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AA Rom for motorbike user

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New member
Jan 30, 2021
Hi guys!

I m new here and i ve been searching for it mostly here and in web researches, but cannot find a clear answer.
Does anyone know a ROM suitable for a tablet (i have a xiaomi clover that i could use for it) that i could mount on my motorbike for gpx navigation, maybe weather and music also ( getting real time machine data via the ECU, as speed, revs, temperature etc would be awesome too! )

It ll be great if a tablet could actually (replace, or) complete the dashboard informations,

Does anyone has a clue about which way i should dig around ?
thanks you all


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2017
I have a nexus 5x always in car, for android auto. I have rooted the phone and Uninstall most of android. Including phone app, sms, etc. I have only keep the core of android and gaps so to run android auto and evey app i wanted. This is the way..