[AAWireless] Possible workarounds to get internet connection on MIUI while AA is connected wirelessly

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Dec 18, 2013
Hola, cuando intento conectarme a la red wifi pideme contraseña wifi,,, mi equipo con referencia "AAWvAN8dXVB" y no puedo conectarme a la red wifi, me podría confirmar la contraseña por favor, Gracias
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Jul 8, 2022
Hello. I use a Xiaomi 11T Pro dual sim phone connected to my car android auto via AA Wireless. The connection with android auto is interrupted when it is an area without internet connection. This issue occurred after the upgrade from MIUI 12 to MIUI 13.


Mar 6, 2009
Very late to the party here but I'm on MIUI 12.0..0 on a Huawei P30 Pro
At first, I was unable to get data through too, tried alsorts of tips from here and elsewhere.
I managed to get data on my AA but not on apps on my phone by using the fake proxy.
I could get it on both using Speedify VPN but that's not ideal although not a bad option.
Then I noticed when i deleted everything adn started again, it worked for the first connection. Saying "Automatically connected via Google Play services (good quality)" on my wifi settings.
I lost connection after that, when I connected for the 2nd time.
I messed around a bit more with various hints, deleted and reinstalled. No idea at all what I have done but for the past week it has connected every single time using Google Play Services and data has been flowing everywhere!
I don't know how I did it ,I haven't rebooted my phone since (I daren't!). Just wondered if that hint might help someone who knows better how to force it to go through Google Play Services every time or help with another workaround.


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Jan 5, 2012
Very late to the party here but I'm on MIUI 12.0..0 on a Huawei P30 Pro
It's unlikely you are on MIUI 12.
MIUI is the Xiaomi User Interface for their own Android phones.

Huawei doesn't use MIUI.
Huawei uses EMUI which just happens to sound similar but isn't related at all.
Your P30 is likely running EMUI 12.0


Mar 6, 2009
Oh yeah
That's right! Sorry. My bad!

Same issue though, older Android 10.
I did wonder why some of my WiFi options were different

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    Unfortunately none of the above solutions worked for me, but...

    After several failed attempts I documented what i did and analysed it properly, so here is a possible fix that works for me (the "problem" that I have to comfirm to "use mobile data" remains, but at least it works).

    AAWireless is configured and Android Auto works wirelessly (except for the fact that you have no mobile data of couse)


    • turn Wifi Assistant OFF
    • while connected to AAWireless wifi go to wifi settings and click on the wifi connection; in MIUI you should see a QR code to share the wifi connection => take a screenshot
    • open the „scanner“ app from miui which can read QR codes
    • choose the symbol that lets you choose a picture from your images on the phone => choose the screenshot you took
    • now it translates the QR code and gives you SSID and password from your AAWireless wifi connecttion. If you only see strars/symbols instread of the password, tap on the password and it will turn into characters and numbers
    • note the password

    • Open the Android Auto app
    • Go to settings and DEACTIVATE the „Wireless Android Auto“ setting (the one that you had to activate to get AAWireless to work in the first place)
    • Close the App completeley
    • Erase your AAWireless wifi in wifi settings, so that the phone isn’t able to connect to it
    • Shutdown AAWireless by unplugging it
    • Shutdown your car completely
    • Plugin AAWireless again (maybe open and close the door in the car so that the usb plug has power => AAWireless will boot up
    • Connect to the AAWireless wifi manually
    • Maybe you get a prompt that asks you if you want to change wifi connection because it has no internet => ignore it
    • Put your phone into airplane mode, wait 10 seconds
    • Deactivate airplane mode
    • Wifi connects to AAWireless wifi
    • It should now ask you if you want to use mobile data, maybe it takes a few seconds until you get asked
    • ALLOW it to use mobile data
    I had to retry it a few times with switching airplane mode on and off until I got the prompt that it wants to use mobile data.

    If it works until here chances are very high that everything will work in then end!

    • Go to Android Auto app and ACTIVATE „Wireless Android Auto“
    • Shutdown everything again, unplug AAWireless, shutdown your car and wait a few seconds => all connections should be disconnected
    • Start your car, plugin AAWireless
    • AA Wireless and Android Auto should startup as it should and after a few seconds you should get the promt again, that your phone wants to use mobile data => allow it
    • Android Auto should work now with internet connection

    Please let me know if that works for you, too.
    As AAWireless gets shipped and people are getting their device, so I think more people are running into the same problem:

    When using MIUI the chance is pretty high that it is possible to connect wirelessly with Android Auto, but there won't be any internet connection. Which makes AA pretty unusable.

