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Question 9 Pro crashed to lockscreen on loop, forced reboot and will no longer boot

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Senior Member
Mar 8, 2008
Google Nexus 4
Nexus 7
hey, i have a completely stock 9 pro, i was texting someone and sending them pictures from the night but while i was doing that the phone suddenly crashed to the lock screen over and over again. so i just hard rebooted it since it was completely unresponsive and just crashing on the lock screen and now it will not even boot up it just shows the oneplus log and a field to put in a password and after entering the password its looking to format the phone and probably factory reset the whole device i was hoping that there would be some way to use adb to get my photos back since i didnt get a chance to save or send them and it would be a real bummer if they were gone. not enough to pay 1000s of dollar but enough that i would spend time playing with adb to recover them. im very familiar with commandline and adb but i dont know of a way to get in without unlocking the bootloader first.... any help would be very much appreciated.
Can you manage to boot into fastboot and try some things there?
Setup platform tools (let me know if you do not have it setup) and then boot into fastboot. Connect your device to your computer and try out the following commands :

fastboot getvar current-slot

If this outputs something like :
current-slot: b

Then run the following command :
fastboot --set-active=a

otherwise, run the following command :
fastboot --set-active=b

After this is done, reboot your device by running :
fastboot reboot