Question A52S 5G (SM-A528B) Magisk Root

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Apr 3, 2014
But you can use a firewall and adblocker without root, so again: I don't understand why you want to root it. :)
You must be super new to the rooting world. Most people root because they want to control their devices more. Basic users don't need to do advanced stuff and for that reason rooting is not necessary. So it is hard to explain why because we are not in the same box.


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Feb 19, 2013
Me too, don't give a ****e about warranty as there are some serious apks that need root #

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    The question is, why do you want to root this phone? :) You will lose your warranty, 2-3 years automatic updates or have to install these manually.
    A phone without root is not a phone for my use
    Having a long history of root/mods/custom roms, I recently came across the A52S 5G (Q3 2021 version).
    An attractive phone, even for those choosing flagships as their daily.

    The problem with this phone is bloat (lots of it) and lack of CSC-modability (or basically, freedom to fully admin your phone). And since adb-debloating gives you limited options, it's very tempting to unlock BL and root the phone.

    I'm aware that the phone is new, so shared experiences are available only very limited. Therefore this thread.

    I've looked trough rooting experiences with the A52 and the S21-series. And I've tried to root the phone the Magisk way. This basically means:
    • 1) Unlock BL trough developer mode, reboot and long press up in DL-mode
    • 2) Reboot, complete setup wizard, connect to the internet (Samsung's safety check)
    • 3) DL Official Firmware (ie. via Frija) and extract the file
    • 4) Transfer the AP .tar file, OR the boot.img, and patch the file with Magisk's canary release
    • 5) Transfer the patched file, and flash the file trough ODIN (AP), without auto reboot checked
    I've repeated the steps above a couple of times, but it doesn't matter what I do, something trips off the 'This Phone is not running Samsung's official software' at boot -- and the phone gets stuck in boot loop. The only option then I believe, is to flash the official software back, and start all over again (all data is wiped in the process).

    If anyone had any luck rooting this phone, or sees a flaw in my method, please add to this thread. It may be of help to anyone of the community trying to root this phone. Thanks!

    Edit: Flashed Indonesian CSC for the features I need the most. Debloated extensively trough adb. Will probably wait for a TWRP release for this model -- may switch if no rooting is available over a long period.
    Link is ok but no option to click on the artifacts file...

    But what are we supposed to do with the source code from github ?

    Do we have to rebuild the full Magisk file or is there a prebuilt one somewhere ?
    Oh, it looks like you need to be signed in to GitHub in order to access the artifacts.

    No, you don't need to rebuild Magisk. The artifact is essentially a build of Magisk that was automatically built.
    Amazing, thanks for trying it! I'm surprised that even the camera is working!

    Waiting after you to know if I can create a specific thread to explain all the process and the limitations or if you prefer to do it yourself as you found out the "good Magisk file"...

    Feel free to make your own thread, since I don't have the phone yet to test (no root & no camera when the bootloader is unlocked was what was keeping me from purchasing it, but now that these issues are solved I may have to buy it...)
    Yes, but still not possible ( unlock bootloader and OEM - OK ) susceful rooted :/