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May 14, 2022
As the topic battery drain came up again: yes, it is normal that the phone needs a lot of energy with wireless Android Auto. This leads to a fast battery drain and heat.
You have to remember that WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are running. Especially WiFi and GPS need a lot of energy.
Moreover the phone is online as Google Maps downloads all information in real time. By this the phone uses also the internet connection all the time, which also needs energy.

I lose about 12.5% of my battery level per hour with wireless Android Auto running.
I too have in home Wifi (all the time) BT, on my stereo speakers and headphones and the phone don´t heat like this...

I have GPS allways on also.
I use Waze for Driving.

But it heats up pretty bad.. (very warm to touch)...

Tomorrow im doing a 200km drive so i will infer the power drain and heating of the device...

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Sep 30, 2010
Moore, OK
I too have in home Wifi (all the time) BT, on my stereo speakers and headphones and the phone don´t heat like this...

I have GPS allways on also.
I use Waze for Driving.

But it heats up pretty bad.. (very warm to touch)...

Tomorrow im doing a 200km drive so i will infer the power drain and heating of the device...

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It's more than having just the radios turned on it's them being active with data. GPS especially if you're not navigating doesn't go through the constant data updates.
May 14, 2022
Yeah I don't understand the battery drain complaints. If your phone did this much work on your home Wi-Fi with GPS and streaming music the results would be basically the same. Whether it's OEM wireless Android auto or using a dongle like AAW you really should have some sort of wireless charging setup to make it effective.
But i don´t have wireless pad on my car.


I can only hope the 5000ma that my phone has is enough to not be without battery...

Also its a pitty that my C5 Aircross don´t have an usb plug inside the arm rest... :(

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Jan 28, 2013
I have a wireless charger pad in my car.

During winter time it is a perfect way to charge the phone on long drives.
During warm temperatures it is a mess.

The phone is already warm through wireless Android Auto. Additionally the temperatures inside the car are high. When I charge my phone in these conditions I reach a battery temperature of 38°C within 10 minutes. With this temperature the charging speed drops a lot. A couple of minutes later I reach 39°C and the phone slows down. For example it needs a lot of time to react. The highest temperature I reached was 41°C with the phone restarting by itself.

Under cold conditions the phone charges with a rate of 7.5% per hour with wireless Android Auto running.

At around March with temperatures rising I reach a charging rate of 1-2% per hour.

With the temperatures we have now I can charge the phone for a maximum time of 15 minutes before the phone slows down.

So generally speaking: during summer time it is impossible to use wireless Android Auto and to charge the phone with a wireless charging pad.

I ordered a charging pad with a cooling fan a couple of days ago to try. But honestly my I don't have much hope as my current wireless charger is pretty efficient and does not heat up much (only the phone heats up a lot).
If it does not work I think I will try a magnetic charging cable instead of the wireless charger.

These high battery temperatures will kill your battery pretty fast.


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Nov 13, 2009
Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 5
thanks for the feedback. It seems that it happens after I go to the car infotainment and go back to Android Auto, I updated today to 2.0.1, I will try again tomorrow, I have been using it for a week I may have messed something up. It worked today. Do you use Passthrought mode? I have not made any changes to the initial configuration and everything is fine, no drops, just this thing to clarify
No, I don't use the pass through mode. Just the initial configuration.


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Dec 11, 2013
Car makers are still providing cars with wireless charging and wired AA, and with wireless AA and no wireless charger. We are stuck in the middle and have to provide both, and deal with the situation.

I've had wireless chargers in my cars for a long time, it's the first thing I do, so it was annoying to plug into AA before AAW came along.


Jul 16, 2010
Just sharing this on a few threads in case anyone wants my opinion:

So I have both Carsifi and AAWireless - just sharing my thoughts here if anyone cares.

I have a Z Fold 3 and a S20 Ultra. The phones have roughly the same load time on either device in a Hyundai Tuscon. In the Hyundai i30, the AAWireless is about 10 seconds faster than the Carsifi.

The AAWireless app is nicer and easier to use than the Carsifi app. It's also got a few more options.

The Carsifi app takes a little longer to update the device when a change is made. There is also an 'experimental' method to boot faster but it made no difference on my phones...

The only benefit to some people (with Carsifi) may be the 'magic button' - you can set it to do 2 things:
1) change paired phone (double click)
2) Play / pause music (triple click) - however on my device, this paused the music but AA froze, and pressing play rebooted the device, so after about 10 seconds it rebooted and started the music again.

I got the AAWireless many months ago, and the Carsifi yesterday (I purposely got both - one for each car, and so I can test both of them too!)

At the end of the day, both do the same thing in the same way. In summary, I like the AAWireless better as it seems to just 'work' better, the app is better and I like the developer and their reputation.

Oh and if anyone has any questions, please let me know and I'll respond.


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Jan 28, 2013
Thank you for your information. I think this helps a lot of people to decide.

Do you feel any difference concerning the battery drain/heating of the phone between AAWireless and Carsifi?


