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Sep 8, 2012
sorry for posting this on a wrong thread but i dont know where to post, if someone can redirect me i would appreciate it.

I got my hands on a Qualcomm reference device with a Snap dragon865 its called kona for Arm64 and i want to know if there's someone who could help me out. It has android 10 and has an unlocked bootloader but thar version of android acts weird and drains alot of battery and i can't factory reset the device to check if it fixes the problem so im looking into installing something like android 12 but have no idea if this is possible. I have almost no experience in installing custom recovery or flashing roms but i can definitely follow up instructions if flashing rom is possible.
Don't know if a device needs to have specific Roms developed for it or if there's a generic ROM for any device, etc. Hope someone can help me out

Adyextreme 01

Aug 12, 2021
yes that is a samsung galaxy tab s7 oplus wi-fi the iink to latest firware the hardware has 2 downsides it has only 8gb of ram on 256 gb nand space and just 3 video cores so it is defenetly not a gaming setup the battery is quite well but y diont care about such if it cam keep at max performance 8 houst is ok is true that de device camed preinstalled with android 11 but you wont have a better configurationcause even on android 13 you will have the same kernel s if you want latzest features youz will have to compile it on your own for example if you want a 6.x kernel supporting latest koodies