★☞ [Rom][4.3] AllianceRom - Build 23 THE Most Customisable TW ROM On ANY Device [04/11/14][Aroma][ML1]

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May 9, 2012
Ty so much for this you saved my but...ive been running CM12.1 LP 5.1.1 on my daughters 2 S3's for so long now and although its awesome to have 5.1.1 on such an old phone and everything worked great except for the one thing they use the most and thats the front facing camera taking selfies in apps like instagram and using video calling in apps like facebook messenger. I flashed Alliance and everything is working 100%. It may not be the newest but it definitely still is the greatest as it functions 100%...i cant understand why aosp and cm cant get their camera issues figured out? Its so frustrating and its been going on for years...get it done already....theres a review video on you tube of the new Nexus 5x which by the way Beans has an awesome rom for, and in the review vid, the 5x is out of the box, the front facing camera force closes!!! WTF really? So annoying. ..anyway thanx a lot i really appreciate it as do my daughters???

Glad I could help out! :cool:

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Aug 10, 2010
I have the file. I'm currently uploading it to android file host. Will post a link when it's complete


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Man I want to say thank you big time you have saved me big time... My 5 year old son is getting my old s3 for a birthday present tomorrow and a friend messed up the phone which was running this from when I used the phone I spent forever trying to get it before finding this link to start over... I don't know if you will check this thread but big time thank you

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May 9, 2012
Man I want to say thank you big time you have saved me big time... My 5 year old son is getting my old s3 for a birthday present tomorrow and a friend messed up the phone which was running this from when I used the phone I spent forever trying to get it before finding this link to start over... I don't know if you will check this thread but big time thank you

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Glad I could help man and I hope everything works out! :thumbup:

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Apr 7, 2013
Down South
Can I install this on my i535 on 4.3 vrucnc1 with safestrap?
If so, can someone guide me how to do it.
Thanks and sorry for noob question
Search is your friend....lol. read this post here that i just found. Hope it helps....
But, I'd rather have you hear specifically from someone else who may have or know if it's all possible without any issues. I still have my S3(lying around) with this ROM installed on it but i never updated to ML1 or NC1. I'm currently using the S5....good luck
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    ★☞ [Rom][4.3] AllianceRom - Build 23 THE Most Customisable TW ROM On ANY Device [04/11/14][Aroma][ML1]


    AllianceROM I535


    We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.


    AllianceROM intends to give the user what THEY want. Tired of flashing Roms and having to ask for little changes to suit your taste? Tired of having to manually change colors of the toggles or the battery or move your clock or make statusbar transparent or any of the other multitude of other little color and style tweaks that Android users love? Tired of flashing AROMA installer for every little change you want to make? Tired of having to add your favourite images everytime a new rom comes out?

    If you answer yes to any of these then AllianceROM is for you! We have a huge array of "on the fly" options for you to play with. Make your phone to YOUR style. YOUR color. YOUR perfection.

    Available in both Stock and AOSP themes selectable on install, the majority of modifications in AllianceROM are OPTIONAL. You can turn them on and off at will. We try not to impose many things on people because we realise that Android is all about INDIVIDUALITY. Make YOUR Rom and YOUR phone how YOU want it and change it on a whim.

    AllianceROM - Designed to be Individual....