May 19, 2022
@festor yesterday did new factory reset (after updating to 2.0.1), cleared data from phone, from car. Did new pairing for phone and car (via bt, via cable) and then connected AAWireless with car. After pairing phone with AAwireless bt, AA appeared on headunit (without using companion app).
Drove ~30km and it had 3-4 drops (two were semi urban, other two were on country roads)
Today morning added few layers of tinfoil over AAwireless device. Looks like connection was more unstable than yesterday.
Should I try to setup via companion app?


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Jun 12, 2012
I struggled with this for four days, trying to get my Motorola G7 Power (official Android 10) to get a cellular connection.
Thanks for the suggestion but in my Redmi A3 Android 11 "avoid bad connection" is not present (I know that this option exists for others android phones).

But as said, I manually connected phone and AAW via BT and now everything starts connecting and working when I turn on the car :D


May 10, 2022
i also had disconnects all the time and nobody will help me. I already tried all the tips from the internet. Just one thing is left: i need to try FW 1.8


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Sep 19, 2011
New Zealand
Makes me laugh people complaining about their phone being too hot or their battery life draining faster than desired.

Know the alternative...? Plug your phone in and use android auto 🤣

Can't have your cake and eat it too - there will always be a trade-off. Wirelessly charging will ALWAYS make your device hot while charging, it's the nature of the beast. Wirelessly charging, Google maps, GPS, casting via WiFi...
Yep, phones guna go nuclear and melt your car. Is it that hard to charge your device before running AAW? Most phones support a quick charge with 30mins easily getting 50% battery life


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Jun 4, 2013
@festor yesterday did new factory reset (after updating to 2.0.1), cleared data from phone, from car. Did new pairing for phone and car (via bt, via cable) and then connected AAWireless with car. After pairing phone with AAwireless bt, AA appeared on headunit (without using companion app).
Drove ~30km and it had 3-4 drops (two were semi urban, other two were on country roads)
Today morning added few layers of tinfoil over AAwireless device. Looks like connection was more unstable than yesterday.
Should I try to setup via companion app?
At this point I would try everything and you absolutely need to be using the companion app. Anyone suffering disconnections needs to be on their regions 5GHz wifi using a high channel (153 or above) which is set and confirmed in the app.

This should only affect MIUI, but what happens when you try forcing a lower mobile connection on your phone? It might be slightly different for your model, but under Mobile networks > Network mode SIM(x), change to WCDMA or GSM only. Reverse process after testing. Does AAWireless stay connected when you do this? Also, can you try a non Samsung phone in case it's a quirk with your car/head unit?

If you're using v2 hardware and tried everything else you've detailed then it might be a good case study for support, but I would be looking at testing an alternative like MA1 or Carsifi.
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    Had to reinstall my Android. Afterwards, I noticed that the Assistant no longer works - it detects "Hey Google"/"OK Google", the audio bars move as if it hears my voice - but commands aren't being recognized (the "oops" message).
    How to re-enable Assistant? BTW, it does work on my cellphone, when not connected to the car.
    there is a setting for this in settings,apps,app management,android auto, additional settings in app
    Apparently, it was a Google problem. Cleared data for all Google-related apps on the phone, deleted the voice model and retrained it until it accepted my voice again.
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    At this moment we have shut down all OTA updates unfortunately. The load on our backend is too high. Too long without maintenance because of other priorities. We have to optimize some stuff to make it work again.
    It's working again :)
    @[email protected]:
    Please stop spamming this thread !
    It's been 'next week' for the last 3 or 4 weeks!
    I'm sorry, that's because we are stuck on the UConnect issue: https://github.com/cpebit/aawireless-issues/issues/128 . We were hoping to fix this issue much sooner, but it's a very hard one. Therefore we decided to lock UConnect to 1.12.0 and release 2.1.0 anyway. Possibly we should've made this decision earlier, but we didn't.

    Again, for most 2.1.0 will not matter in any way. Mainly for cars with SSL related issues, so non-passthrough mode will work again.

    With about 100k devices, we cannot just release a firmware anymore. We need at least a few weeks to test it properly. If we make a mistake it will overload support and it can harm us a lot.

    I'm so stupid to say it will be released "next week" every time. From now on we will not give any ETA's anymore. It's done when it's done.

    Also, when we push an update. It will be rolled out incrementally. At this point we cannot do mass roll outs anymore (except for bug fix releases), because there are too many variables. So even when we release this week, it may take a while for you to actually get the firmware.
    We are going to revert some changes and release 2.1.0 officially next week. In the meantime we are testing some start issues on UConnect HU's and some other issues.

    a feature that has been desired for a long time is that you can easily switch between two cell phones. As far as I can remember, one of your team wrote somewhere that a good solution is being worked on. is this still the case? Is there a time horizon when this can be expected? for example a specific quarter or year? I mainly ask because if the wrong mobile phone connects, it is sometimes impossible to connect the other one without switching off the mobile phone, since Bluetooth and WLAN are activated again too quickly depending on the mobile phone.
    Kind Regards

    We want to do this, but "Dongle mode", which is how AA natively works with dongles, makes this feature a bit useless. Dongle mode makes only the phone connected to handsfree of the car start up AA. So you cannot really switch phones anymore, cause even if you switch phones from the AAW side, only the phone currently connected to handsfree of the car can start up AA. It might work for cars which support multiple handsfree connections, but that's most likely only a small part of the market.

