A simply way to show Ambient Display only on notification


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Mar 2, 2019
No notifications waiting makes the screen off and AOD not showing.
Recieving or already having a notification shows AOD.

On top of that you can select which apps are important to you to behave this way for their notifications and ignore others, also can be set similary for charging = on / not charging = off.

Yet it has no impact on battery maybe it will use like additional 0.009% :confused:

1- Install Always On Edge App
2- in Main settings section -> enable With AOD invisible -> but show AOD on notifications.
3- Main settings -> optional permissions -> AOD lighting controller.
4- save.

And that is it no need to enable any other permission or feature. However, please note that if you enable edge lighting then timing will be applied.
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May 4, 2015
won't work for me. ambient display don't shows up.
i set up settings like you said. but something seems wrong.
will AOE app manage everything or do i have have to enable or disable ambient display in phone settings?