    Aroma Feature's:​
    • Option to wipe /Data
    • Email Selection(stock, stock with exchange disabled)
    • Launcher Selection (stock 4x4, stock 4x5, nova, apex, google experience)
    • Messaging Selection (stock Touchwiz, AOSP)
    • File Manager Selection (Es file, Myfiles, Both, None)
    • KeyBoard Selection (stock samsung, google keyboard)
    • Accuweather Widget Selection (stock themed or s5 themed)
    • Music Selection (CyanogenMods Apollo, Touchwiz Music, Both, None)
    • Bootanimation (Alliance Anim, JellyBeans Anim, Kitkat Anim)
    • System Sounds (Aosp Sounds, Touchwiz Sounds)
    • Google App Selection (Gmail, Maps & Street, Play Music, Hangouts, Youtube)
    • Samsung App Selection (Mobile Print, Samsung Live Wallpapers, S-Memo, Sphoto editor, Samsung Hub)
    • Verizon App Selection (Backup Assistant, My Verizon, Visual VoiceMail)
    • Misc App Selection (Dropbox, Flash Player, Ad Blocking, Polaris Office, Terminal Emulator, cLock)
    • Kernel Selection(Beans Stock Kernel, Lean Kernel, Kt747, Safestrap)
    Base Rom Feature's:​
    • Based off of Scotts Deodexed I535VRUCML1
    • Alliance Manager Theme/Backup Engine
    • Tons of Alliance Wallpapers
    • Rom is s5 themed (icons, apps, etc)
    • Bash, BusyBox, Sqlite3, Cron, Init.d Support, Build.prop tweaks
    • Custom Bootnaimation Support
    • Added 7 Extra Custom Toggles
    • Added Aosp news/weather widget
    • Added Gpe Sunbeam live wallpaper
    • Added Cyanogenmods Torch
    • Added Fully Resizeable Popup Browser
    • Added Emoji keyboard
    • Added AutoBrightness Detail From International s3
    • Added International Recent apps buttons
    • Added Native All apps in Multiwindow
    • Added Custom Extended Power/Reboot Menu
    • Added A ton of Open Source FlipFonts
    • Added A ton of Alliance Wallpapers
    • Enabled Sms/Call blocking
    • Enabled All Rotations 360*
    • Enabled Multi Lockscreen Camera/Favorite Apps shortcut
    • Enabled All Widgets for Lockscreen widgets
    • Enabled Developer Options By Default
    • Enabled App Ops Permission Management
    • Enabled Various Locked Widgets
    • Enabled Camera Shutter Sound Menu
    • Enabled Camera Flash with low battery
    • Enabled Call/Message Blocking
    • Enabled Contacts Export/Import to SdCard
    • Enabled Ink Effect With finger
    • Enabled Note 3 WaterColor Lockscreen
    • Selectable Aosp Lockscreen targets
    • Disabled default app reminder popup
    • Disabled Scrolling Cache
    • Disabled Pausing Music when using Camcorder
    • Disabled Samsung Root Checker The right way
    • Disabled Signature checks
    • Disabled FlipFont Verification
    • Disabled Tether Provisioning Checks
    • Disabled Aweful Animated Brightness Icon
    • Increased Swirliness of Ripple lockscreen
    • Increased Launcher Speed Tremendously
    • Removed Camera Low Battery Warnings
    • Removed All Easy Mode Crap
    • Removed Verizon OTA utility
    • Miui/Cm/Aosp/Note2/Note3 Ringtones/Notifications
    Alliance Custom Settings:​
    Color Options
    • Option to link all color options toghether or color seperately
    • Color-A-Day Option to let The System Picked Your Main Linked Theme Color randomly everyday at midnight
    • Option to Set System Background Color and/or Gradient Type
    • Option to Set System Background Image and Transparency
    • Option to Set StatusBar Color and/or Gradient Type
    • Option to Set Notification Color and/or Gradient Type
    • Option to Set Dropdown Header Color
    • Option to Set Toggle Color and/or Gradient Type
    • Option to Set Brightness Slider Background Color
    • Option to Set CPU Info Background Color
    • Option to Set Clear button Background Color
    • Option to Set Notification/Ongoing Headers Color
    • Option to Set Notification Items Color
    • Option to Set Drag Bar Handle Background Color
    • Option to Set Clock Color, Dropdown Clock Color, Date Color
    • Option to Set Battery Icon Color, Battery Text, BatteryBar Color, Battery Graph Color
    • Option to Set Wifi Icon Color, Signal Color, Settings Button Color
    • Option to Set Notification icons Color, Notification Text Color, Ticker Text Color, Carrier Color, Drag Bar Color
    • Option to Set Ongoing Color, Traffic Color, CPU Color, Alliance Logo Color, ASU Color, Brightness icon and text Color
    • Option to Set Toggle On Color, Toggle Off Color, Toggle Dim Color
    • Option to Set Toggle LED On Color, Toggle LED Off Color, Toggle LED Dim Color, Toggle Text Color
    • Option to Set Phone Text Color, secondary text color, in app button text color, popup header color, in app list text color
    • Option to Set Power menu text Color, Settings Text Color, Toast Text Color, Launcher Text color, Browser url color, Lockscreen text Color
    • Option to Set Power Menu Color, OverScroll Color, Dialer Color, CheckBox Color, Switch Color
    • Option to Set Spinner/Slider Color, Lockscreen Shortcuts Color, Battery Chart Color
    Clock, Notification Panel, StatusBar, Toggles
    • Option to Set Clock Position
    • Option to Set Am/pm Style
    • Option to Set Day of Week Style
    • Option to Set Dropdown date Format
    • Option to Set Dropdown date shortclick/longclick action
    • Option to add Aosp Clear Button, Lock Button, Recents Button, Settings Button, hide Dropdown Header, Cpu Meter,
    • Option to Brightness Slider, Ongoing Tile, Notifications Tile, No Notifications Tile Alliance Logo to Notification Panel
    • Option to Set Custom Carrier Text
    • Option to Set Custom Image as Notification Panel Background and transparency
    • Option to select Custom Battery, Custom Charge Battery, Battery Bar, Bar Style, Bar thickness, Bar Anim
    • Option to hide Ime Icon, Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Blocking Mode Notification, Nfc Icon, SmartStay Icon, Sound Icon
    • Option to hide/display Network Speed, Asu Meter
    • Option to pick number of signal bars used 4, 5, 6
    • Option to pick Signal Icon Type
    • Option to enable or disable signal in/out icon
    • Option to pick Wifi Icon Type
    • Option to enable or disable wifi in/out icon
    • Option to Set Custom Image as StatusBar Background and transparency
    • Option to Pick Between 6 styles of Toggles on the Fly
    • Option to hide/display toggle text, toggle indicator, toggle gap, s5 circles
    • Option to set number of toggles in view
    • Option to auto collapse dropdown after selecting toggle
    • Option to set Location of toggle Top, Bottom, Off
    Extended Power Menu Options
    • Option to Hide/Show Data Toggle
    • Option to Hide/Show Airplane Toggle
    • Option to Hide/Show Accesibility Shortcut
    • Option to Hide/Show Power Off Shortcut
    • Option to Hide/Show Restart Menu
    • Option to Hide/Show Sound Mode Toggles
    • Option to Hide/Show Screenshot Toggle
    Phone Mods
    • Auto Call Recording For incoming/outgoing calls toggle
    • Enable/Disable Record Button/Add Call Button In Phone
    • Option to enable/disable increasing Ringtone
    • End Call Delay Timeout Picker
    • Note 3 Incoming Call Popup Toggle
    LockScreen Mods
    • Option To Select Between Aosp Lockscreen And Galaxy Lockscreens
    • Option to enable/disable Aosp Lockscreen Vibration
    • Option to turn ink effect on/off
    • Option to Select Custom Ink Effect Color
    • Option to Enable Random Ink Effect Color
    • Option to Enable Quick Pin/Password Unlock
    • Option to Enable Widgets On Secure Lockscreen
    • Option to Enable Lockscreen Torch and Timeout value
    • Option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Sounds
    General Mods
    • Home Key Double Click Intent Action
    • Listview Animation Style Picker
    • Listview Animation Type Picker
    • Screen off animation option(CRT, Fade, Stock)
    • Default Popups Dialogs or User selected toggle
    • Dialog Popup Type Toggle
    • LongPress Menu To Kill Toggle
    • LED with Screen on Toggle
    • Enable/Disable Low Storage Notification
    • Enable/Disable Low Battery Popup
    • Enable/Disable Full Charge Notification
    • Enable/Disable USB Connect Sound
    • NFC With Screen off Toggle
    • Enable/Disable Unstable Wifi Notification
    • LongPress Volume Music Control Options
    • Scrolling Wallpaper Toggle
    • Infinite Launcher Scroll Toggle
    • Launcher Rotation Toggle
    • Accuweather Widget Transparency control
    • Sms/Mms Sent TimeStamp Toggle
    • Call Button Next To Contact Toggle
    • Account Icon Next To Contact Toggle
    • Enable Home Button On Browser Toggle
    • Enable Exit Button On Browser Toggle
    • Always on Desktop mode Toggle
    • Prompt When Exit Browser Toggle
    • Closing All Tabs Exits Browser Toggle

