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General A+ Carrier/Cellular Service - OnePlus 9/9 Pro USA/CAN

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Just making a general statement and handing out my thoughts and opinions.

I was using Google Fi on my OP6 and now my OP9. They dont support the OP9 which made me disappointed.
Everything worked correctly. Just didnt get 5G or full bands and connections your supposed too. It would even say LTE or 5G, but the speeds the same lol.

So heres my advice, I did some checking around.....

This is for USA and Some of Canada.

MINT Mobile supports the OnePlus 9/9 Pro
Full data speeds using 5G
And has an incredibly low price.
$30 a month/3month Plan for $90 unlimited everything.
Data speeds slowed at 35gbs of use. Google Fi is $60 unlimited and slowed my speeds at 22gbs. When i wasnt at home using weeeefeee(wifi hehe)

Thought I would share that.