General A WARNING TO ALL A32 4G/5G USERS (very important)

*Long term* rooted A32 Users, did that happen to you?

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OK, so if I boot TWRP what do I do next? Do a backup? Erase the NVRAM?

Also I don't wanna be rude but are you sure it's for any A32 model? The tutorial says something about it being only for Q models.
No, try installing a GSI from google, or maybe getting a backup from someone in the forums, but backup your phone first.
I really don't know, it's better you don't risk your phone with this shady recovery.


Dec 2, 2012
Is the imei problem caused by magisk?
I rooted mine in October and 2 3 days later root lost imei and the only way i got it working again was mismatching firmwares. Base band is A325FXXU1AUG2 and PDA is A325FXXU1AUH1.
Since then imei never failed but fingerprint doenst work.
Its SM-325F THP

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    As you have seen in the title, this is a warning. DON'T root your galaxy a32, as it can take some time but the phone will lose fingerprint unlock and sim card/internet functionality because of UNKNOWN BASEBAND and IMEI error.

    You can't get it to work even reflashing stock firmware, and you can't downgrade because of samsung bootloader lock. There's no TWRP for the 4g variant so you can't backup important partitions. Many people are having this problem with both 4g and 5g, as seen in the forums from those device.

    If you don't want to turn ur galaxy into an AndroidPod with no sim, then don't root it, atleast for now or until magisk people bug fix it.

    Lets try to talk to john wu on twitter guys
    Are we completely sure it's due to a bug in Magisk?
    most likely... the same people that made the first rooting guides for the a32 were having this problem
    yep, thats absolutely crazy... i guess we, a32 users are just unlucky at this point lol
    I posted in the Magisk support forum.
    I haven't opened a bug repot in github yet, cause they require the bugs to be tried on their alpha "canary" versions.
    I found very old bug reports of people having the same problem with older samsungs. IDK if related. I'm still investigating and talking in the support forum.
    Maybe soon I'll try flashing their canary version. I don't thinnk it will fix it but It'll help me investigate further into the partitions and such.