    [b]Build 23 - 04-11-14[/b][list]
    [*]Redid how apps are restarted in rom control
    [*]Removed alliance easter egg aka flappy birds
    [*]added Alliance Manager Backup/Restore/Theme app
    [*]added Alliance Wallpapers to wallpaper picker
    [*]added Aroma option for aosp messaging
    [*]added network restriction toggle and icons
    [*]added dialog popup user selection or stock
    [*]added option to enable/disable increasing ringtone
    [*]added option to color toggle led on/off/dim seperate
    [*]added option to pick which dialog popups are used
    [*]added option to choose aosp lockscreen targets
    [*]added option for system background color/gradient
    [*]added option for system background picture
    [*]added option for system background picture alpha
    [*]added blacklist for system background in /system/etc
    [*]added option to disable poor wifi notification
    [*]added option to color lockscreen shortcut icons
    [*]added notification panel date style option
    [*]added cpu percent used background color option
    [*]added extra battery icons cog, custom/ota
    [*]added 4 new signals goldilious, htc, numbers, ota
    [*]added 2 new wifi icons htc, custom/ota
    [*]added 6 different selectable custom toggle sets
    [*]added option to enable/disable toggle gaps
    [*]added option for s5 style toggle backgrounds
    [*]added some s5 icons and themeing to apps
    [*]seperated text colors now color individually
    [*]seperated switch/check color now color individual
    [*]Fixed Issue with not seeing cpu info text
    [*]Fixed Issue with switchs colors unthemeing
    [*]Fixed Issue with samsung service signin
    [*]Fixed Issue with settings text not themeing
    [*]Fixed Issue with quick unlock not working
    [*]Updated Maps, Youtube, Google KB, Gms core
    [*]Updated Play store, Google now, Es File, Hp print
    [*]Updated Samsung Link, Samsung hub, xposed gel
    [*]Updated Samsung print, GoogleTTS, terminal
    [*]Updated Samsung Photo Editor, spp push[/list]
    [b]Build 22 - 03-09-14[/b][list]
    [*]Fixed Issue with Smemo not installing
    [*]Fixed Issue with wrong frameworks compiling
    [*]Fixed Issue with pulldown handle not coloring
    [*]Fixed Issue with powermenu ind and text coloring
    [*]Fixed Issue with stock themeing
    [*]Rom now installs with stock themed and stock options
    [*]removed a bunch of unnecesary scripts/edits
    [*]removed samsung setup wizards in place of googles
    [*]removed flappy birds kind of lol
    [*]added alliance easter egg hint my name hehe
    [*]added alliance logo in dropdown handle option
    [*]added cpu percent used indicator option
    [*]added cpu percent used link and unlink coloring
    [*]added alliance logo link and unlink coloring
    [*]added aroma option for stock or s4 accuweather widget
    [*]added transparency control for accuweather widget
    [*]added option to color stock browser url text
    [*]added option to color stock launcher text
    [*]added option to choose wifi signal type
    [*]added option to toggle wifi signal in/out icons
    [*]added option to enable stock launcher rotation
    [*]added option listview animation type
    [*]added option listview animation style[/list]
    [b]Build 21 - 02-19-14[/b][list]
    [*]First 4.3 Alliance Build 
    [b]Build 20 - 11-19-2013[/b]
    [*]Deprecated 4.1.2 Base


