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A few questions from a new user

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New member
Jul 2, 2021
OnePlus X
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Hello, i have recently purchased this phone.
Korean version, and it appears to be refurbished, but at the price i bought it, no complaints.

However I have a few questions:

* Fast charging.
I tested everything with AccuBattery application.
First, i tried to connect it to my existing charger (18w and custom cable). The current was 0.
"Weird" i said to myself, so i tried using the provided cable (still with my 18w charger), and the current jumped to 1500mah/h.
Then i tired to to use the provided charger (some weird Samsung charger with 15w), still 1500mah
Finally i tried using my 65W charger, and the current skyrocketed to 2400mah/h and then dropped back to 1500 a few seconds later. (even 800 if I use the cable that supports that current, because the stock one will melt itself a few minutes later I'm afraid)
What is happening?
* Gestures
Stock android gestures are utter **** (especially come back the the most recent app), so i have installed infinte gesture wich mimics miui gestures, but is there a way to hide navbar?
Thanks in advance