Abnormal GlEngine stop during the GPS lock

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Dec 10, 2012
Hi Experts,

I have a following problem with glgps during the tests on the phone with MTK6577 platform with 4.0.4 ICS (Broadcom 4751 A2 as onboard GPS chip) :
When I start any navigation application I see the glgps crash with following messages in logs :
4:09:15.435 $651083I Write NVRAM Almanac SBAS 18
04:09:15.435 $651083I Write NVRAM Almanac SBAS 19
04:09:15.435 $651083N LTO_BAD(from Broadcast) { }
04:09:15.435 $651083N LTO_BAD(from HighResid) { }
04:09:15.436 Closed NVRAM file
04:09:15.436 $651084I GlChovyCtrl::SaveNvRamAndRtc(4979 225321 8978432, Invalid)
04:09:15.436 $651084I <GlMeasEng::SetNvmem>[snr=-1,Fail=F][bBinCtr=F/F][bBinDir=+/+]
04:09:15.437 $651085I NVRAM write complete (Clear 0x50000)
04:09:15.437 $651085I GlChovyCtrl::AsicToStandby()
04:09:15.437 $651085I PMM::me -LpEntry -sv(0>=7 -142dBm) && -pe
04:09:15.448 $651096I GlPosEng::AsicStopped()
04:09:15.448 $651096C ReloadComponents() PSF={DERATE_TIME 0x0 RECOVER_JOBS 0x0} Need={Reset 1 Restart 1} Abort 0
04:09:15.448 $651096C Abnormal GlEngine stop. Initial time estimate was bad

I searched anywhere but ... failed.

Have you any ideas ?
How to troubleshoot this issue ?
Is it the any misconfiguration in gpsconfig.xml or glgps daemon bug ?

I can send any diagnostics and configs
Thanks a lot for your response.


Nov 14, 2012
I have Just Diagnosed the Cause but not successful with any solid solution so far.
Similar problem i have with my MTK6575 smartphone (QMobile A6) , Problem is due to InCorrect calculation of Time by GlEngine when it is using NVRAM as timesource, GlEngine is neither using NTP Servers nor Cell Towers as timing source, it is only using either NVRAM time (Calculated) by default or GPS time (Download),
now if it using NVRAM as time source,

14:25:35.464 $081969I FixStatus: TimeSource 1
14:25:35.464 --GlPe_FixStatus::SetSIGMeasuement Setting utc time to 2012 (yr) 11 (mo) 25 (dt) 9 (hr) 5 (mn) 14 (sec) 565 (ms) 0 (us) 1000000 (prec)

It mostly Stops Abnormally. But on the next Startup, it resets it time to year 2007, and use GPS provided time as source.

21:56:02.218 $134952I FixStatus: TimeSource 0
21:56:02.218 --GlPe_FixStatus::SetSIGMeasuement Setting utc time to 2007 (yr) 3 (mo) 31 (dt) 23 (hr) 59 (mn) 58 (sec) 79 (ms) 0 (us) -1 (prec)

in that case it takes a little time but do not shutdown and using Supl Server it could easily locks and remain Locked but from next time it again use time stored in NVRAM as stored, which could again give similar result.

I did'nt see any configuration in GPSCONFIG.XML to use GPS satellites as default time source and ignore NVRAM stored time.
so the GlEngine (/system/bin/glgps) need modifications.

i have different GlEngines with no luck so far, if any one could understand the cause, plz Advise the Solution

Plz also see my article on XDA.

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