    Here: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407585794
    and as a torrent in the xda devdb

    md5: 1de5ce86324c9749bbe44a378c3e49d1

    old builds can be found here: http://androidfilehost.com/?a=show&w=files&flid=1442

    Step 1-
    Install the 4.3 ML1 Modem
    Step 2-
    Make Sure You Have a Custom Recovery
    Step 3-
    Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
    Step 4-
    Install the Rom
    Step 5-


    For Feature Requests and bug reports please post in the Xda DevDB Section Up Top
    For Safestrap users you need to install rom customizer addons manually they download to /sdcard/alliance/recovery

    Alliance Color Guide: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407577450

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ★☞ [Rom][4.3] AllianceRom - Build 23 THE Most Customisable TW ROM On ANY Device [04/11/14][Aroma][ML1], a ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

    beanstown106, Goldie, txr33, sparky b, Alliance Team
    ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2014-03-09

    Created 2013-09-06
    Last Updated 2014-04-12

    The Alliance Crew - Massive Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful team!!!
    Goldie, Timmy, Sparky - Thanks For the Help With This Wonderful Rom!!!
    Dwitherell - for helping, being a great guy, some mods and logic behind some mods, too many things! :p
    Didact74 - Massive thanks for all the tutorials and mods for s3/s4
    Kejar31 - for his wonderful cron scripts
    madjini - for his toggle tutorials that led me to the brightness fix and torch toggle
    loserskater- for working longpress to skip tracks for any music app
    Rephyc- for being a beast even though he dissapeared
    Prdog1 - for his dedication to s3, and always helping people
    scrosler- for the base rom and teaching me aroma basics
    Invisiblek- For making flahsable modem's, firmware readily available
    Imoseyon, Scrosler & ktoonez- For letting me use thier kernels
    Angus MacGyver - for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch

    Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!


    VRCML1 Modem - http://invisiblek.org/sch-i535/modems/d2vzw_ML1_modem.zip

    Check OTA/Rom Customizer for themes & more :)


    to use right click and hit copy image location then add to your signature


    Enjoy The Rom Guys!!
    I will update this soon guys sorry just been stacked with work

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    Let's get one thing straight since I had to read 12 pages of garbage....
    No one accused Chad of ANYTHING! All that was said was in opinion there are 2 reasons why someone would not post source which were good opinions.
    You all took that as an accusation...that is something you need to reflect on. No reason for any retractions!
    The 2nd reason listed was the correct one. Chad felt all were cherry picking and stealing his work...end of story!
    NO ONE said he was stealing information! And NO WAY that opinion would result in any C&D being served! You seriously give someone that much power?
    Next time you have an issue with what you THINK someone meant take it to PMs but NOT in a ROM thread.
    Everyone of you could be infracted for either off-topic, personal attacks or flaming.
    Get this thread back on topic or people will be infracted or worse.
    I am not feeling too much like the Friendly Neighborhood Moderator after reading this crap first thing on a Sunday morning.
    But Thank you all for your future cooperation

    With all this said please use off-site mods or kernels at your own risk and please do not ask for support for those on XDA.