    The problem is that MIUI should switch from Wifi to cellular data if Wifi connection has no internet. But it does not switch.

    As I don't want to unlock my bootloader to change to another ROM (don't know which ROM would work on my Mi Mix3 either) and don't want to wait until some updates from MIUI arrives, I startet this thread and hope it is possible that we find a workaround together.

    Some questions/possibilities I have in mind:

    • Is it possible to combine the connection of cellular data and wifi? Then no switch would be necessary because both are connected at all times
      • maybe speedify will work? => tried it, but i couldn't get cellular data to cennect via speedify
    • is it possible to force some apps to only use cellular data?
      • found the possibility in settings to tell apps that they are not allowed to use SIM1 / SIM2, but I was not able to tell Google Maps that it is not allowed to use Wifi. That setting is not changeable
    • Is it possible to emulate a USB connection so that MIUI thinks that the phone is connected. Because when I connect it via USB cable it switches to cellular data and I can use the internet connection

    Maybe some of you can help with that problem as it is very annoying. AAWireless works at it is intended to, the problem is MIUI in this case.
    I struggled with this too, and found no solution within Miui.

    The only solution that worked for me was to unlock the bootloader of the phone and to replace Miui with Lineage OS.
    I tried switching it on, but it didn't work either.

    BUT I got it to work sometimes!

    Let me explain...

    Some days ago I went to my car, opened it, got my sunglasses and walked away from the car.
    Then I got a notification that told me my wifi connection does not have a internet connection and if i wanted to use mobile data. I don't know what happened there, as I didn't even have the ignition on.

    So I went back to the car later and booted up the system. First I ignored the message, knowing that some people wrote in the forum to ignore the message.
    But as I didn't have working internet connection while connected to AAWireless, I tried to let it use mobile data and it worked!!!!
    I was connected to AAWireless and had a working internet connection for the first time!

    The car wakes up as soon as you open the doors and AAWireless boots up. So something did trigger that my phone went into another mode. So it didn't ask me if i want to stay connected to AAWireless or chosse another, stronger wifi, but if I wanted to use mobile data instead. (Wifi Assistant options were off)

    After that I tried turning the Wifi Assistant options on and thought maybe now it would work. But it didn't.
    So I switched the options back off, tried again to connect to the car, but I was back to having no internet when connected.

    The next day I went to the car, it booted up and it worked again! (After confirming to use mobile data when asked) I have no idea why?!

    I used it a few times in the last days. It worked after I confirmed to use mobile data when asked.
    As soon as I turned Wifi Assistant on it didn't work anymore. Tried that several times.
    But sometimes it did not work the first time I went into the car and started it up. Then I had to turn off the car, open the door (12V will be off), close the door and start it again.

    Today it did not work, even after rebooting it four times.

    So I think it has something to do with timing.

    - when the phone connects to what (Wifi, Bluetooth)
    - media system booting before/after AAWireless
    - ...

    But there is hope that it is fixable!


    - Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
    - stock MIUI 12.0.2 global stable
    - Android Auto 6.2.610914
    - Wifi was connected to AAWireless
    - Bluetooth was connected to the headunits bluetooth
    This may not work on your rom, but as I've run into this problem on my Galaxy S10+, this might help. Note, I am on the AAWireless beta team. These are general instructions, so forgive the simple details.

    If you are having issues with mobile data not being available when connected to Android Auto, there are a few things and settings to be aware of. The following is on my Galaxy S10+.

    Note, to enable Developer Settings (aka Developer Options, Developer Mode) in Android, find the Build Number (Settings => Software Information => Build Number) and tap 10 times to bring up a confirmation.

    Settings which could affect Mobile Data availability.
    1) In Developer Options > Mobile data always active (Turn On)
    2) Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > 3 Dot Menu > Advanced > Switch to mobile data (Turn On) > Network exceptions (Delete the AAWireless device if accidentally added– see below).

    If you get a message pop-up when connecting to AAWireless:
    "Internet may not be available - If you stay connected to this Wi-Fi network now, your phone will also stay connected whenever you use this network in the future. You can change this in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > ADVANCED > Switch to mobile data > Network exceptions." Then it gives two options: "Allow switch" and "Stay connected".

    You must respond by canceling out of the choice – do NOT choose either option.

    If you choose to Stay Connected, it will add a listing in "Network exceptions" that needs to be deleted. The label for Network exceptions says "Your phone will remain connected to these networks, even if the connection is unstable."

    Google made this very confusing.