{A11}Stockless V2.4.1 Rom A Series A10 F/M

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Feb 4, 2022
Wonderful rom has good battery life and cool fluidity even though it is full one ui, as soon as the new update 2.2 was released I installed it and recommend it without bugs so far.

Galaxy A205G
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I have missed something?
I live with Galaxy A10 that it has only 32gb of internal memory. I have tried to use the sd card like portable storage and i really don't like. For me A10 with only 32gb is unusable. Thats it.

Instead i am finding this rom fantastic, with 128gb adoptable storage acrivated of course.
that "feature" was deprecated by samsung years ago ._.
Apr 16, 2022
Samsung Galaxy A10
Yes, I understand, but the fact is that I am finally using my A10 instead of throwing it away. I don't find adoptable storage a bad idea at all. Nowadays, there are fast and cheap SD cards. For now it is a day that I have this rom and I must say that I am finding it really good with 128gb of memory. The best Rom I've tried.
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Jun 28, 2019
Hello, I just want to ask if is it possible to fix the problem with receiving phone calls or making one. I have a105g/ds and my country base is the Philippines

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    This series of roms is focused to gain more performance and add some other features to the rom, all of them are based in latest firrmware for each

    How To install:
    1) install TWRP for your device
    2) enter in advance wipe and wipe dalvik, system,data,internal storage and cache
    3) format data partition
    4) flash the rom
    5) enjoy!!
    Devices suppoted by now:
    more devices soon

    Stockless 2.0 changelog:

    updated base fimrware to latest firmware, with COO csc, code cleaning, some performance adjusts and better ram management and some others goodies​

    Stockless 2.2 changelog:​

    base updated to A105MUBS7CUK1 code cleaning, some performance settings, ram fixed and lot more​

    Stockless 2.2

    Stockless 2.3.1 changelog:
    fixed some critical issue of droping performace
    fixed ram manager
    others fixes and improvements

    Stockless 2.3.1 Folder

    Stockless 2.3 A105F/A105M

    Stockless 2.4 RC changelog:
    fixed ram management
    gpu fixed
    added some oneui4 apps
    minor fixes
    other goodies
    2gb of ram plus added ( device care dont show the ram plus but is fully fuctional )
    uploaded version for A10F

    Stockless 2.4 Folder

    ROM OS Version: 11
    ROM Kernel: Stock
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock Android 11

    Status: Stable

    Created 27-08-2021
    Last Updated 11-05-2022

    Kernel source: Stock from samsung

    Telegram support Group
    Can you fix in next update the Google certification?
    yes, i m working on it
    thank you verymuch...32bit only?
    Best rom ever!!! The phone works like a charm, thank you for your hard work!!!
    Can you fix in next update the Google certification?