A "safe" way to root an android 5.1.1

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Jan 8, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
I need to root an old tablet with android 5.1.1 to expand app storage and move some to SD card, but I saw here that apps like kingroot are not a good idea because of the adware/monitoring they install. What would be a "safe" way to root android 5.1.1?
The Device is a 7 inch samsung tab A tablet, model SM-T285M.

obs: I know the dangers of rooting my device, but as it has only 8gb of internal storage, I need root to install applications on the sd card, unless there is another way in this version of android..


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Feb 4, 2017
You can only install / move an app to the external SD if the developer of that app has allowed it. It doesn't depend on whether Android is rooted or not.
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