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A question for the experts, i need help with a S8+ with 2 findings of model number

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New member
Feb 11, 2017
Hi everyone,

I bought a S8+ 3 years ago for my wife when we were living in China. They told me it was a US version with 1 SIM slot. It worked well for the years and had some chinese preinstalled apps, but it had google (China has some legal issues with google so most of the phones don't come with google apps installed or allowed).

Today, I did a factory reset to it since I got another phone for my wife and I want to use it as my work phone and I realized Its still on android 7 (tried updating the software in the phone menu and it says it up to date but still on android 7)

I checked the phone and software info and it says:
-Model Number: SM-G9550
-Hardware version REV1.0
-Android Version 7.0
-Samsung Experience version 8.1
-Baseband version G9550ZCU1AQEE
-Kernel version: 4.4.16-11449429 [email protected] #1 Wed May 24 14:13:30 KST 2017
-Build number NRD90M.G9550ZCU1AQEE

So then I decided to download Odin and the right firmware from sammobile since they have official ones for Samsung. I downloaded a SM-G9550 for China Android 9 Build date Mon, 19 Oct 2020. I tried flashing it but it says it failed. It didn't do anything to my phone (at least it didn't brick it nor it should since I checked everything to make sure)

Since this is not normal, I decided to go check the version when I press the buttons Bixby + Vol. Down + Power and found the following info:
-RPMB fuse blown
-CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official
-RP SWREV: B1(1,1,1,1,1) K1 S1
-DID: 205E5F695E33

At this point i'm concerned in why does it says carrier ATT, so I checked the menu when pressing the buttons Bixby + Vol. Up + Power and the following info is displayed on the top:
-Android Recovery

Very confusing for me, since I never encountered this before. And I assume my phone as been rooted.... since I searched what dream2qltesq was, and its for rooting the S8+. Sucks.

Now i'm concerned and don't know which model to flash (G9550 from China or G955U from US)

Can anyone help me with this problem and some questions that I have:
1- I want to flash a newer version, which one should I download and flash then? (G9550 from China or G955U from US) (I don't need any of the chinese apps, never used them)
2- If its ATT carrier, will flashing to a G955U version of ATT lock my phone?

I just want my phone to work well with newer version in English with google in a Official Samsung Rom for S8+.

Really appreciate beforehand any help.