    At this point our main objective is to squash as many bugs as we can, and make the dongle as native as possible, so we get the product as plug and play as possible. Possibly in Q3/Q4 we can play around a bit with new features.
    @Snirpo should I unistall the production APP? - Now I'm seeing I have two AAWireless Apps, and I don't know if they're going to work together or have some conflicts...

    Yup, no that's fine, production app will be updated through Play Store. Dev app through App Tester. Just make sure you don't have start / stop enabled on both versions, that will conflict.
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    This thread is dedicated for AAWireless users.

    AAWireless is a device which allows you to transform your existing wired Android Auto compatible unit into a Wireless Android Auto unit.

    General chat, experience sharing and community support should be expected as well as support from the developers of the product: @Snirpo and myself.
    I just want to leave a big THANK YOU for the developers! You invented a great product and do a great job here.

    Anyone who has ordered the product knows that it is a crowdfunding project, which may also have teething problems. I find it cheeky to get upset about problems, even though they are dealt with promptly here. What more should the distributors do than react to the problems here and offer solutions?

    I also have problems with the device, but I was helped quickly. Even if it takes a few days.

    Dear team: Keep up the good work!
    We fixed the "VW Headunit crashing on skipping tracks" issue now completely. Confirmed it's a bug on the HU side, latency makes it worse. We will probably push a new firmware by the end of this week.
    I will also submit a bug report to Google, cause they can fix/workaround this issue as well for cabled users.
    I've already waited patiently for delivery 3 months more than expected - I ordered In April and was coming in June but now that's looking like October. Now I read on the indiegogo forum that people in the UK are being charged an additional €27 by the Royal mail as the UK is now not in the EU.

    Hi Emil!
    Just received my AAWireless, and will plug in and test tonight. Love the packaging, looks great! However… Since it was shipped from Hong Kong I was forced to pay a rather substantial import fee and duties on this bad boy. I was under the impression that they would be shipped from within the EU? Is it stands now I’m EUR 27,00 poorer :(
    2 2
    Emil Borconi-Szedressy 2 days ago
    Looks like you are in the UK which is outside EU and also there is no way to pre-pay taxes with shipping company any more either....

    This is a crazy. An additional $10 was already taken for delivery and it was meant to ship from the EU. I suspect the units have been shipped by Royal Mail / Dutch post. The Royal Mail rips off people in the UK because they add another £11 in admin fees on top of the 20% VAT even though goods up to £135 should be exempt.
    See https://www.gov.uk/government/publi...s-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021

    So not only has VAT been charged coming into the EU from China, it has also been charged coming into the UK ON TOP of the VAT already paid in the EU.

    This is just rubbish. What the guys need to do is either ship it from Hong Kong which can cost £0.20 (there are hundreds of chinese ebay and aliexpress sellers doing this already
    See http://www.vatfraud.org/blog/stop-s...ons-universal-postal-union-upu-terminal-dues/
    The $10 postage already taken should then be refunded.

    The other way round it is send the item from Hong Kong and to mark the item as a gift and providing it is below £39 there is NO VAT to pay and NO Royal mail admin fee. Actually as the original product was $57 - roughly £41.25 This wouldn't be a crime seeing as we have had to wait soo long. This could also mean the $10 delivery could be refunded

    The other way is to ship it via fedex and state the ex-vat cost coming from china and then add 20% vat that the developer should be paying to the UK HMRC.

    Sadly if that doesn't take place, EVERYONE IN THE UK will feel ripped off because of the poor delivery and poor choices made by the developers.

    Disgruntled in the UK

    First of all, your item wasn't shipped yet since in the June batch, so you could have not payed anything for shipping. Secondly, UK is outside the EU, there was a vote about this in 2016, so it doesn't matter if the package comes from EU or from HK or from US, it is treated the same, it's an import. If we import it from HK to EU, we will pay import VAT on the product, then when we send it to UK, we claim back that VAT and we should pay VAT in UK, since there is no more free trading between EU and UK.

    Up till recently there was a nice option, to pay VAT and Import duty up-front, when you ship to the UK, but this has been changed and now they requires business outside UK to register with HMRC and do HMRC feeling even if they are residing outside UK, a lot of red tape. Since crowdfunding is not a sale, we can still ship the units to UK, but not sure if we will be able to after the IndieGoGo campaign.

    We are also a EU registered company so we cannot (and will not take advantage) of any loop-holes in systems to sell at ridiculously / unrealistically cheap prices.

    About the user who paid 27 euros, it turned out that user is living in DK, but provided the address as UK so his package traveled the wrong way, hence the extra duties and surcharges.

    Not aware of other users from UK having to pay anything additional when they received the package.
    Hello. What's new in 1.5?
    A full changelog for each release would really be appreciated :)
    Thanks for all the hard work!
    Yes, I'll write a full changelog next week from 1.0.0 to 1.5.0 and put it on GitHub + add a link in the app.