A question about safely changing rom for my S6 Edge.

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Oct 9, 2016
Hello XDA, I'm currently viewing some custom roms with good battery life for the S6 Edge, because my battery life is terrible. My edge model number is "SM-G925F".

I want to know if this rom is compatible.



After trying most of what's on offer I have come back to the oem nougat 7.0, with Ultimate Kernel flashed by TWRP then root with Magisk.
You can find the Ultimate Kernel here at XDA.
Then comes the task of debloating... There are many threads on this topic and it will be up to you to decide what you disable or uninstall.

After weeks of experimenting I now have battery life of more than a week on standby.
Don't bother using Greenify for this model, the standard device manager does a better job with device security disabled.

I used the Magisk debloat module BTW.

Hope this helps :)
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