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Dec 24, 2014
Hi. Is the kernel source for this ROM on GitHub or the like?

If I'm on a custom ROM now, should I flash the latest stock firmware via fastboot before I install this?

Do you know if it works with e.g. DriveDroid, or is all that stuff in configfs now and will just work?

Also, in case you're curious, one of the reasons I'm asking is because I want to run docker natively on my phone. Don't ask why, please, as I do not have a satisfactory answer. ;-)

This page has the deets. They have a script which checks to see if you have all the features you need, too.

Does the kernel support wifi monitor mode?


Do you have any interest in making firmware packages for qfil and/or this tool:

Specifically, I want to create a firmware package to flash via edl for T-Mobile/sprint variants to latest global stock ROM. That way it could be a one-click process that one could do at any time irrespective of whether the bootloader is locked, etc.

I am working on it, but I'm also asking around. One could probably install any ROM this way.
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    What works?
    Almost everything

    What doesn't work?
    let me know

    How to Install?

    Follow README.txt Instructions in rom_installer.zip for installation guide

    adb sideload using the following Recovery
    OnePlus 8 Recovery
    OnePlus 8 Pro Recovery

    Download ROM
    OnePlus 8 OctaviOS 3.3
    OnePlus 8 Pro OctaviOS 3.3

    Octavi Message app

    Updates will be posted 1st on this Channel

    Thanks to @sauaditi , Chris for help
    ROM Source Code
    Kernel Tree

    Build Details

    Android OS version: 12.0
    Security patch: December 2021

    Screenshots - HERE

    o_O oh no im getting "Package is for product instantnoodlep but expected OnePlus8Pro or OnePlus 8" what to do o_O

    Do this steps
    open rom zip (do not extract it)
    2. go to META-INF\com\android
    3. double click metadata open with notepad
    4. for OnePlus 8 Pro users rename pre-device= instantnoodlep to pre-device=OnePlus8Pro
    4. for OnePlus8 Users rename pre-device= instantnoodle
    to pre-device=OnePlus8

    5. ctrl+s will save it then you can close notepad
    6. now do the adb sideload as usual

    Screenshot_20211221-160123.png Screenshot_20211221-160110.png Screenshot_20211221-160154.png Screenshot_20211221-160203.png

    Update - 21-12-2021

    Introducing OctaviOS 3.2

    Source Changelog:

    - Merge r21 December patch
    - Call Recording added
    - Redesigned QS (Thanks to healer99)
    - Redesigned Settings
    - Introduced UserInfo section
    - Added back Octavi dialer in both builds
    - Adapted Octavi dialer as per Material You
    - Redesigned AOSP Messages app as per Material 3
    - Redesigned AOSP clock app as per Material 3
    - Redesigned AOSP Calculator as per Material You
    - Introduced OTA Notafier
    - Added new icons for AOSP apps
    - Updated Pixel prop utils
    - Updated Gapps to latest Pixel 6 Pro
    - Added Hell Lot of Fonts
    - Added Wifi/Signal Icons Style
    - Added IconPacks Support
    - Added Volte/Vowifi User selectable Icons
    - Added LiveVolume Steps
    - Added Option to cycle through ringer modes
    - Added Option to enable AOD on charging only
    - Added Optional Colored Statusbar icons
    - Added Landscape battery | Left Battery
    - Added Flipendo to battery saver tile
    - Added Support for scheduling Always on Display
    - Added Vibration patterns from OOS
    - Added a support to choose custom vibration patterns
    - Added Toggle to hide Navbar
    - Added Support to change the lenght of gesture navbar
    - Added Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
    - Added Advanced Swipe Gestures
    - Updated Default System Icons from Acherus theme
    - Updated Lawnchair Launcher

    Much more things
    Spoilers : Whole UI got a revamp

    Device Changelog:
    - Fingerprint Speed Improved
    - AOD/Lockscreen charging Info fixed
    - Optimized Stablity/Performace

    OctaviOS 3.2 Revel Video here

    Clean Install Preferred
    dirty flash may give issues

    Download Octavi Messages app from #1 Post

    Download ROM from #1 Post
    always report bugs with logcat
    no help if facing issue after root apps

    Update - 04-12-2021

    Initial build
    # Offline Charging
    # Safetynet Passed
    # Added Screen Burn-in Protection
    # Added OnePlus Settings
    # Double Tap to Wakeup


    Update - 21-12-2021

    Introducing OctaviOS 3.2
    #Source Changelog : Here

    #Device Changelog:
    - Fingerprint Speed Improved
    - AOD/Lockscreen charging Info fixed
    - Optimized Stablity/Performace

    Clean Install Preferred
    dirty flash may give issues


    Update - 23-12-2021

    # Fixed softboots which some users reported
    # Fixed LiveDisplay crashing
    # Moved Volume Panel on Left side
    # No More Youtube Lag


    Update - 23-01-2022

    #Source Changelog :

    #Device Changelog
    - Reduced Jitter
    - Switched to Vulkan Renderer
    - Fixed Power Button Position in AOD
    - AOD Clock Position Fixed
    - Added GCamGo
    - Added OctaviOS Message App
    - Fixed Double Tap 2 Wake
    - Fixed Soft-Reboot because of Auto Brightness
    - more UDFPS Improvements
    - Unlimited Photos Support (no need to flash anything)
    Update - 23-12-2021 - for 8Pro Users only

    # Fixed softreboots which some 8 pro users reported
    # Fixed LiveDisplay crashing
    # Moved Volume Panel on Left side
    # No More Youtube Lag

    Download link on #1 Post
    report bugs wth a logcat
    Reserved #2

    Temp Fixes

    # Launcher Search not working
    Uninstall Updates for Android System Intelligence app and reboot

    # YouTube lagging (no need after Update - 23-12-2021 but if you still face try)
    go to developer settings and turn ON
    Force peak refresh rate or Go to display settings and switch from 120 frame to 60 then back to 120 frames