A challenging situation for all users and devs please help

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Nov 1, 2012
The Story: (summarized)
i got my phone screen brocken, and changed. but they changed with some problomatic screen which started to have blackhole which started to get bigger and bigger to the point in took 25% of screen, that is where i decided to put my phone in control of my pc forever before my whole screen get fully blackened. i turned on developer tools and usb debugging and used SCRCPY to access my phone from pc and accepted usb debugging for always from this pc.
NOW, my whole screen is fully black but touch is working fine. i can use my phone from pc with SCRCPY software.
i can't afford another screen change for may be next few months (until of course if someone donate).

The Issue:
i can't restart my phone. i always have to keep its battery full. always a threat for me if my battery dies it will never be started again
because its havoc os rom with device encryption. and it ask for encryption password on startup. and my screen is black, i can't enter password by guessing where a letter would be.

remove device encryption without going into recovery and still keep usb debugging on with keeping allowed devices still allowed in adb.
use twrp from pc adb and remove encryption and still keep usb debugging on with keeping allowed devices still allowed in adb.
anyway to reboot phone without requiring encryption password? (but this option is too dangerous for privacy, as if it get lost or stolen my data could be recovered by anyone who get it so i'm not even thinking about this option right now).


about phone:
phone model: Oneplus 3T A3003 (6Gb ram 128Gb rom)
Android version 10: on havoc os 3.11
build date: Nov 16 2020
Kernel: 3.18.140
i don't know how to see which version of twrp recovery is installed
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