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Apr 9, 2012
Welcome to
My Directory (yellow pages)

This is a collection of useful Links for Androids

Visit My Android Solutions for easy solutions to various problems & My Android Collections for Rescue and Recovery downloads

and you can learn more by using the WIKI , Android Glossary or Wikipedia for guidance about your phone.

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Must Watch XDA Noob Guide

Flashing Guides​
All Samsung Firmwares Guide
How to use Odin
Mobile Odin
How to update Galaxy S from Froyo to Gingerbread to ICS to JellyBean
How to Flash JVU ROM with PIT & Root i9000 with CWM
i9000 Downgrading from ICS to Gingerbread
Flashing tutorial for dummies
How to Videos for noobs
How to Flash using CWM
Flashing CWM to i9000M
How to Flash (Korean M110S)
How to flash Jelly Bean on Samsung Korean Galaxy S / SHW-M110S
How to Root and Flash Galaxy S Hoppin SHW M190S
How to Root and Flash Galaxy A SHW M100S
How To flash ANY Captivate ROM
How to Flash ICS on Vibrant
i9001 How to Flash Back to Stock ROM
i9001 How to recover from Bootloop
i9300 Flashing Guide
i9300 Galaxy S3 Video Guide

Reference Guides and Collections​

Collection - New Android Sticky Thread by timmymarsh
Collection - Guides Developer 101 by Android_United
Reference thread for all kinds of things and here
The differences between Odex and Deodex Files
ADB Workshop Guide or ADB for Dummies
How to use ADB, DDMS & Take a LOGCAT
How to Logcat
Guides to Wakelocks
How to use Titanium Backup
Online SMS PDU Encorder, Decorder
Google Play Support
Google Account Recovery
Google Gapps & Here
Global Samsung Support
GPRS/Internet Connection Settings for the whole world
GSM Roaming and Coverage Maps to determine what band/coverage your provider uses.
What is ClockWorkMod or CWM Ref Guide
What is Nandroid
How to make a nandroid backup directly to your computer
Online Nandroid Backup Nandroid Backup without re-booting [CWM + TWRP + 4EXT]
Nandroid Manager
MAC Spoofing
Why my IMEI missing and NO Network?
Fastboot Wiki
Battery Saving TIPS Collection
How to prolong the life of your Li-Ion battery
Simple things to protect YOUR PRIVACY!

HOW TO Guides​

Noob Developers Section
Specific XDA Forum
XDA University
Live Android -A LiveCD for Android
Run Android 4.1.1 JellyBean in your PC
Guide Ride-From a Newbie to a Dev, Get all you need here
How to use Github
Simple Java6 installation on Precise/Mint-Maya/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Beginners Guide to Android ROM Development
Complete Android ROM development and essential tutorials
Android Kitchen, v0.224 [Linux / Mac / Windows]
Android App Development - From Scratch
Android REPO Library
Migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio
How to UOT Kitchen
Simple Android Theming Guide
The Definitive APK Modding & Theming Thread
How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs
Everything you need to know about porting roms
How to make your own boot animations (with sound if you want)
How to add Service Provider ( Carrier Label ) to Status Bar CM9/CM10/CM10.1

Phone section
How to Crack android pattern lock! or hack it
Crack Pattern/Password lock of Android without root and with USB Debugging off
Different PIN on lockscreen than for device encryption
Bypass and Disable Password on lockscreen
Disable Password/Pattern/PIN Lock
How to EFS Backup and Restore :- here & here & here
How to create an Update Zip , download link
How to Merging updated system apps with old one, GET MORE FREE MEMORY
How to set permissions
Increase android gaming performance (resolution change)
Using OTG cable and charging at the same time
Undelete / Data Recovery - Internal Memory
Internal Memory Data Recovery
Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!
increase Internal Memory and RAM of any Android
increase the internal SD card space of the Galaxy S3 I9300
Unlink System and Ringer volumes on Jelly Bean

SD Card Section
Nand Chips & Micro SD cards
All about SD cards
How to Flash a Rom with a broken SD card
How to Flash without SD card
i9001 swap SD card
How to Swap SD cards
Internal SD card Solutions :- Here & Here & Here
How to use Gparted FAQ
How to partition SD card here and here
Increase RAM using [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1659231"]Swap File and Swap Partition[/URL]
Swap Internal and External SDcard of ANY Android phone

Solution Section
Collection My Android Solutions
[FIX] Data wipe error or Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
How to Solve Encryption Unsuccessful ICS issue
How to change SMSC or here and here
Fix status 6 while flashing ROM
[GUIDE] status 7 error while flashing rom
Play Store No Connection Error Fix
Can't establish a reliable connection to the server
[FIX] Broken cache partition / recovery

Complete Phone Specific Guides​

Most Phones have a WIKI in XDA, so use it
i5800 Galaxy 3 Index
Galaxy Nexus Index
i9000 Galaxy S FAQ, Guide, Tutorial etc
i9000B Galaxy S Guide
SHW M110S Anycall Galaxy S PIT STOP
Fascinate Galaxy S Guide
i9003 Galaxy SL Index
i9070 Advance Galaxy S Advance
FIT Galaxy Fit Guide
GT-S7500 Galaxy Ace plus Guide
GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2 Index
SGH-T679 Galaxy Exhibit 4G Index
i9100 Bible or INDEX
i9100G Galaxy S2 Index
SGH-I777 AT&T Galaxy S2 Index and here
i9300, i9305 Galaxy S III Index
i9300 Galaxy S3 VZW edition Guide

Hardware Maintenance and Solutions​

Any Device Database
Compare Phones
Processor Database
List of Devices
All about Li-Ion Battery
All about SD cards
Micro USB plugin board
How to replace USB Connector
How to Make Homemade JIG or watch video where to buy How it works
Where to Borrow a USB Jig
How to take SGS apart and here
How to repair home button
RIFF BOX / JTAG Method S2 & S3
Semi conductor Search
i9000 Replacement parts
i9300 Replace Cracked Glass Screen

i9000 Technician Service Manual
i9001 Technician Service Manual
i9003C Technician Service Manual
i9010 Technician Service Manual
i9100 Technician Service Manual
i9300 Technician Service Manual
i9500 Technician Service Manual
All Samsung Models - Service Manuals and here

Components Data sheet
Samsung Electronics 1 | 2 | 3

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Apr 9, 2012
Anyone wishing to ADD their GUIDE or valuable post, please post here to be added to OP, asap​
or you can post all your links here too
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Apr 15, 2011
Stuck in the Upgrade Screen .. Help Plz... ;(

Here is the situation.... :(

My friend told me to root his SHW-110s (anycall) and i searched internet and i found a guide it says upgrade to gingerbread and then flash "Tegrak-Kernel-Build-26-for-M110S-VG26" kernel . science the phone was already updated to gingerbread i just checked the driver (Samaung mobile Modem and Samsung USB Composit Driver) if thats all that is needed !!! and tried to flash the kernel and it was stopped in SetupConnection... in odin.. I didn't backup EFS or anything... what could possibly go wrong... and sometimes it goes little ahead from SetupConnection.. to Initializing...in odin........ :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I tried the recovery kit method but it also stopped in SetupConnection in odin...oh and one thing... So any other method except JTAG(If that works with that phone..) or any recommendation.. I really need help because my friend's brother (Who brought this phone from abroad ) wont understand the situation.. i hope you can understand... :eek::eek:

Brother I desperately need help... and sorry for my broken english.. :eek:

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