure I can follow that and succeed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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